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Monday, November 21, 2022

the cost she’s willing to pay - Armadas in the Mist (Empire of the House of Thorns #3) by Christian Klaver

"Fantasy at its most fantastic. Monsters, mystery, and magic in a beautiful and frightening world all their own. Justice Kasric and her strange family are a delight from first to last." -Steven Harper, author of The Books of Blood and Iron series (about book #2)


Release Date: December 6, 2022

The Black Shuck’s forces gather just beyond the mist . . .

Captain Justice Kasric knows how complicated family can be. The escalating Human-Faerie war has scattered and wounded her siblings and transformed her parents beyond recognition. 

After narrowly escaping yet another dangerous clash, fifteen-year-old Justice has had enough. She’s determined to defeat the Black Shuck, the mysterious leader controlling the Faerie invasion of London, but if Justice hopes to stand a chance at victory, she’ll have to do the impossible: reunite her family and lead them against the looming Faerie Armada.

With her mother and brother at the helm of the enemy fleet, and the prophesized Seven Virtues slipping out of reach, Justice more than has her work cut out for her. Even if she can save England, the cost may be higher than she’s willing to pay.

Top 5 Favorite scenes from the Empire of the House of Thorns Trilogy:

Opening -  Shadows Over London: Chap 1 - Descent into the Faerie Woods came out just the way I wanted, dreamlike, and feels like pure magic. It’s the intro to both our two most central main characters, Justice and her Father, but also to how strange and unreal the Faerie world will feel for the rest of the series.

Meeting with the Dragon - Justice at Sea: Chapter 5 – I wanted the dragon to be grand and a little bit mysterious, to think as well as a person, but differently. But I wasn’t ready for how quirky the dragon would come out and how her interest in England and a perfectly honest mistake would turn into one of the more entertaining parts of the series. This is really the start of Faith’s journey into magic and it informs so much of what happens to her after.

Flugelstan – Justice at Sea: Chapter 3 - The Faerie start participating in making new, less confusing nautical terminology. Avonstoke has a way of tinkering with events that I didn’t expect, as did many of Justice’s ragtag Faerie crew. Mischief ensures.  

Lady Rue – Armadas in the Mist: Chapter 6 – Lady Rue tells Justice and her siblings who she really is, and it changes everything.

Justice & Avonstoke Catch a Break – Armadas in the Mist: Chapter 7 – Poor Justice and Avonstoke try to snatch a few moments alone in between battles for two books and in the last book they get some serious time for a serious conversation. Both of these characters are so strong, with their own way of doing anything and everything, and this is no exception.

About the author:
Christian Klaver has been writing for over twenty years, with a number of magazine publications, including Escape Pod, Dark Wisdom Anthology, and Anti-Matter. He’s the author of The Supernatural Case Files of Sherlock Holmes series, but has written over a dozen novels, both fantasy and sci-fi, often with a Noir bent. He's worked as book-seller, bartender and a martial-arts instructor before settling into a career in internet security. He lives just outside the sprawling decay of Detroit, Michigan, with his wife, Kimberly, his daughter, Kathryn, and a group of animals he refers to as The Menagerie. He’s also a part of the Untitled Writer’s Group based in Ann Arbor for the past decade or so with a bunch of equally starry-eyed dreamers and social misanthropes.

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