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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

the last thing she could dare to want - Assassin’s Kiss (Watcher’s Kiss #2) by Sharon Kay

18+ Locking emotions away is how Scorpio survived years as a conscripted killer. Now, as a Lash Watcher, he uses the same lethal skills to help his fellow warrior demons maintain peace in the realms. When a mission goes awry, he finds himself a thousand miles from home with no weapons or comms. Injured and alone, he is taken in by a group of witches who know him well.


Release Date: January 12th, 2016 

Locking emotions away is how Scorpio survived years as a conscripted killer. Now, as a Lash Watcher, he uses the same lethal skills to help his fellow warrior demons maintain peace in the realms. When a mission goes awry, he finds himself a thousand miles from home with no weapons or comms. Injured and alone, he is taken in by a group of witches who know him well.

And want him dead.

Tessa’s affinity with metal makes her one of the most powerful witches in her coven. Her deepest wish is to stop the oppression of her people—a direct result of her former leader’s murder. She agrees to marry the chief of a rival coven, knowing it won’t be a love match. But she abandoned the idea of a soul-deep bond long ago. Especially one with the rough, former mercenary warrior who shows up and claims she belongs to him.

Even from behind bars, the longer Scorpio stays, the more he unsettles Tessa and she questions all she thought she knew. Choosing him will put everyone she cares for at risk. He’s nothing like she expected, and the last thing she could dare to want.

Tactical, lethal, resolute.
Haunted by a centuries-old tragedy, there’s no room in Arawn’s life for softness. Every action he takes is for the betterment of his race and the good of the realm. He leads his elite band of warriors the same way he lives his life: full on, without compromise, determined. Except for one sexy female who happens to be his subordinate.

Tenacious, passionate, tough-as-steel.
Ria relishes the duties Arawn assigns her as much as she respects the deadly combatants on her team. And she has a secret: her formidable boss is also her deepest fantasy. Years of working under his authority haven’t dulled the spark she feels, yet her passion is tempered by the hints of loss she gathers about him. His dark and sexy moodiness draws her, but he’s a hard man to approach as he keeps the world at emotional arm’s length.

Secrets laced in blood burn his battle-hardened soul.
When Ria is gravely injured in the line of duty, Arawn can no longer fight his own long-simmering feelings. But a secret, more heinous and ugly than anyone could imagine, prevents him from surrendering his heart. Despite his intentions, he and Ria forge a connection both fiery and unexpectedly tender. Yet every day brings them closer to shocking facts. Evil stirs in his blood, and hiding the truth from her will be the ultimate betrayal.


Tessa idly traced a pattern on the sheet. “What about you? Did you always know you’d be a fighter?”
Scorpio nodded. “Always.”
One word, delivered with intensity and conviction. It brought her right back to his deep voice, his huge presence, and those eyes that glimmered faintly with flecks of gold. She wanted to keep him there longer. But she had no reason. Thoughts and ideas jostled each other in her brain until they all faded to background noise. He was a warrior, a survivor, a protector. Somehow that was all she needed to know right now. She didn’t need to ask more, or ask how Dalamos had snared him and his siblings. Kidnappings and brutality were all too common in the realms.
Words tumbled from her lips, as if she needed to speak to break the intense quiet between them. “Because of your work, you ended up here. If you hadn’t landed among us, I would have died. If not today, then last week. Her heart slammed in her ribs. “It’s not what I expected. You’re not what I expected.”
He exhaled a slow breath and licked his lips. “You’re not what I expected either.”
“Did you know I was here?” she asked, her voice a whisper.
“But you acted like you knew me. That first night they moved you?”
“I recognized who you are to me.” The gold in his eyes brightened.
“How? How did you know…I mean, why did you react the way you did?” She couldn’t bring herself to say the word. Mate. It seemed far too intimate, and she was already crossing a line by having him so close.
“Your scent. I just knew it.” His molten stare mesmerized her, sparking heated awareness low in her belly.
She swallowed against the sudden intensity. “That doesn’t make sense.”
“Things don’t have to make sense to be true. Think we proved that today.”
“Nothing makes sense right now.”
He shook his head. “Wrong.”
She frowned. “Don’t make me even more confused.”
“You know two things for sure.” He scooted closer and took her hand. “I will never leave you unprotected. And I will never harm you.”
His touch sent a warm jolt up her arm. This wasn’t a touch to protect. This was hot, sensual, and loaded with meaning. Not daring to move a muscle, she wanted to preserve this moment.
But yes. She did know his words were unequivocally true. “Right. I know. And…and I’m thankful for that. But still…you…I don’t know what to think of you.”
He leaned a fraction closer. “Two words, Tessa. Just remember two words.” His eyes glowed golden, stealing her breath, scorching her with their intensity.
“What?” She doubted she’d be able to remember one word, or any word. He overwhelmed her and right now, she wanted it more than anything.
“I’m yours.” His hand, warm and sure, slid to her nape. “Yours.” He dipped his head to cover her mouth with his.
She gasped. His lips were soft and the heat rolling off his big body made her want to tuck herself closer. He was so strong, and the gentleness he kept surprising her with threw her world off balance. Dizzy, overloaded with the need for more of him, she let go of any thoughts or inhibitions.
She curled her arms around his neck and kissed him back, loving the moment he realized she wasn’t going to back away. His free hand slid to her hip, and she was painfully aware that all she wore was a thin tank top and panties.
He licked at her lips, his tongue a warm, wicked invitation, and she opened for him. He rumbled, a luscious approving sound that reached from his chest all the way into her belly. She pulled herself closer and the hand at her hip slipped to her lower back.
He teased her mouth with flicks of his tongue, tangling with hers. Sliding his hand into her hair, he knotted his fingers gently. Enough to show her his aggression, light enough to let her push him away.
But she only wanted to get closer. He smelled clean and masculine, and every cell in his body radiated power. His fingertips gently stroked her neck. Those hands could snap a neck. Gods only knew what pleasure those hands could bring.
To her. To her? What the hell? But she flung the thought far from her mind, carried away by Scorpio’s intoxicating kiss. She caressed her way down his arms, learning with her fingers the ridges and dips of biceps and triceps she’d only observed up to now. Hard huge muscles that had lifted rocks. Lifted that wolf. Lifted her.
With a growl, he pulled her head back and dipped to kiss her neck. His lips were so soft, so warm and wet. She arched her back, desperate for more of any and every sensation he could give her. Her breasts rubbed across his pecs. Digging her fingers into his arms, she held on, all the while a delirious need built in her core.
He kissed along her clavicle, licking gently at the delicate ridge. Every place his mouth touched sent heat racing across her skin. She thrust her body forward, shameless, wanting more of his kisses anywhere she could get them.

About the author: 
Sharon Kay writes award-winning fiction and can never get enough reading time. She loves winter and black coffee, and is endlessly inspired to write kick-ass heroines and the men strong enough to capture their hearts. Sharon lives in the Chicago area with her husband and son, and one weekend the idea for her Lash Watchers and tough leading ladies formed in her head, refusing to stay quiet until she put pen to paper. Her characters tend to keep her up at night, as they banter, fall in love, and slay endless varieties of power-hungry demons.

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