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Friday, December 19, 2014

You can choose your path, but your fate is sealed. - Gilded Wings (Hidden Wings #4) by Cameo Renae

There isn't a book of Cameo's that I've read thus far that I haven't completely fallen in love with. There was never a dull moment reading Tethered Wings, I was completely in a trance and couldn't stop, I had to know what was to come with the next page. I highly recommend this series to everyone young and old you will love it and it's characters. - Goodreads Book#3

Cover Design: Regina Wamba at Mae I Design

As the final battle draws near, Emma finds herself bound under an unbreakable oath. She must seal the bond with Ethon before her transformation, or risk her life and the lives of those she truly loves. Who she wants is no longer an option.

Lucian has unleashed troops of evil beasts from the Underworld, making it impossible for Emma to leave the protective barrier of Alaine’s home. War is inevitable. The Guardians will need to stay and fight their ground, hoping Lucifer keeps his end of the deal and comes to their aid.

In this epic series conclusion, burning questions will be answered, lives will be lost, and sacrifices will be made.

But who will survive, and at what cost?

You can choose your path, but your fate is sealed.


Hate is a very strong word. In fact, there are a myriad of reasons why one should avoid the vicious feeling. But at this very moment, I’d never felt more hatred toward another being. I couldn’t stop the bubbling revulsion if I tried. Its dark tendrils spread through me like a cancer, grasping at every cell, seeping from every pore. It filled me with an unexplainable sadness and pain. 

In just a single moment, I’d lost everything. My dreams and my future were shattered. He stole my free will and made me a slave. That’s all I was now… a pawn who would eventually be used for destruction. 

Lucifer had become the enemy of my soul. He took me to a place I never wanted to go; shrouded in darkness and internal suffering. Outwardly, I bore the marks of his fingers, which he’d wrapped tightly around my neck, nearly squeezing the life from me. The look of pure hate and murderous intent, burning bright in his wicked eyes, was imprinted in memory. It felt like a dream. I could only have wished it was, but the pain was too real. 

Just outside my door I was surrounded by everyone I loved, and yet, I’d never felt more alone. They were so close, but I had become disconnected, muted, unwillingly sworn to silence. It was killing me inside, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I had to submit. I had no choice. I wouldn’t risk any of their lives. As much as I wanted to let them know why I was acting indifferent, I wouldn’t speak a word.


Things were about to change. There was someone looking out for me, and hopefully it was for my better interest. But what if it was Lucifer trying to set me up? Although, I didn’t have a feeling it was him. Maybe it was my mysterious grandfather, or God himself? He was omnipotent, right?

These thoughts sent a rush of warmth through my veins, and the scent left in the room was of pure angel. There were no hints of smokiness. It was definitely someone from above.

“Thank you,” I whispered, picking up and hugging the dagger and the note to my heart. The dagger was warm, sending a calmness cascading through me. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing. My greatest fear would be putting those I loved at an even greater risk. 

But more than anything, I needed answers. I needed to know if I had a chance against Lucifer and Lucian. 

All I had was hope. This mission needed to happen, not only for me, but for everyone I loved. I wouldn’t risk everything on a whim, or something I wasn’t sure would make a difference. I had one burning question, and the answer could possibly change everything. 

Those around me probably had the answer I was looking for, but I would never ask them because they would have their own opinions. And I didn’t want them to try and persuade me. This question needed to be kept secret. It was to be mine, and mine alone.

About the author:
My family is what keeps my heart beating, and my world a happy place to be.

I love reading great books that whisk me away from reality, even if for a little while. :) Writing is my passion. I love creating new worlds and new characters, and taking wondrous adventures with them.

In My Dreams & Hidden Wings were both recently published through Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. Descent (A Hidden Wings novella) will be released May 15, 2013, and Broken Wings (Book 2 in the Hidden Wings Series) will be released June 1, 2013.

One day I will find my magic wardrobe, and ride away on my magical unicorn... ♥ Until then... I'll keep writing! ;)


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