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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

An adventure of a lifetime - Pirates: The Lost Cove (Journal of the Red Skull) by Alonna Williams

This is the story of Trevor Henderson, a high society boy who dreams of being a pirate one day; as he was growing up he loved hearing tales of famous pirates such as "BlackBeard" "Black Bart" "Anne Bonny" and many more.


This is the story of Trevor Henderson, a high society boy who dreams of being a pirate one day; as he was growing up he loved hearing tales of famous pirates such as "BlackBeard" "Black Bart" "Anne Bonny" and many more. In the year 1786 Trevor's wish comes true and he gets to have an adventure in piracy of his own; when he boards a ship called "the Curly Casey" his journey begins, but he soon learns the shocking truth about his identity and history which leads him to the start of the adventure of a lifetime!


Pirates- The Lost Cove is a series that I have been working on since I was small and I am really proud if how it turned out; it's really a long story of how this book came to be, but I'm going to talk about Trevor, our protagonist; Trevor actually went through a lot of different personalities and backgrounds; first he was just a sidekick, then he was a middle brother with two sisters; he was from a poor family and was a grateful, quiet young man; that changed when I realized that that was typical {poor kid finds out he's related to famous pirate and is the only one who can get the treasure and his family becomes rich at the end} so I said 'you know what, let's make him rich already, let's try to create a character that you find yourself caught in a love/hate relationship with; lets not make another Mary-Sue who gets everything right but make a character who needs lots of correction, lots of help and who has a lot of learning to do' and so Trevor Henderson was created.
There's so much more to his creating process but I'll get into that another time, now just enjoy a brief interview with the one, the only, Trevor Henderson:
AW: Thank you so much for sitting down with us today Trevor
TH: You’re very welcome, thank you for having me

AW: So I just want to ask you a couple of questions, starting with: why the pirates life?
TH: Well, as you’ll read in The Journal of the RedSkull, I always was attracted to it, even as a child; and i just really needed to be free, you know from all the Fredrick drama and the heinous tea parties, the ‘Trevor, sit up straight and don’t speak unless someone is talking to you’ it was horrible in Manchester

AW: That’s understandable; but, you kind of strike everyone as a hard core high society boy, you know, prissy and delicate
TH: Oh dear, please don’t call me that; I do see where you’re coming from, yes, I had to learn a lot as I grew into the pirates life, for instance, I had to get up earlier than usual, I had to be treated as everyone else was treated, no special treatment or anything and I had to follow orders, a lot of people think oh, Pirates are disorderly but, that’s not the case, it is very orderly and you need to work as a team; I wasn’t born a team player but now, I’m becoming one

AW: Ah, I see, so were you afraid when you first boarded the Curly Casey?
TH: Haha, yes, I wasn’t sure if it was the right decision but, I managed to do it and when I was on there, I hate to admit this but yes, I was pretty scared

AW: With good reason; another thing I wanted to talk about, you seem to have a pretty nice relationship with your parents, but things can get pretty heated between you guys
TH: that’s very true, erm, I adore my mother and my father, they mean the world to me, but sometimes it just gets difficult trying to make them understand me and that hurts; there’s the case with Fredrick Hawkins, there’s the whole pirate case and how they lied to me which you’ll learn about in the Journal of the RedSkull and there’s the case of them trying to keep me off the sea when I was born to be on the sea, so I do love them more than anything, it’s just that they don’t really understand me sometimes and that’s not easy

AW: I see where you’re coming from; now, let me ask you Trevor… in the Journal of the RedSkull, you learn about your amazing history, what was it like finding out that, not only were you related to the famous RedSkull, but you looked almost identical to him?
TH: That was thrilling, it was shocking and scary but it was thrilling; because then I knew for sure that I was definitely born for this; but it did start to feel like a set back sometimes but… erm… you’ll see in book three Journey to my grandfather’s cove, or Journey to the RedSkull’s Cove haha, sorry

AW: Ah, I guess we’ll see; so in conclusion, what can we expect from you in the future Trevor?
TH: alot *smirks* The Journal of the RedSkull is coming out soon to be followed by The Skeleton Key, and then Journey to the RedSkull’s Cove; and rumour has it that there may be a modernized version of Pirates- The Lost Cove so stay tuned for that

AW: Thank you so much Mr. Henderson it was a pleasure
TH: The pleasure is all mines

About the author:

My Name is Alonna Williams and I have always enjoyed writing as a really enjoyable way to express any kind of feelings; I have been writing since I was little and don't plan on stopping. I write all genres whether it's, Mystery, Romance, Drama, Adventure or even Children's stories. I wrote my first short story when I was around seven or eight. If I’m not writing books you’ll probably find me tap dancing, reading, or watching a good classic movie.

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