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Monday, October 27, 2014

Lonely witches get up to no good. - Midnight Magick by Katerina Martinez

Cover Artist: Katerina Martinez


"Lonely witches get up to no good."

Amber Lee has a decent life: she lives in a great house, she's about to start school again, her best friend Eliza is pregnant, and the pair of them are Wiccans with a healthy bond. But ever since Eliza moved out of Amber's house and in with her boyfriend Evan, Amber's been feeling a growing pang of loneliness in her chest.

When Damien, a stranger to her town, mysteriously comes into her life bringing with him all manner of strangeness, everything changes. Damien shows Amber a side of her she never knew existed, and ignites in her a spark she hadn't felt in a long time, but he's haunted by a dark secret and a purpose which may prove fatal to them both - and by the time she realizes it, there's no turning back.

Midnight Magick will take you deep into a world of witchcraft and mystery, where bonds are tested, hearts broken and lives lost.

Lonely witches get up to no good 

And why shouldn’t they? Witches in folklore and literature are usually portrayed as evil old hags brewing nasty potions and spells in their secluded sanctums. These women lash out at a world they hate because it has rejected them. Rejection and forced isolation leads to loneliness, and when you’re sitting on a bunch of power, alone, isolated from everyone else… well, you know how the saying goes: the devil makes work of idle hands. 

Problem is, while those idle hands are at work wreaking havoc on the meek, the universe’s cogs are churning and gearing up to slap the witch across the face for breaking its rules. There are laws best left unbroken, but when a human—with all of our flaws and needs—is presented with great power, the temptation to break those rules is almost too strong to resist. Thus, the catch 22 of wielding the power of magick comes to the fore. 

The rule of three is a concept all witches know. It’s a principle which states that whatever you put out into the universe comes back to you three times as hard in order to center the imbalance caused by the witch. Can you see the cycle? A witch gets hurt, uses her power to satisfy her needs until a cosmic retaliation occurs, then the witch gets hurt again. 

With Midnight Magick my aim was to recreate some real truths about the witchcraft I practice and add a dash of fiction to the cauldron creating a world where misuse of power carried with it consequences. Consequences which may not take place immediately, but all of my characters will eventually have to confront. 

I guess a good question to ask would be this: if you could wield the power of magick, would you do your best to be a white witch, would you hurt everyone who’s ever slighted against you, or would you coast the line between black and white? 

Thanks to my lovely host, thanks to you all for reading, and I hope you’ll enjoy my debut novel! 
Happy Halloween!


“Anytime, Leah, we’re family now, right?” I assure her. You can lean on me anytime.

            “Yeah…right…family,” she almost whispers it to herself.

            I sit, leaning against the wall with my knees propped up, watching her hang up the clothes I bought Dani today. She sorts them between short sleeve, long sleeve, and sweaters, and then color-codes them. She neatly places the shoes on the floor of the closet and then puts the pajamas into the dresser drawer. So precise and organized it makes me want to throw her down and kiss her senseless. Let her know it’s okay to be a mess sometimes and see what could happen when she unwinds a little.

            “Adam, this was so nice. I really could have handled her clothes, but thank you.” She turns her head to look over her shoulder and smiles at me. My heart rate increases simply from the happiness I brought her.

            “I told you, she’s my niece, too. I could barely find something warm enough for her to wear today in that suitcase.
            “I know, but you went to really nice stores. It must have cost you a small fortune.
            “Well, I know women like the expensive stuff.” She turns around and scrunches her forehead, but quickly smirks.

            “True, but sometimes you would be amazed what you find in a sale’s bin.” Please, tell me I’m not what she considers some dollar store deal. She walks over to me and sits cross-legged across from me, taking in the transformed room. “It looks like a little girl room, right?” she asks.

            “Definitely, just put a no boys sign outside, and it’s complete,” I joke, and she joins me.

            “Good, it’s just when I came in here earlier, and she was putting those pictures up, I figured she needed a space that was hers. I’m beginning to think she’s never had her own space.” The love she feels for Dani lights up her eyes, making my heart open even more for her.

About the author:
My name is Katerina. I love to read and write, and until now I've been cooped up in a desk job with nothing to do but drift away on a sea of corporate bull until I do what is expected of me (marriage, kids, etc). 

Eventually I decided that enough was enough, so I took a chance and wrote a book; my first book. Then I mulled over my options and chose to self-publish with Amazon, panicked over the "Publish" button for a few hours, and waited patiently for my book to show up on the listing.

Now I'm here, part of this big, wide world, trying to meet other people like me - folks starting out in the self-publishing business or just fellow authors/ readers who share my kinds of interests!

For those of you starting out, I can tell you, it's a rollercoaster. None of it is easy. And even if your work doesn't sell, at least you can be proud that you put yourself out there and took that step! 

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