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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Eve used to be an ordinary girl - Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl (The Zombie Girl Saga #1) by A. Giacomi

Eve used to be an ordinary girl, from an ordinary town, with ordinary dreams, but her dreams rapidly turn into nightmares when one grave mistake leaves her a little less than human and a lot less average.


Published: January 25th, 2015

Eve used to be an ordinary girl, from an ordinary town, with ordinary dreams, but her dreams rapidly turn into nightmares when one grave mistake leaves her a little less than human and a lot less average.

Eve’s not quite the same girl she used to be. She desperately clings to her humanity as new desires, new abilities, and new urges take over with each passing day.

Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl is a tale that takes you on an emotional and terrifying journey as Eve struggles to cope with her new life and find a cure for her strange illness before time runs out. She desperately clings to her humanity as she tries to control the monster she knows is lurking inside her.

Turns out living was the easy part.

The Modern Zombies 
(about different kind of zombies - and Zombie Girl's place among them) 

My love for the zombie genre started at Blockbuster video. My parents would take my brother and I nearly every Friday to pick a film or video game of our choosing. For some reason we were always driven to the horror section. One day we stumbled upon The Evil Dead and watched it at least 4 times before returning it. We should have been terrified, but the campy humour kept us spellbound. We ended up grabbing Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness the next time. I’m heavily influenced by these films, even though these deadites, aren’t exactly zombies. The deadites and Eve have something in common though…demons…I don’t want to give too much away, but the Azrael Virus has some interesting links to the underworld. 

Eve is not your typical zombie. She is somewhere between the rage virus in 28 Days Later and the damned souls of classic horror. Her anger makes her hungry and vicious, but her humanity is not fully erased by the virus that plagues her. Much like R in Warm Bodies, she wants nothing more than to return to her human state, but unlike R, love is not the magical cure. She must find an alternative. 

I wanted to take Eve back to classic monster mythology because zombies don’t have much of an origin story and I thought if zombies were to take their rightful place as classic monsters, then they would need a beginning, a tale of what they are and why. 

Zombie mythology began as humans controlled by dark magic or voodoo. I decided to go deeper and darker. There is something people fear more than magic, and that’s the unknown, what comes after this? What is the afterlife? What is the fate of the undead that walk the earth? What is the price of stolen time? All these questions are a part of classic horror literature and film. Eve’s journey is not only one to regain her humanity, and save the human race from an ancient virus, but it is one to discover what a soul truly is. 

Eve is also a powerful zombie, those words do not typically go hand and hand, but being a special breed gives her an artillery of powers she has yet to unleash. She heals rapidly when she feeds, she’s strong, and no she’s not a marathon runner like the zombies in World War Z, but since Eve was an athlete prior to her infection, it’s safe to say that she’s not slow either. Eve is perhaps one of the most terrifying zombies you will ever encounter, especially since she seems so innocent. One thing is for sure, if the world became overrun with this particular breed of zombie, we wouldn’t stand a chance…so let’s hope Eve can save us all before the Azrael Virus fully takes over.

About the author:
A.Giacomi is the author of the wildly entertaining Zombie Girl Saga, a four part series from Permuted Press. Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl is A. Giacomi’s debut novel. You can catch the latest updates about her writing on her blog:www.poeticzombie.com

A. Giacomi is a wife, and mother to one small human child. She is a Canadian born writer, educator, and artist. She proudly waves her York University Alumni flag and continues to thirst for knowledge and devour books. She is a zombie enthusiast, lover of all things Tim Burton, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Marvel, Star Wars and just generally just loves film, essentially she’s a fangirl.

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Giselle said...

Thanks for being on the tour! :)

Juana said...

I can't wait to read this series. It's been a while since I've read a good zombie story. This series sounds like a keeper.

Arf2-D2 said...

It sounds interesting enough to give it a chance even though I'm not a fan of zombies.