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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Guest Post and Giveaway Falling Angels series by by E. Van Lowe


Aww, Hell No! 

Fifteen year-old Megan Barnett and her single mom, Suze, have a special relationship—they are friends, close friends, who do almost everything together. 

“But come on, guys, she’s my mother… Can I really tell her that while we’re snuggled up on the sofa watching Spider Man Three, I’m secretly undressing James Franco with my eyes? Of course not…” 

The special bond takes a turn for the worse when Suze decides to start dating again. She hasn’t had a man in her life since Megan’s father left ten years ago. 

Enter two mysterious young men, Megan’s new classmate, sinfully attractive bad boy, Guy Matson, and the dangerously handsome art dealer, Armando. Before long Megan and Suze both wind up in steamy relationships. But neither of the handsome guys is quite what he seems. In fact, one of them is Satan, with his sights set on a new bride. Megan has precious little time to figure out how to stop him. If she doesn’t, either Megan or Suze are quite literally going to HELL.

Heaven Can Wait! 

Just because Megan Barnett recently defeated Satan, has a fantastic new best friend, and has won the love of deliciously handsome, Guy Matson, doesn’t mean her troubles are over. Far from it. For Megan doesn’t realize it, but in her possession is a powerful weapon, a weapon sought after by both angels and demons and everything in between. They will do ANYTHING to get it. 

In E. Van Lowe’s humorous, romantic and thrilling sequel to Boyfriend From Hell, Megan winds up in a gripping life or death battle to save herself, the boy she loves, and all of mankind from unthinkable evil. 

Megan Barnett has recently defeated Satan, found a fantastic new best friend, and has won the heart of deliciously handsome, Guy Matson. But that doesn’t mean her troubles are over. Far from it. For Megan doesn’t realize that she is in possession of a powerful paranormal weapon, a weapon sought after by both angels, demons and everything in between. 

In E. Van Lowe’s romantic yet thrilling sequel to Boyfriend From Hell, Megan finds herself in a gripping life or death battle to save the boy she loves, and all of mankind from unthinkable evil.

What Does It All Mean?

Readers who devoured Boyfriend From Hell and Earth Angel will be captivated by the third book in the Falling Angels Saga. 

As summer break for Glendale Union high begins, heartsick Megan awaits Guy's return while struggling to control her emerging abilities. Love is in the air, but can the new loves in Megan, Maudrina, Suze and Aunt' Jaz's life be trusted? Nothing is what it seems. Meanwhile, the Satanists are set to hatch their most diabolical scheme ever, and if it comes to pass, Satan may finally win out. 

Megan has precious little time to unravel the cryptic message hidden in the riddle she received at the end of Earth Angel. If she doesn’t, the life of someone most dear to her will be lost forever, and Megan may yet find herself living in HELL.

Think twice before you agree to marry Satan. There’s no divorcing the devil.

The End is Near

Will Megan Barnett go falling back into the arms of dreamy earth angel, Guy Matson? Or, is she in fact, falling in love with the demon, Orthon? Or, will her out-of-control abilities send her falling into Satan’s open arms?

In the final, heart-stopping chapter of the Falling Angels Saga, Megan Barnett is on a quest to rid her life of Satan forever, but Satan has other plans, including a lavish wedding, and he’s willing to destroy her family and everyone she loves to have his way. To add to the drama, rogue demons have risen from hell with plans of their own.

Will Megan finally have her happily-ever-after, or is she doomed to an eternity in HELL?

As Amanda Ashby, author of Zombie Queen of Newbury High, writes, “E. Van Lowe is a writing force to be reckoned with and you are in masterful hands from the first page to the last.” 

Cultivate Fans With The Power of 25

When I worked in television, I was fortunate enough to write for shows that had millions of fans. As a writer/producer of The Cosby Show and Even Stevens, fan mail was routinely diverted to a department at the studio that dispersed it to cast members. I don't know what they did with the mail that wasn't directed to specific cast members, but in all my years as a producer, I saw very little fan mail. Back then, it wasn’t my job to cultivate fans, it was the studios. Fast forward to today. I don’t have a studio, and neither do you. If we wait for someone else to cultivate our fans, we won’t have any.

Many authors are befuddled when they discover fans aren’t beating down their doors to purchase their books. They take to Twitter and Facebook and badger everyone they befriend to “buy my book.” But there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of authors doing this creating a ton of clutter or author spam in the marketplace.

John Locke, the indie author who became famous for selling 1 million ebooks in five months (and equally famous for buying reviews) says: “Develop a list of guaranteed buyers.” In his book, Locke says his ultimate goal is to have an email list of 10,000 guaranteed buyers, but he started out with a goal of 25. 

I think this is a good place for any author to begin. Find 25 fans that you can email with, tweet with, message with on Goodreads and chat with on Facebook. These are the people you can count on. They're not exactly fans, though. They're more than fans, they're friends, or as I like to call them-- frans. 

In 2012 I started a second mailing list I call The 25. I built this list by contacting strangers who’d purchased my books and given them 4 or 5 star reviews. Today, I have more than 25 members on my list, and the frans on that list are very important to me. I can count on them for feedback, reviews and, most importantly, to purchase my books. When Heaven Sent was published in December of 2012, I called on The 25 to all purchase the book on the same day, securing its success by pushing it onto one of Amazon’s lists. So if you want to become a Best Selling author (both Boyfriend From Hell and Earth Angel were Amazon top 10 children's ebook Best Sellers) start by cultivating a relationship with 25 frans and build from there. If anyone reading this would like to become a member of The 25, email me at info@evanlowe.com under the subject heading The 25. 

That’s my advice to authors out there. Build a list of guaranteed buyers you can count on by starting with 25. 
About the author:
E. Van Lowe is an author, television writer, screen-writer, playwright and producer who has worked on such TV shows as "The Cosby Show," "Even Stevens," and "Homeboys In Outer Space." He has been nominated for both an Emmy and an Academy Award. His first YA Paranormal novel, "Never Slow Dance With A Zombie," was a selection of The Scholastic Book Club, and a nominee for an American Library Association Award. The first two books in the Falling Angels Saga: “Boyfriend From Hell” and “Earth Angel,” are best sellers. “The Zombie Always Knocks Twice” is the first book in the Hollyweird series.

In December 2014, he received a letter and certificate from the Writers Guild of America for his work on The Cosby Show, which had been selected as one of the 101 best television shows in history.

E lives in Beverly Hills California with his spouse, a werewolf, several zombies and a fairy godmother who grants him wishes from time-to-time.

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Unknown said...

Mrs. Van Lowe, I've rarely seen such a generous prize pack from one individual author during a blog tour promotion. That is both amazing and intriguing.

Amy said...

Thank you for sharing, and thanks for the giveaway.

Cindi said...

I LOVED The Cosby show and Even Stevens!!! The books look terrific, the advice for authors is great (10,000 email fans? Wooo!), and I want a fairy godmother too:)) congrats on the series!
cindi @ mommasez...blog

melissa cushing said...

I love the sound and look of this series! Great Cover Art! Thanks a bunch and Good Luck To All!!!

Unknown said...

I just love your series Megan is so strong and enduring to see progress as she does fight evil. Megan is my hero

Unknown said...

I look forward to reading the books. Thanks for the opportunity.

Kai said...

I have been looking forward to this series for a long, long time. I have always been fascinated with angels and demons.

Joseph Hawkshaw said...

Looks very good will have to go check it out cover looks awesome.

Fayth97 said...

I can't tell you how excited I am to read Falling!! I love the other 3 books, & have been checking religiously so to speak for the last one!!!

Bunniker said...

The idea of Satan trying to find a bride is sure interesting.