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Friday, September 20, 2013

Open the Mind Exercise the Soul: Life from a Psychic Point of View by John Cappello


"Open the Mind Exercise the Soul "is the first book from internationally known psychic medium John Cappello. It links psychic ability with personal experiences and intellectual thought as it answers many questions about the relationship between religion, philosophy, and science with this controversial subject. This is an intelligent discussion offering a fresh, new look at psychic abilities.

Have you ever wondered ...

Why do psychic abilities exist?

What is the proof?

What is our soul's role in using them?

How do I access my gifts?

Can we connect with crossed-over loved ones?

What is really going on?

"Open the Mind Exercise the Soul "will answer these questions and more. Explored with real-world examples and new techniques, it boldly challenges you to examine your own abilities and receive clarity. While guiding you through the development of your own psychic gifts, you will learn to embrace experiences you may have questioned and relate to the author as he discusses his own path in metaphysics. For practicing psychics or beginners, the book combines historical information with spiritual exercises to assist you in gaining insight.


Everyone has these abilities inside of them even if they are dormant. My goal is to give you a reference and guide to develop them. This information is a result of years of observing the way I obtain energy and noticing my reactions to it. Since interpreting energy is the key to psychic readings, you will find that this is a learning experience as it continues to be for me. When you receive impressions, it can take time to understand them.

You will find that personal life experiences play a part in our perceptions, and therefore in our interpretations. Each of us is unique in our gifts. Confidence in our abilities is the result of practice and patience and allows us to grow. We often want immediate results, but this is not always possible. It is best to practice with a stranger interested in the same goals and people who are honest about their own abilities.

 About the author:
John Cappello, author of the 3 time award winning book Open the Mind Exercise the Soul, is a Psychic, Medium, and Visionary. While he has been working professionally in metaphysics since 1997, John has been interested in psychic ability and the study of existence "beyond the physical" since he was a child. John's has an extensive knowledge of Western Astrology and tarot, but his best work is done without the use of any tools.
Through the use of his Psychic abilities, John can provide a detailed description of past, present, and potential future situations and events. As a Medium, he is also able to bring forth loved ones who have crossed over. John sees a Visionary as a person who works to serve mankind through a vision of the future. His visionary work is about producing programs to help others and teaching others how to develop and use their own intuitive gifts.
Known for his detail and accurate descriptions of situations, John's psychic work is very exciting. He uses all of his psychic abilities to tune into a person's energy field which gives him accurate and nuanced information about his client. This energy can be from the past, the present, or even a future event. By meditating on the person prior to a reading, the energy received lies around main issues and the reasons for the reading. Learn more about John's psychic work.
Mediumship is the aspect of John's work which is the most controversial. However, it is the area offering the most comfort to clients. The phenomenon of receiving information from crossed-over loved ones is the most compelling area of psychic work. The proof of life after death and the validation of information creates an environment for healing among those still living. This is the area in which John's work excels. Learn more about John's mediumship work.
John offers workshops to teach others how to use their own psychic abilities. He has been very successful with his teaching techniques helping to develop many other successful psychics. The workshops include developing clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, intuition, psychometry, and mediumship. Each workshop is unique and gives a person perspective on each of these areas. Learning techniques to tap into one's natural abilities and the necessary encouragement to practice is an important element in the workshops.

The author is giving away: a signed copy of the book to the first person to comment at each stop and mugs to the 2nd and 3rd person to comment.

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Nice! I'm really interested in this kind of subject, so I'll really enjoy reading this book.