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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Review and Giveaway - Lightning Kissed (Lucent #1) by Lila Felix

"This is the problem and the glory of Lucent women. You can’t hold them down. Any man in love with a Lucent female is doomed and blessed to eternally chase her lightning. You can’t anchor them. You can’t guarantee they will be in your bed the next morning or anytime at all.
But when I had Colby—I had her heart and soul."


“Well, dear perfect Theo, what have we gotten ourselves into?”

Stories like Lightning Kissed make me to rediscover why I like reading YA.

Using a feature that is not unusual in the fantasy / paranormal / SF literature (the possibility "to flash" aka to instantly transport yourself through space), the author manages to create a fresh and appealing story.

In this first volume of the Lucent (previous Lightning) series, Mrs. Felix counts on the main and secondary characters. They complement each other and together they support the story. Small details, peppered here and there, will be later recognized as important, preparatory aspects in the evolution of the ensemble. In what regards Colby, some of these details already fulfilled their role, others are still dormant, but carry the promise or at least the possibility of crucial changes.

„I shouldn’t have to hide my gift—none of us should. We should be queens of the skies and land, revered for the ability to bend time and space. […]
I hated hiding what I was just because humans were fearful.”

To Colby's character evolution is opposed - also apparently – Theo’s one. About Theo (look for Eidolon significance) I'll just say that, especially if you are a "bad boy" aficionado, you now have an excellent opportunity to discover that the good guys are not to be ignored.

There are more to say about how the secondary characters sustain and balance the change of the main ones (eg. Pema - Colby), about how, although preparatory in nature, the events are flowing at a rhythm fit to keep you connected to the pages, about the sentimental turmoil, about humor and sadness, about struggle and surrender, vulnerability and power, actually about all that would recommend the book.

But I want to tell you what I particularly liked: the hidden messages. They talk about the importance of following the rules, but also the need to verify their correctness, about love and duty, about the importance of relationships and the necessity of choosing between what you want and what you need etc. As I said, they are hidden, but in plain sight. They are suggested, ready to be revealed and you only have to read carefully in order to allow yourself to enjoy the story at its full value.

Above I was talking about the bad boy fans... you should relax, the author will offer you one character that promise to rise himself to that “greatness” which its typology requires.

And because I told you a lot about promises, if, after this first volume, I should have to characterize in one word the series, this could be "promising". I cannot wait for Lightning Sealed.

"Every day, the voices get louder. Every minute, he gets pulled closer. Every second, their love is tested. Their life is a constant question [...]"

About the author:
Lila Felix is full of antics and stories. She refused to go to Kindergarten after the teacher made her take a nap on the first day of school. She staged her first protest in middle school. She almost flunked out of her first semester at Pepperdine University because she was enthralled with their library and frequently was locked in. Now her husband and three children have to put up with her rebel nature in Louisiana where her days are filled with cypress trees, crawfish, and of course her books and writing. She writes about the ordinary people who fall extraordinarily in wild, true love. 


steph y said...

I'm looking forward to reading this book.

Giselle said...

Great review, Cremona! I like how unique this sounds and very character driven, too! Glad you liked it! :)

Jan Lee said...

Love the cover, so simple yet very romantic :)

Penny said...

The premise is great. I'd really love to read this book!

Andreea Dragan said...

I want to read it.

Arf2-D2 said...

Nice review. I too like "good guys" and I like how the reviewer tells you to look for the not quite hidden meaning in the story.

Unknown said...

This book looks electrifying!! I'd love to check it out!