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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

He says I'm his fated mate - Shifter: City of Wolves by Avery Burch

"Shifter: City of Wolves is absolutely phenomenal and undeniably outstanding! This is a beautifully intriguing and thoroughly entertaining story that is fully fleshed out with amazing characters and an intense storyline. You will find your heart and soul completely captivated as you take the ride of a lifetime." - Goodreads, Amber


Published: August 3rd, 2015

He'll risk anything to be inside me. I'm his fated mate. 

What the hell am I thinking? I can't fall for a wolf. He's a criminal and an outcast. I'm an elite. If we get caught, they'll destroy us. I'll be disgraced. He'll be tortured and killed. But his wolf instinct has locked on me. He says I'm his fated mate. And every time we're alone together, he melts my heart ... and makes me so wet I'll risk anything to feel him throb inside me. 

Everything they told me about fated mates is true. And that means I'm in a lot of trouble. I'm risking everything. As a shifter, I'm used to living on the edge. The regime wants me dead. But now it's so much more complicated. I'm obsessed with this girl. I can't get her out of my mind. I need to devour her, body and soul. I know I should resist, for her sake as much as my own, but I physically can't. My wolf lust has locked onto her. There's no way we get out of this alive, but one night inside her will be worth any punishment.


Zac went through the medical exam in a daze. 

He’d seen shifters being shot before but that didn’t make it any easier. Billy was just a kid. He wasn’t a danger to anyone. The awful things he’d heard about the capital suddenly seemed all too real—the elites were ruthless here. 

He waited for Jason on the other side of the inspec- tion barrier. The Brooklyn Bridge lay ahead, waiting for him. New York waited for him. He’d been yearning to come to this city his entire life, ever since he first heard his father’s stories of the place. Even on his deathbed, his father made him promise to go there and seek out an old shifter friend. That man would be able to tell him things about his past his father never could. Zac had his name scrawled into the case of his guitar. 

Now that he was here, Zac wasn’t so sure he’d look for the man. He wasn’t even sure the man was still alive. He always knew there were secrets about the past his father kept from him. His father was haunted by the past, it followed him like a ghost. He spent his entire life struggling to keep one step ahead, lest he be over- taken by the sadness of his own memories. He’d felt guilty about those secrets and wanted his son to know the truth after his death. Zac wasn’t sure he was ready to hear that truth. 

Not now. Not after losing him, the only family he’d ever had. Not after just watching Billy Rollins gunned down like a rabid animal. All he felt was fear, and anger. 

This was the center of elite power, the home of all their institutions, the capital from which they ran the entire country. This was where they played hardball and it would take everything Zac had just to survive. He couldn’t afford the luxury of living in the past. His father’s secrets would have to die with him. Zac Carter had his own life to live, and everything important lay in the future, not the past. If there was something about his father’s past he didn’t know, he didn’t want to know. Let sleeping dogs lie. That’s what his father had taught him. What did the past matter when the future was so uncertain, so full of danger?

About the author:

Avery Burch is a hot new paranormal romance author and her series, Shifter: City of Wolves is going to have a huge impact.

She writes chilling tales of shifters and heart-wrenching stories of love and lust. If you like your romance spicy, your shifters sexy, your love stories intense, and your heroines passionate, then her books are for you.

She lives in Toronto, Canada.

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