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Friday, May 23, 2014

Giveaway: A Little Blackmail (Destiny Bay - Forever Yours #2) by Helen Conrad


Sometimes you have to break the rules to right a wrong.

Janet Cardona is usually a by-the-book good girl–but when Matt Carrington won't give her cat back, she sees red. Rules mean nothing when there's an animal to be saved. So when she's caught in a burglary and blackmailed for it, she finds she can't refuse. Matt only needs her to pretend to be his wife for a day or two so that he can run a scam he's involved in. But once the pretense gets going, he begins to yearn for the real thing. Now Janet has to decide if she can let herself fall for a con man.

Recipes for Crab Open-faced Sandwiches and Basic Asian Soup included.

Intro to A Little Blackmail
From Author Helen Conrad

A Little Blackmail is the Sweet Edition of Wife For A Night, the story of Janet Cardona and Matt Carrington.

How would you handle having your favorite pet snatched and held prisoner by a stranger? 

Janet’s life has been academic and protected until now. Mistakes are made and her cat ends up being taken by Matt Carrington as a prop in a con he’s running against a sweet old lady. Janet takes the plunge into the dark side when she tries to steal her Alexander back and gets caught up in Matt’s plot, blackmailed into pretending to be his wife. Con men are usually charmers, and Matt is no exception. Soon Janet is torn between what she knows is right—and what her heart begins to feel. 

This is—I hope! –a fun story, where nothing is what is seems and everything is up for grabs. Janet is young and naïve—Matt is older and cynical. He’s as charmed by Janet’s fresh innocence as she is by his masculine confidence. They quickly fall in love.

But does Janet get her cat back? You’ll just have to wait and see.

A Little Blackmail is only $0.99 for Kindle from now until Sunday, May 25th!

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About the author:
Helen Conrad is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than 90 romances (over 15 million copies sold) published under various pseudonyms with Harlequin, Silhouette, Loveswept, and others. She is currently revamping and rewriting much of her backlist—mainly into the Destiny Bay Romances Series. The first six, the Forever Yours Series, are being rewritten as Sweet Editions.

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A rainforest has a nice touch to it.

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I would love to take my fiance to Italy to get married.

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I really don't have a favorite place, i just like what ever the author comes up with.