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Friday, June 26, 2015

Powers, Spice, And Not So Nice: A Ten Novel Box Set Of Magic, Mayhem, And Awesome Heroines

The Books In This Set Have Collectively Earned Over 400 5-Star Amazon Reviews!
Welcome to a world of magic and mayhem where witches, shifters, angels, ghosts, and vampires walk (or lurk) among us. Where normal humans suddenly discover they aren’t so normal after all, and where it’s up to strong, courageous women to save the day.


Welcome to a world of magic and mayhem where witches, shifters, angels, ghosts, and vampires walk (or lurk) among us. Where normal humans suddenly discover they aren’t so normal after all, and where it’s up to strong, courageous women to save the day.

If you crave stories with super and magical heroines, action, and paranormal creatures, then you’ll love the mystical allure of this box set. We’ve collected ten amazing new adult/paranormal novels by some of the best up-and-coming authors for your reading pleasure.

Every book in this powerful set features a strong female heroine who must confront and overcome her demons (sometimes literally) in order to save the day. Genres include paranormal romance, paranormal action, paranormal dystopia, paranormal time-travel, and more. Each story promises adventure, high stakes, unforgettable characters, and something out of the ordinary.

The novels in this set include:

After The EndingLindsey Pogue/Lindsey Fairleigh
The Broken SkyAndrew Mayer
Falling J Bennett
Few Are AngelsInger Iversen
Kill It With Magic J. A. Cipriano
Ringmaster Trudi Jaye
Shadow’s AwakeningMolle McGregor
Shifty MagicJudy Teel
The SpookshowTim McGregor
Echo ProphecyLindsey Fairleigh


Kale held a cup in his hand, and the liquid called to me, but I didn’t move to take the cup. Instead, I fell back onto the bed. Kale mistook this for fainting and moved to my side in a blur of speed. Normally, I would have questioned his ability to move so fast, but my brain was still a little fuzzy—or I just didn’t care. When he finally spoke, I closed my eyes and allowed his voice to wrap around me—so deep and masculine, but also warm and captivating. I took a deep breath. Kale’s scent was so overwhelming that it coated the back of my dry throat. He had to repeat himself because I wasn’t listening to the words, just the melodic tones that escaped his mouth.

“Are you okay?”

I opened my eyes to see him standing directly over me, still holding the cup. When I glanced at it, he handed it to me and motioned for me to sit up as I drank. He pulled on my elbow to help me. His grip was firm, but soft enough that he wouldn’t bruise my skin, and I could feel his veiled power. His presence alone gave off an air of power, yet there were moments when he seemed timeworn. He took a step back and looked around. I wanted to be embarrassed by the pastel yellow walls, lace curtains, and flowery duvet, but somehow I knew that Kale didn't think it was my style. Sarah had redecorated the room when she' found out I’d be staying with them. I felt his familiarity with me even if he didn't show it. I gulped down the water and nearly choked.

“Easy.” Kale took the glass from me. “I’ll get some more.” He disappeared out of the room before I could voice my concerns about Eric, but when I looked at the clock, I realized that everyone was long gone. I must have been out for at least three hours. Kale was back in a matter of seconds with more water. He eyed me suspiciously from across the room, and my heart hurt because of the distance he kept from me. I thought back to Hélène and the letter he’d left her, and felt the sting of tears. Who was she to Kale?

“Who is Hélène?” I asked, surprised that I could find my voice, let alone the courage to ask him such a question.

He didn’t look surprised. He sat down in the chair by my desk, and his leather jacket made soft noises against the back of the chair as he sank into it. He felt a million miles away. He wore all black, and his pale skin shone against the stark black fabric. His dark eyes gleamed in the rays of light that shown through the bay window. He was beautiful, with sharp features that fit him perfectly, and lips that would mold effortlessly with mine. “Was.” He paused as if stuck in a memory. His eyes were distant, and I worried that he wouldn’t continue. Kale expelled a breath and ran his hand through his dark hair. A normal gesture, yet incredibly sexy. “She died long ago.”

I knew that she couldn’t have been alive. I wasn’t sure the memory I’d had was even from this century. “Dead,” I whispered. I let his words sink in. He’d called them memories.

He didn’t respond. His eyes clouded with pain and maybe guilt or even anger—I couldn’t tell.

“Why do I see her? Why do I feel what she feels?” I could feel my anger growing. “Why is she killing me?” Bitterness edged my voice.

His expression was quizzical. I thought I’d said something wrong, but I’d only stated the truth. With every memory, it felt as if a piece of me died—soon there would be nothing left.

“Killing you?” Kale stood and abruptly stopped speaking .

I was surprised by his outburst, but how he could have an opinion? He didn’t know what the visions did to me.

Kale seemed to arrange his thoughts. “She can’t kill you, Ella. She is already dead and has been for a while.” Kale looked flustered, and I could tell that he regretted his words. He headed toward the door.  “Look, are you okay now? I have to go.”

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