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Monday, March 14, 2016

These aren’t the fairy tales you grew up with. - Twisted Fairy Tale: An Anthology

Authors-Bethany Lopez, Elizabeth Sharp, Erin Danzer, Heather Marie Adkins, J. Laslie, Jill Cooper, K. Laslie, Magan Vernon, Susan Burdorf, Victoria Escobar


These aren’t the fairy tales you grew up with. New twists reimagine the classics to all sorts of places you’d never expect. This anthology was written solely for the purpose of raising money for the DM Currier Foundation for Peripartum Cardiomyopathy Research. For more information, you can visit SaveTheMamas.

To stop a zombie plague, Snow White will need to kill the evil Queen before the last apple falls.

When Veronica Chapman falls into a coma in a horrific car accident, Trigg Chapman has the second chance to rekindle their rocky romance once upon a dream.

A princess cursed, a blind man kidnapped, and The Beast who threatens their happiness.

Aria inherited a century-long battle among the merfolk nations along with the crown, but a tenacious human looking for restitution could change everything.

A sapling of a dying magical tree desires revenge before the flames turn to love and grant Pinocchia her one wish—to be a real girl.

A princess becomes a pauper, but then must fight to save her kingdom.
Leukemia may have stolen Rapunzel's hair but not her dreams.

When Grandma becomes the latest victim in a string of murders, the wolf just might have to be the hero.
Rumpelstilstkin is not the only criminal in the kingdom.
At the stroke of midnight the spell will break, but there's no proof that it's true love.

EXCERPT & Teasers

From Beau and the Beastess:
“I also owe you an apology,” she admitted as she sat in the chair across from him, wanting to be able to look at him while she ate.
“Are you going to let me go?” he asked, and she could see him brace, even as she worked to keep her anger at his question in check.
“No,” Annabelle replied, keeping her tone light. “I’m sorry I can’t do that, not yet.”
“Why not?” he asked, his plate of food forgotten as he stared at her unseeing. “You can’t force someone to love you.”
Pain sliced through her, and she took a few calming breaths before she answered.
“I know I can’t, but it won’t be a possibility at all if you’re not here.”

True Love's Kiss - Jill Cooper (Snow White)

The Only Chance - Magan Vernon (Sleeping Beauty)

Beau and the Beastess - Bethany Lopez (Beauty and the Beast)

MerQueen - Heather Marie Adkins (The Little Mermaid)

Pinocchia - K. Laslie (Pinocchio)

The Princess and the Pauper - Erin Danzer (Prince and the Pauper)

Rae of Hope - J. Laslie (Rapunzel)

The Beast Within - Elizabeth Sharp (Red Riding Hood)

The Other Half - Victoria Escobar (Cinderella)

The Trial Of Rumpelstiltskin - Susan Burdorf (Rumpelstiltskin)

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