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Monday, November 28, 2022

Christmas in the Glen (The Glen Highland Romance #9) by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple

 "Again Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple swept me away in this exhilarating holiday story which was such an awe-inspiring read! I read it in a few hours and I absolutely loved it so much, furthermore it definitely gets you in that holiday spirit! A great book to read by the fireplace drinking some eggnog or hot cocoa." Barbee, Goodreads


Release Date: November 28, 2022

Dawn has not bothered searching a man worthy of being a husband, until the day someone tries to win her heart in the most mysterious way . . .

When mysterious gift appears outside the kitchen door at Broch Invershin at the start of Yuletide, Dawn Fraser cannot pass it by without investigating. It is then followed by a string of gifts, all for Dawn, and gifted by someone who knows all her preferences.

The giver must be someone who knows her well. Could it be the rakish and handsome Drummond? They had been sharing glances and secret kisses. Might he be Dawn’s admirer?

Yet Drummond seems oblivious to any gifts that have set the kitchen maids into a tizzy. And Dawn is mystified as to who her benefactor might be, until a mind-spinning Hogmanay celebration where a masked man shares a dance, and a passionate kiss, with her.

A man who is definitely not Drummond!
When she does learn her admirer’s identity, she also learns the depth of his love and desire.
Will Dawn be able to open her heart to this mystery man? Or will Drummond stand in their way?

About the author
is a writer and college professor. She lives in California with her family.

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