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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Guest Post and Giveaway Stronger than the Rest by Shirleen Davies

Published: January 14th, 2014

Description: 18+

“Smart, tough, and capable, the MacLarens protect their own no matter the odds. Set against America’s rugged frontier, the stories of the men from Fire Mountain are complex, fast-paced, and a must read for anyone who enjoys non-stop action and romance.”

Drew MacLaren is focused and strong. He has achieved all of his goals except one—to return to the MacLaren ranch and build the best horse breeding program in the west. His successful career as an attorney is about to give way to his ranching roots when a bullet changes everything.

Tess Taylor is the quiet, serious daughter of a Colorado ranch family with dreams of her own. Her shy nature keeps her from developing friendships outside of her close-knit family until Drew enters her life. Their relationship grows. Then a bullet, meant for another, leaves him paralyzed and determined to distance himself from the one woman he’s come to love.

Convinced he is no longer the man Tess needs, Drew focuses on regaining the use of his legs and recapturing a life he thought lost. But danger of another kind threatens those he cares about—including Tess—forcing him to rethink his future.

Can Drew overcome the barriers that stand between him, the safety of his friends and family, and a life with the woman he loves? To do it all, he has to be strong. Stronger than the Rest.

What Cowboys Represent and Why we Love Them

Romance writers and readers are, at their core, pragmatic and passionate sorts. We like to find meaning in what we read even if it is simply the honesty and commitment between the male and female protagonists in a book. Granted, these may not come until the last few pages, but we read these books to satisfy our quest for these basic human cravings.

Cowboys have always conjured up visions of a simpler way of life where honesty and commitment are valued, good triumphs over evil, integrity helps define a person, and speaking the truth rather than being politically correct is a way of life.

Today, many of these traits have been beaten down, passed over, and denigrated to the point it’s hard to identify people who possess what seemed basic within the Cowboy culture.

Cowboys represent a way of life that many have watched fall from grace as being too old fashioned or old-school. I, for one, don’t believe this hogwash. 

The Cowboy culture is still just as necessary today, maybe more so, than at any previous time. It is the same culture that sustained our men and women of the Greatest Generation during World War II, and it may behoove us to consider honoring these qualities again in a time when many feel we’ve lost our way.

What are the key characteristics of those rugged, western men we love to read about in our stories and what do they still represent today?

1. Honesty. They say what they mean without regard to being politically correct.
2. Loyalty. They have your back when times are tough.
3. Integrity. They possess strong moral principles.
4. Respect. They respect others and are respected in return.
5. Humble. They handle things and do their jobs without the need for kudos or seeking the spotlight.
6. Independence. They don’t feel the need to do something just because everyone else does. They don’t believe in change for the sake of change. There are reasons for what they do.
7. Freedom. They believe in the right to act, speak, or think without hindrance, as long as those actions conform to the other traits a Cowboy represents. 
8. Courage. They have a spirit that enables them to face fear or danger with confidence and bravery. They are resolute when others waver.

Aren’t these the qualities we’d like to see in all people, not just those who are Cowboys? Wouldn’t we all be better off if more of us could claim the Cowboy culture?
About the author:
Shirleen Davies began her new series, MacLarens of Fire Mountain, with Tougher than the Rest, the story of the oldest brother, Niall MacLaren. During the day she provides consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses. But her real passion is writing emotionally charged stories of flawed people who find redemption through love and acceptance. She grew up in Southern California and now lives with her husband in a beautiful town in northern Arizona. Between them they are the proud parents of five grown sons.

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