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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sweet and charming everyday experiences - A Moat is Not a Goat by Elsa Takaoka, Fanny Liem

A Moat is Not a Goat is a wonderful collection of short poems (varied length) celebrating little girls! Each poem features culturally diverse little girls in a variety of circumstances all centered around the message of empowerment. The accompanying illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend this wonderful collection of short poems to teachers, librarians, and parents to read to children. While girls are the obvious target, I do think the book would make a great discussion starter exploring gender stereotypes in a classroom setting. - Goodreads

Description: 4 to 8

Illustrator: Fanny Liem 
Published: November 27th, 2014 

This is a collection on 16 beautifully illustrated poems about sweet and charming everyday experiences, especially written for little girls. This book will teach, inspire and empower little precocious lassies, opening their hearts and minds to the delightful world of imagination. 

Buzz about the book

"A Moat is not a Goat - Poems for Clever Little Girls" follows Elsa's interesting writing style of letting the reader have loads of fun, solving fiendish clues and reading aloud rhymes that trip off the tongue with ease."- Read it Dad

"Each story is told as a poem and takes the reader on a magical journey through a pony car wash, a snow scene, and a strange world deep under the ocean. There’s a visit to the home of the five sisters, a chance to meet a pink-gowned female pirate, and find out how Miss Wafer saves her pie and tea from a snake. Learn about happiness and making up after a squabble, and how losing a tooth isn’t a disaster. What happens when you snip a lock of hair, and how a day in bed with a cold isn’t all it was planned to be." - Reviewed by Jane Finch for Readers' Favorite

"Cute rhyming book with beautiful illustrations. I recommend it for bedtime stories. Definitely worth it." - 5 Star Review, celestial, Amazon

"This book is full of clever poems that little girls will love. Everything from dreaming about becoming a pirate or a princess to fighting with your siblings is in here. Little girls will be able to relate to every page. The illustrations by Fanny Liem are SUPER adorable to boot!" - 5 Star Review, Teddy O., Amazon

"I am a preschool teacher and I am always looking for books that will amaze and excite my students. I think they will love this book." - 5 Star Review, Darla W., Amazon


You can download three adorable pdfs of paper dolls created by illustrator Fanny Liem based on A Moat is Not a Goat. Just click on the thumbnail below to take you to the author's site!

Message From The Author: Elsa Takaoka

On the first day of National Poetry Month in April of 2014, I set the goal of writing a poem a day. My little girls and I would sit at the kitchen table - my five year-old doodled and my one year-old scribbled while Mommy wrote. As I struggled to find inspiration, I would occasionally glance at my eldest girl, who has been a doodling machine since the age of two and will often draw pictures for hours. Her doodles contained many of her favorite things: twins and mermaids, princesses and pets. But on closer inspection, they also contained stories of brave and bold little girls -girls with real feelings who fought, made-up, cried and got angry. These girls sailed ships, fought beasts and were pirates. These girls were tender and caring, who doodled and read. Her art contained REAL little girls- imaginative, clever and able to do anything they set their minds to. My hope is that I was able to crawl into the mind of a child and bottle up even a bit of the innocent yet powerful confidence of clever little girls everywhere.

About the Illustrator

Fanny Liem is a freelance artist from Jakarta, Indonesia who became captivated with art at a very young age. She credits her talented father for passing on the love of artistic creation. 
Driven by grit and passion, Fanny learned about digital art on her own, redefining her hobby of drawing to budding career in children’s illustrations. Fanny also taps her feet while enjoying American Country music. For more information, please visit her:

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