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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Guest Post and Giveaway: Desecration: The Wizard Queen at Sixteen by Hadley Holt

Published: March 12th, 2014


In a hidden world of wizards where only men hold the power of magic, one girl arises with the power to change everything, if she isn’t killed first…

Adriana Victoriana Evangelista (Addie), daughter to the High Chancellor of the Wizard’s Council, has always been the perfect wizard girl. She never questions why men possess magical powers and women have no power at all, magical or otherwise. Male wizards blend into the modern human world, leading huge corporations while wizard women are sequestered away. 

On her sixteenth birthday, Addie discovers she possesses magic. Under wizard law, she is a desecration. An ancient prophecy surrounds the emergence of a girl magic-wielder, the wizard queen, who is destined to bring about the downfall of the wizard-kin.

Addie has long had a forbidden crush on a human boy who lives in the wizard stronghold, Rory Devlin. As she delves deeper into the dangerous mysteries surrounding her own destiny, she suspects Rory might be more than just human.

Addie’s fate sends her straight into the path of a powerful and evil sorcerer, but the worst danger of all may come from right inside her own home.

DESECRATION – Favorite Scene to Write

I have several favorite scenes in DESECRATION, Book 1 of The Wizard Queen at Sixteen Series. Some of my favorites include: when Addie gets her magic, when Addie and Rory dance, the visit to the Oracle, breaking into the school, the fight scenes with the sorcerers, the scene where Addie’s familiar bonds with her, and a number of other scenes, too.

I guess if I have to pick an overall favorite scene, I’d choose when Addie discovers her magic. I’m selecting that scene because it won’t give too much of the story away.

This scene is what authors call the inciting incident. The scene takes place in the girls’ wing of the Wizard Academy. Addie and her best friend are eating lunch in a long-forgotten basement room, and we learn a little about their wizard society, where girls have no magic of their own, and their futures are all about entertaining wizards, marrying wizards, and giving birth to more wizard boys. Not only do girls have no magical powers of their own, but if a girl were to have magic, she would be considered a desecration under wizard law.

It’s Addie’s sixteenth birthday and it’s her twin brother’s birthday as well. For Addie’s brother, the birthday means his momentous formal recognition as a wizard and all the status that goes with his title. For Addie, her sixteenth birthday means a new dress and a party. The twins’ shared birthday illustrates the contrast between men and women in the wizard society.

In this scene, in a moment of panic, Addie performs magic. What should be an amazing and miraculous event is devastating to Addie, because her world has just been turned upside-down!

About the author:
Hadley Holt, author of paranormal, and fantasy YA (Young Adult) has always loved to write. She also nurtures an incurable fascination with all things supernatural and fantastical. From a young age, she imagined stories about dragons, wizards, witches, ghosts, shape-shifters, vampires, and other magical creatures. As life often does, it blessed Hadley with family - a hunky husband and amazing children, and with family came a rewarding career. Hadley spent many years in the not-so-magical world of finance and mortgage banking, but the stories were always there in the back of her mind, demanding to be set free. 

Thanks to the housing market crash, Hadley finally realized her dreams. She now breathes life into her magical tales of reluctant young heroes finding their inner power to stand up against terrible creatures and even more terrible odds.

Please visit me at HadleyHolt.com! 

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Unknown said...

Can't wait to read this! Just bought it:) Thanks for the giveaway!!

nurmawati djuhawan said...

is this International giveaway ?

Fayth97 said...

I bought the book, & intend to buy the others as well!!! I'm so glad you had Hadley as a guest on your blog today!!

Joseph Hawkshaw said...

Love the cover of the book bought it as well will be reading it very soon looks like a great read.