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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kimberly Stedronsky Interview and Giveaway (ICA part 3)

It's time for you to know more about Kimberly! So, please, read our interview:

What do you think most characterizes your writing?
I believe my writing is best personified by my character development, plot, and voice. My style has grown over the past year, and I tend to romanticize, allowing the reader to apply his or her own personality and idealism to my story. 

What is in your opinion the secret ingredient for a successful book?

I believe that the “secret ingredient” for a successful book is to touch many readers on a personal level. Basic human needs like love and belonging, safety, problem-solving, confidence, respect… they are universal. Including those aspects as the primary theme of a story will draw a reader into a world that she can identify with.

How do you feel about ebooks VS. print books and indie VS. “traditional” publishingg?\
I discovered indie books and our indie author community a few months after hitting “publish” for the first time. I actually had zero exposure to the indie author world. When I began researching my choice between self-publishing and traditional publishing, I discovered this entire community of bloggers, authors, and readers who love to interact, support, and encourage each other. Becoming part of this community has been the best part of publishing for me so far.

On your website you present yourself as “horror, new adult suspense romance thriller” author. Which do you think is the ideal proportion between romance, suspense and thriller?
Grouping my books into a specific genre ultimately had me wondering if listing what it wasn’t would be easier (not sci-fi, not western, lol, etc.) Ideally, I don’t think of the themes in proportions, but rather just develop the story based on the overall plot. While I love romance, I quickly get bored with too much angst or drama. Enter the suspense, thriller… and lately, horror. 

What do you think are the limits that an author should be influenced by the public reaction?
As long as the public influence is positive (encouraging different points of view or more of certain characters) I have no problem allowing the suggestions into my writing. However, I quickly had to learn that what pleases me may not please everyone. Ultimately, I write the story that I want to write. That is the true story.

I read Roam books’ descriptions and the one of Book #6 intrigued me! Now, I cannot wait to read them! Tell me did you have the entire series planned for the beginning or you build it gradually? How hard is it to handle such series?
Thank you, I’m glad it sounds intriguing!! Yes, I’ve had the entire story planned from the very beginning. I actually wrote the original story (what the prophecy is based off of) years ago in high school. The research, keeping track of the times, the moving back and forth in time- yes, it was difficult to remain organized, but with great notes I was able to stay on track. It really helps that the story itself is genuinely familiar to me, and I feel that I know all of the characters so well. The plot came naturally.

And having in mind the Roam series – what a happy ending means (for Roam and for you in general)? Why do we need happy endings?
Happy endings are so very important to me. I believe in them, both in fiction and in real life. They give us faith, optimism, and hope. Ultimately, I can promise that with every story I write, the series will end happy. That’s just the way I roll. J

Speaking of prolific writers: in 31st October and 14th of December you’ll publish two new books, both from distinct series. They seem so different from Roam books. How did you change the genre and why?
Eighth Note (Fire Ballad One) is a spin-off from the Roam Series, and it is a horror. The horror genre has always been one of my favorites (Stephen King will forever be in my top five favorite authors) so I’ve been anxious to start a horror series. Eighth Note will be released on October 31st.

Below Unforgiven (Movie Trilogy, Part One) will be released in December. This is a new adult romance. I know- gigantic genre jump! I didn’t consciously switch genres for any particular reason; the story has been close to me for a while, begging to be written. So I listened. Hope it works!

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Christyna_BM said...

Wow! Thank you, Kim, for creating such an ample story! Sounds like a lot of work and even more fun. I'm still fixed on the horror story. Can't wait for it to be released!