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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Things I Should Have Said: An Introvert/Extrovert Romantic Comedy (Heartlanders #1) by Kelsey Humphreys

"The first half had me laughing out loud so hard giving me that serotonin mood boost I desperately needed at that time so I was so thankful for that!
Then…..we hit a PLOT TWIST! I didn’t even see it coming!" Laura, Goodreads


Published: November 1st 2022

When an introverted artist catches feelings for an extroverted executive, exactly how sweaty, awkward and embarrassingly painful will her fall be? (Spoiler alert: very.)

Skye Canton is focused on her goals: Make it as an artist in New York, quit her dayjob, finally prove herself to her family back in Oklahoma. Noise canceling headphones on, brush in hand, #livingherbestintrovertlife.

All of which gets blown to bits by a gorgeous, smart, magnetic Texas boy turned Manhattan man-about-town.

Matthew James is full of surprises, tempting Skye to give in and reveal her own secrets. Her bestie, her sisters and even her grumpy cat are on TeamMatt. But he doesn’t fit into her well-drawn plans.

Plus, he’s so smooth and so hot…he reminds her of her past, where she learned the hard way - when there’s this much heat, she’s bound to get burned.

This standalone is a smart, steamy, full-length lovers to enemies to lovers, contemporary romance. It’s a reverse grumpy-sunshine with surprise twists, laugh-out-loud banter, a happily ever after, and a sisters group text thread you’ll wish you could join. This is the first book in the Heartlanders Series.

About the author:
After tens of millions of video views, comedian Kelsey Humphreys has captured her hilarious, heart-warming characters in book form. Her steamy stories dig into deep truths about love, identity, purpose, and family. When she’s not writing romance or creating comedy videos, she is reading, running, mom-ming and wife-ing in Oklahoma. Follow her funnies on:

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