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Monday, September 28, 2015

Angel of Death (The Third Throne #2) by Tabitha Barret

18+ Anjali has embraced her destiny to end the world, but now she must find her ten Harbingers, known as the Predznak. She is determined to find Alazar, the Angel of Death, the former leader of the Predznak, before the other angels. She fears that he has lost hope and is close to becoming a Rogue Angel. 


Published: July 31st, 2015
Cover Artist: Heather Baker

Anjali has embraced her destiny to end the world, but now she must find her ten Harbingers, known as the Predznak. She is determined to find Alazar, the Angel of Death, the former leader of the Predznak, before the other angels. She fears that he has lost hope and is close to becoming a Rogue Angel. 

Alazar has spent too many centuries waiting for his Master Anjali to come and claim him. Deception and lies have kept them apart, but now it’s too late. He has vowed to the other Predznak that he will kill their Master so that they can be free. 

During her search for Alazar, Anjali meets the Spirit Experts, paranormal investigators who are on a collision course with the Angel of Death. Anjali finds herself strangely attracted to one of the Spirit Experts and decides to become a part of their group in an effort to keep them safe from her dangerous angel. 

Can Anjali stop Alazar from killing the Spirit Experts and destroying the surrounding town? Can she keep Lucifer in the dark about her affections for the mortal man? Will unseen enemies destroy all that Anjali holds dear? 

The Third Throne: Angel of Death is the second book in the steamy Adult Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance series.

Seeing Angels as Sexual Beings

When I came up with the concept of for my Adult Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy books, The Third Throne series, I didn’t think of angels as prissy men and women who ran around serving God who were concerned with being holy and righteous. My angels were meant to be the worst of the worst. They are the Harbingers, or the Predznak, for the Bringer of the Apocalypse, so they didn’t sit around Heaven trying to be good. They were created to roam the Mortal Realm tempting the mortals to be evil or good, to commit sins or stay on the path leading to Heaven. Each of the ten Predznak is meant to tempt the mortals with a specific sin. They are the Angels of Death, Vengeance, Fear, Distrust, Desire, Illness, Anger, Agony, Deception, and Hunger. 

It was easy enough to sexualize angels who are already consumed by sin since they wouldn’t think twice about swearing or committing petty crimes. They are exceptions to the rules within Heaven and are given license to do as they please, as long as their Master approves. The problem comes when the Predznak are left for too many centuries without their Master. She is unable to control her power and there are enough Heavenly Angels who fear what will happen if an unstable Bringer of the Apocalypse, nicknamed the “Destroyer,” joins with the less than moral Predznak. Who will step in and control their Master when the Predznak can’t control themselves? 

An unlikely choice comes forward to claim responsibility for the Destroyer. Lucifer. The interesting part about my world of angels is that not everyone is completely evil or completely good. Everyone is flawed in some way, but hopefully is able to redeem themselves. Lucifer is one of the most evil angels, but not by choice. The sins of the mortals in Hell have darkened his mind and he is nearly feral. In a move of desperation, he seeks out the Destroyer to end world so that he can return to Heaven to be with God, a flawed plan at best. What he finds instead is his salvation. When he touches the Destroyer, he finds a dark power that is tempered by something warm and beautiful: God’s light and love. This power strips him of his evil, and he is able to remember the good angel he once was. After he’s had time to think about the chain of events, he spends countless hours obsessing over the Destroyer and wants to claim her for himself. 

Once Lucifer obtains his prize, he finds that when the Destroyer is sexually pleased, the positive side of God’s power strips away his darkness, just has it had when she unleashed her fury upon the world. Sex becomes his reward, but is also his downfall. When his armor of anger and rage are stripped away, he feels regret and remorse for all the evil deeds he has committed. He ends up a crying mess because he becomes the kind, sympathetic Morningstar who would never harm anyone. This becomes his curse. He can remember his love for Heaven and God, but at a terrible price. The problem is compounded when Lucifer’s enemies threaten Hell and he is too busy wallowing in his own misery and is no longer deranged and evil enough to defend his domain. 

Sexualizing characters is easy, but it’s harder to create detailed characters that are challenged by the effects of desire. Obtaining sexual pleasure can have as many negative effects as positive ones beyond the drama of whether it’s naughty or taboo. It can be used to create dire effects that can change the dynamic of Heaven, Hell, and the world. 

I want to thank Mystical Books for the opportunity to talk about my book “The Third Throne: Angel of Death”, as well as talk about my exciting and dangerous world of angels. I always appreciate the support of book blogs, my fans, and new readers looking for something different to experience! 

About the author:
Tabitha Barret graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in English. She married the guy from her Creative Writing class and together had two amazing children. They live in a quiet town in New Jersey with their three rambunctious dogs. She is currently working on her series, The Third Throne. 

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