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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Guest Post Eighth Note (Fire Ballad #1) by Kimberly Stedronsky (ICA part 2)

Expected Publication: October 31st, 2013


Eva Reed saved the world. 

Actually, she saved two worlds, but who’s counting? 

Finding herself in the middle of present day suburbia, married and a mom at only twenty years old, she’s beyond bored. Even with her popular music blog and her handsome husband Will catering to her every impulse, she longs to use the incredible powers that she possesses.

But Earth is no place for magic.

When Cole Mathison arrives, asking for Eva’s help in solving the death of a famous pop star, she cannot resist the overwhelming pull to use her abilities again. 

Eva finds that there is more to the sinister murder than what the evidence shows. People who listen continue to die, and she must rely on her immortality to protect her from a frequency that is shattering minds and stopping hearts. 

There are forces at work that she could never have imagined...

And evil will be heard.

Music and Levels of Consciousness 

Eighth Note (Fire Ballad One) is a spin-off, stand-alone horror series featuring Eva, Will, and Cole from the Roam Series. Eva’s power over music has led her to start a blog called Fire Ballad, where she interviews musicians and artists as well as reviews new albums and songs. 

Cole comes to her and asks for her help in solving the death of a famous pop star whom she interviewed, Nina Fayette. Their journey to the Catskills, New York, leads them to the star’s father, psychologist Dr. Gerald Fayette. 

He explains that though music, altered levels of consciousness have been achieved since the beginning of time. Long ago, in the deepest, most southern parts of India, music became a door between worlds. Music and religion spread across those lands, through Africa. Repetitive beats (drums) were used by slaves to preserve their religion, to meditate, and to remain loyal through worship. Specific rhythms were used to call upon gods. In Haiti, it is called Voodoo, in Brazil, Condomble, and in Cuba, Santeria. 

He suggests that altering these levels of subconscious opens up the possibility for entrainment- brainwave synchronization. His suggestion is that an external stimulus can alter the brain’s frequency. Ultimately, he studies hypnosis and meditation through music and frequency. 

The plot of Eighth Note revolves around this suggestion, and involves the use of auto-tuning in the music industry. Eva has the ability to bend sound and mix frequencies, and she fully understands that our universe holds just as much evil as it does good. What if these frequencies are opening our consciousness, leaving us vulnerable to an evil that is simply waiting on the wings, preying to get in to our minds? 

And… what if that evil does get in?


Christyna_BM said...

This sounds incredibly interesting! I've always loved magic and mythology, and if they're intertwined with a good horror story, it's even better. I want this now!

Unknown said...

The storyline is deffinitely original and I have always been into psychological stuff like meditation and hypnosis, therefore the plot of "Eighth Note" sounds very interesting to me. I think you've just added a new "must read" on my shelves! :D

Anonymous said...

Sounds good, and I like the cover. It's a interesting story, and I would love to read this book.

Bianca said...

Love it! The cover and the description are so connected.
I'd really enjoy reading it :O.