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Friday, August 31, 2012

Fiti pe faza!

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"I'm Cursed"

In anticipation of the release of CURSED, I have a big contest planned for you guys. Because CURSED is kind of a big deal for me. 
Well, I wrote CURSED in-between Half-Blood and Pure, so this little baby has been percolating since roughly 2008/2009. A lot of you have had Cursed added to your To-Read shelves since late Spring of 2011. Some who have been members of Query Tracker might even remember the query for Cursed (titled Gifted at the time), so this has been a work of love for several, several years.
It's also a big deal for me because it's my first hardcover release. 
So I needed something big to giveaway. Something I haven't given away yet. And no, not my firstborn child, although I don't plan on having any of them to give away, but if I did, I may save that for something else.
 *Hopes possible future child does not see this*
Anyway, so here's the contest. Pay close attention to the rules.

"I'm Cursed Contest"
1. You must comment on THIS blog post answering this question: How would you find a way to touch a person you loved if your touch killed?
You must answer this question on this post. Not Goodreads. Email. Or what not. 
2 You must tweet #ImCursed and the link to that tweet must be included in your comment. If you don't have Twitter, you can do a status on Facebook. Include that link.
3.  You must update Twitter or Facebook avatar to the Cursed Cover during length of contest.
That's it!
Now for the prize?
Grand Prize.
You get to pick a Nook Color or Kindle Fire. 
Signed Copy of Cursed, Half-Blood, Pure, and Deity
And a insanely awesome swag pack
2nd Place
Become a character in the 4th Lux Novel. 

Some more contest details.
Contest starts August 31st 2012 and ends September 25 11:59pm EST
The top two winners are picked by HOW CREATIVE their answer is by my random panel of random people who will be reading the answers. SO GET CREATIVE
Contest is International (please note: if you live in a country that isn't supported by a Nook or Kindle, please be aware of that. I have no way of knowing that)
If you don't have a Twitter or facebook, sorry! I don't know how else to enter you into a contest!
You must be 13 years old to enter.
Cursed comes out on September 18th, 2012
in hardcover and e book

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