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Monday, April 28, 2014

Playlist and Giveaway The Bellum Prophecy by L. Marie Horton


Two Wars, One Destiny. Seventeen-year-old Edyn Vella always knew that her strange dreams of the future made her unique, but she never knew what they meant. However, when she fails to stop her aunt's murder by an ominous vampiric creature, Edyn learns that her prophetic visions aren't the only superhuman ability she possesses. 

Following her late aunt's clues, Edyn finds herself in New York City attempting to save her last surviving relative, the powerful and reclusive billionaire, Ethan Roux. Edyn not only discovers Ethan isn't exactly human, but that she is at the center of an ancient prophecy and could determine the outcome of an impending war. 

As Ethan's Omega, his only human descendant, she's thrust into an enigmatic world full of new supernatural creatures where both good and evil vampires and warlocks have waged a centuries-long battle for the fate of humanity. Just as her relationship with the mysterious and handsome Brendan begins to blossom, Edyn's complicated new life quickly spirals out of control when ancient evil becomes determined on making her one of them. Edyn must discover her inner strength while making the choice between a long life without love and a potentially short life full of it. 

The Bellum Prophecy is a dark, suspenseful new novel that explores the loss of innocence while coming of age in the midst of a battle between good and evil. Combining the best elements of vampire legend, the supernatural, and even magic, L. Marie Horton uses exciting action and a cutting-edge story to craft a refreshing new take on young adult fiction.

I was surprised how much I really liked this book!! It has the complicated vampire-human relationship that I cannot seem to get enough of, plus all of the drama and action that comes along with hanging around the supernatural all day. - Alicia Q (Goodreads)

One of my favorite aspects about this book is that the author's writing style is so unique and not like your normal, hum-drum YA author. I give this book two thumbs WAY up and if I had more hands, there would be more. I can't wait for the next book! - Janelle (Goodreads)

I always like a “new” and “original” vampire book. No more sparkly, sexy vamps – something that stands out from the normal vampire dribble. This book was unique and could stand on its own. - Missie (Goodreads)


“Siren Call” Little Daylight
“Strong (US Radio Edit)” London Grammer
“Peace In Death” Nine Leaves
“Binoculars” Tomandandy
“Hearts Like Ours” The Naked and Famous
“Appels + Oranjes” The Smashing Pumpkins
“You Can Be the One” Late Night Alumni
“Hold On, We’re Going Home (Featuring Majid Jordan)” Drake
“Dark Star” Jaymes Young
“Angel” Massive Attack
“Dover” Aestrid
“Falling” HAIM
“Wicked Game” Emika
“Dreamer” Savoir Adore
“Twice” Little Dragon
“ImBalanced Chemicals (Burn Mix)” Methodic Doubt Music
“The Beginning is the End is the Beginning” The Smashing Pumpkins
“Kettering” The Antlers
“Vengeance” Zack Hemsey

About the author:
L. Marie Horton is an attorney practicing law in Fresno, California. After completing her degrees, she gave the left side of her brain a rest and became devoted to writing fiction. L. Marie is also a photographer, avid speed-reader, and an obsessive fan of movie soundtracks. She has a supportive husband and two fur children, Scottie a.k.a. Daba D and Gunnar a.k.a. da Gun Gun’s.
L. Marie writes YA paranormal romance and fantasy fiction focusing on strong characters trying to overcome extraordinary obstacles in their life. Writing is an extreme passion of hers and she relishes in sharing that passion with her readers.

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