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Saturday, October 25, 2014

‘Why did this happen to me?’ - A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer and Love by Regina Chouza


“It is human nature to ask ‘Why did this happen to me?’ Though there may be medical explanations for illnesses, a scientific answer will not help us make sense of the pain and suffering that comes with these experiences.”

This book provides a fresh perspective on the challenges faced when we or someone we love is diagnosed with cancer. We often start by asking why it happened and what it means. Inevitably our biology, lifestyle habits and emotional wellbeing all play a part. For true healing to occur, we need to make changes on many levels. The author goes on to explore Energy Healing as a friendly booster for tired souls, equipping the reader with simple tools that can be used daily to facilitate their personal healing journey. The pages turn quickly, infused with love, courage and optimism.

Great book for anyone dealing with cancer (or any illness really) as well as their caregivers. Helps you take control of what's happening around you. Keeps you grounded and relaxed, eliminating some of the stress so you can deal and heal better. You don't have to be sick to benefit from what's written on these pages. Read it, share it...be well! - Goodreads


Please note: Energy Healing is not a substitute for medical care.

A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love 

Energy healers channel universal energy, which is readily available to us all. This energy is directed at the Healee’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, clearing stuck energy and facilitating the self-healing process. This energy is often visualized as white light. It might go to a specific organ, to a painful memory or it might clear the emotional load on their mind. Clients will typically report feeling mentally and emotionally relaxed after the session. I like to think of Energy Healing as assisted meditation. It can be extremely valuable if you or someone you love is coping with cancer. This book will give you a good understanding of the energy body and how healing can help patients as well their families. It is important, though, to be realistic about what Energy Healing can and cannot do. It should not be expected to eradicate cancer, though it can help in many ways. Here are a few examples:

Benefits for the cancer patient

· Relaxation, stress relief and an emotional outlet. 
· Some patients report increased energy levels, which makes it easier for them to maintain their quality of life through chemotherapy treatments.
· Healing can also help terminal cancer patients draw on their inner strength, allowing them to face their fears and move on peacefully.
· The peace and stillness felt during an Energy Healing session allow their intuition to speak to them, giving clarity on the challenges faced.
· Energy Healing can also give the patient a fresh perspective on life.

Benefits for the family

· Self-Healing can be used to manage their grief, shock and stress.
· It releases the emotional stress and burden in a healthy and productive way.
· Engaging with self-healing can help family members stay mentally and emotionally clear, which will do a lot for their wellbeing.
· By learning to give Energy Healing, family members can play an active role in the cancer patient’s healing process. This can have a psychological and emotional benefit for the family member, as well as helping the cancer patient in the family. I will describe this in detail, as there are important health and safety considerations for the Healer to follow.

Angelic Stress Relief Meditation
Intent: Relieve stress by clearing the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras

Sit down in a quiet and comfortable place. Bring your attention to your breathing, observing its natural pace.

Take a deep breath in, hold ... and release. Repeat this process three times, holding your breath only as long as it feels comfortable.

Let your breathing go back to its normal rhythm.

Bring your attention to your Heart Chakra: the center of unconditional love. The Heart is also the seat of your intuition and natural healing ability. Breathe gold healing light into your heart and release. Repeat this process at your own pace.

See and feel that loving energy overflow from your heart.

Now place your hands on your Solar Plexus, just below the sternum. On the next breath visualize green and gold light reaching your Solar Plexus. Visualize and feel the light clearing and balancing the energy in your Solar Plexus. The healing light fades and we are left with a bright yellow Chakra spinning beautifully.

Hold that image in your mind and feel the Chakra growing stronger.

Next we are going to release our worries by placing them in an Angel Box. By placing our fears in this box we hand them over to the Angels.

Visualize a beautiful gold box in front of you. What does it look like? Does it have intricate designs on the side? Imagine how it feels to hold it. Let it come to life.

Visualize the box opening as you place all of your fearful thoughts, worries and concerns in its gold center. Put everything that has been weighing on your mind in that box, even the thoughts that you do not admit to yourself.

This box is a gift from Archangel Michael, who gives us courage, and from Archangel Raphael, the healing angel. Imagine the box filling with gold and green angelic light. This light transmutes your thoughts and worries into positive energy.

When you open it, you see gold rays emanating from the box. Thank the angels for taking your worries and looking after you and your loved ones.

Sit with this feeling of gratitude for as long as you like.

When you are ready, bring your attention back to your breath. Feel the weight of the chair under you and slowly bring yourself back to the room.

Take as much time as you need. When you are ready, open your eyes.

About the author:
It all started in 2009, when Regina discovered the College of Psychic Studies in London. Could anyone learn to channel healing and shift his or her life in a new direction? Of course! Since then Regina has left a successful career in marketing to become a qualified Healer, Reiki Master and talk radio host. Her first book, “A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer and Love”, is available on Amazon worldwide.

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