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Monday, March 24, 2014

Guest Post and Giveaway: Dead Awakenings by Rebekah R. Ganiere

Published: January 3rd, 2014


Evaine, a struggling New York theater student, enters an unsanctioned drug trial in an effort to pay bills. She awakens in a derelict hospital, chained to a bed with no memory of who she is, or how she got there. A band of pale skinned men, led by the gorgeous Luca, burst in, whisking her away to safety. 

Once at Haven House, Evaine is introduced to The Family. Like them, she has become A Deader, a reanimated Undead.

Luca is hell-bent on stopping the experimentations, and killing those responsible. He has no time for a Newborn who is struggling to control her rages, hunger, and powers. Nor does he have the desire to deal with the feelings she's awakening within him.

Despite their best efforts, Evaine and Luca find their connection intensifying when suddenly, she remembers not only who she is, but also her fiancé, Tristan; who is still looking for her. 

Torn between her first love and her new heart’s desire, Evaine runs back to Tristan putting everyone in danger. When a rogue faction of Deaders, called Feeders, attempts to kidnap her, Luca suspects Evaine is the key to the experiments. 

Can everyone band together to keep Evaine off the cutting table of those she escaped from? Or will second death tear her away from everyone, for good?

The evolution of Zombies

Zombies have been around forever! In Africa they started as reanimated dead that were raised by witchcraft and controlled by their masters to do their bidding. The Haitians believe similar ideas of zombies. Some believe a human can be turned into a zombie by killing and then possessing them. 

The zombies of America and today's culture pretty much evolved from the movies. We started out with the Mummy. He was the first real zombie. No, he wasn't looking for brains, but he was usually looking for his missing body parts. 

Over the last twenty years zombies have become popular. Today we have shows like the Walking Dead and books like Warm Bodies. All of which involve zombies. People love them! I love them! Don't ask me why, I don't know why. Maybe it's because we all want to believe that there is something for us after death, even if it is coming back as a mindless killing machine, who knows. 

My zombies, Deaders, are a new form of Reanimated Undead. Lucid, powerful and still good looking, my zombies are the creation of an experimental drug trial that was trying to help people to use their brains more fully, and heal injuries done to the brain. The trial succeeded, but killed the patients in the process. I feel this is the normal progression of zombies in the future. 

Speaking of zombie movies, a handful of great zombie movies that have been produced over the years. Some of my favorites are: 

I really liked 28 days. I thought that was a great zombie movie. It was at the forefront of zombie movies. It's gritty, dirty, and pretty much how I see it going when zombies show up! 

I also really liked Shawn of the Dead. It was quite hilarious. And I think one of the stupidest, silliest, cult classic zombie movies of all times. 

Warm Bodies...I know people loved this one, but I was not too much of a fan. I went with it, thought it was funny, until...the end. I know, I know, love conquers all. But let's be real. Give me a reason. A good scientific reason why he all of a sudden is human again. I didn't buy it. I just didn't. I bought everything up until the part where he turned pink. But I loved his side kick! He was hilarious! 

Land of the Dead was pretty good. It helped give me an idea for a book. It has Simon Baker in it, which is cool and in the end the zombies evolve, which was a great twist. 

Resident Evil. What a franchise! I think I have seen the first one a dozen times! I love Alice and hope that when the zombie apocalypse finally happens, I am Alice. I probably won't be, but I hope so! 

Also, last but not least, a great, fun and totally awesome zombie movie is Corpse Bride. LOVE it! Tim Burton does it again with that one. From the crazy out of proportion parents, who epitomize the reigning society, to the eyeball losing, worm infested corpse bride, it sure was fun. I loved the twist in the end as well. I thought that was great. And the collection of voices for the movie, including, Tracy Ullman (Who I love) Albert Finney and Christopher Lee, are a real treat. We don't get to hear from them enough! So, watch Corpse Bride! Because it is an awesome zombie movie and fun for the whole family. 

I think it'll be interesting to see what happens over the next few years with zombies. They seem to be popping up everywhere. But when the real Zombie Apocalypse comes, people will be truly surprised. I won't however, because…well…you know, drug trials. I mean seriously people, have you ever seen an ad for those things? Some of those side effects are scary! 

Which is why I am a member of the Zombie Outbreak Response Team. I have my team together, my bug out location and supplies ready to go! Hope you do too!

About the author:
Rebekah grew up on both the east and west coasts and currently lives in the Los Angeles area. From the Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein to The Stand by Stephen King, Rebekah immersed herself in other people's made up worlds. She began writing in junior high and then found she liked pretending to be other people's characters in high school. Lettering in drama she went on to study theater in college as well. After college she continued acting till becoming a mom. Ultimately, she ended up going back to writing her characters down instead of acting them out, so she could stay at home with her kids. 

Rebekah is a member of Romance Writers of America and is a board member of both the Fantasy, Futuristic, & Paranormal and her local Los Angeles chapters. When she isn't spending time telling the lives of the characters constantly chattering inside her head, you can find her with her husband and four children; reading comic books, gaming, at the movies or taking care of the menagerie of pets. A dog, a rabbit, two bearded dragons, and three tortoises. Wonder woman, the escaped snake, has yet to be located.

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ilookfamous said...

Awesome trailer!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Elise. It was a lot of fun to make :)

Unknown said...

I love zombie books, so this book is right up my alley... and sounds really amazing!

Unknown said...

Thanx Chelsea! I hope you enjoy it :)

Torialeigh said...

thanks for an awesome giveaway!!

From Head To Tale said...

Congrats to Rebekah Ganiere on the release of Dead Awakenings. Nice trailer! Can't imagine waking up as a Deader.

Interesting list. *copies it down quickly* I don't have a lot of exposure to zombies. I have only seen one of the movies. I share Rebekah's sentiments on Warm Bodies.

Have you all seen on Helix (SyFy)? Drug trials gone wrong. Zombie-like outbreak.

Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Fingers crossed to win.

Autumn said...

Way to go on the release of Dead Awakenings. The cover looks inviting, and the trailer was great. I liked reading the "evolution of zombies." I loved Resident Evil Alice is a bad a** chick who I ask well would love to be if zombies came to town. But I would be more of the one that is wanting to hide and ambush the zombies instead of just go right on out there and fight.