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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Guest Post and Giveaway: Linked by Judy Serrano


Daphne Foster is a substitute teacher stuck in an English class, waiting for that dreaded parent-teacher conference. With much preparation and anxiety, she encounters the unforgettable Charlie Cross. His charm and good looks, win her over but rumors of his involvement with organized crime make his continued disappearances disturbing.

In walks Heathcliff Vanderpool, creating a love triangle of unusual sorts. Unknown to Daphne, Heathcliff and Charlie are old friends: Older than she could have imagined. With Charlie away on business, Daphne and Heathcliff discover a passion between them lying beneath the surface. As their souls link, pulling away from Charlie becomes next to impossible. Will his involvement in organized crime consume them both before she’s able to get free? When you become “linked,” the choice may not be your own.

How to write a steamy sex scene 

When I first started writing, I wondered how much I could actually get away with as far as sex scenes go. I read all kinds of books where the sex scenes were “dirty” or a little out of my comfort zone. So, I decided to change it up a bit. I think that dirty language is simply a lack of creativity. Sex can be exciting without being dirty. Christian couples must have sex. If they bring up children, their secret is out. So, how do I create sex scenes without crossing the line? 

First of all, sexy love scenes are enjoyable as long as people become engaged. So far, I have written all my novels in the first person. I do this so that people will feel what my main character is feeling and identify with him or her. Once they feel engaged, they get aroused. No explicit craziness is necessary, just good old-fashioned lovemaking. Maybe there is kissing, caressing, and even a little delayed release. It is all about pleasure. If the reader feels the intimacy and the anticipation, the reader will be experiencing all the excitement that the protagonist is feeling. There is nothing wrong with that. These kinds of experiences usually bring the reader closer to their significant other, which is my intention. 

So, a little sex in the morning, afternoon, or evening is totally acceptable. Sex scenes that are identifiable, moving, and maybe create a little fantasy, can only spark a relationship that needs a little facelift. So dig your fingers into his hair, or wrap your lips around his… fingertips. Live to love, love to live, no matter how you do it, make sure you read about it first. Get yourself a little love in the afternoon.

About the author:
Judy Serrano graduated from Texas A&M University, Commerce with a BA in English. She is a substitute teacher at her children’s school district and teaches developmental writing at a local college. She is also a freelance writer for certain on-line periodicals and does editing for indie authors. She is the author of The Easter’s Lilly Series, The Linked Series, and The Ivy Vines, Visions Series.

Although she is originally from New York, she currently resides in Texas with her husband, four children, (all boys) and five dogs. She is also a singer/songwriter in her spare time.


Joseph Hawkshaw said...

Love the cover of the book looks awesome.

Judy Serrano, author of The Easters Lilly Series, and The Linked Series. said...

Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog today. I love the way your blog is set up. I hope that you will visit my Facebook page and “like” it while you are there. By doing that, you can stay updated with my new books and tours. Here is the link. Hope to see you there! https://www.facebook.com/JudySerranoAuthor?ref=ts

Thanks, Joe for the compliment on my cover!

Kai said...

I love that love triangle conflict. It makes the story interesting. Thanks for the giveaway.

Unknown said...

I look forward to reading your work. Thanks for the opportunity.