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Saturday, November 16, 2019

I Like the Way You Hurt - A Dark Interracial High School Bully Romance by Lorrain Allen

"Oh wow just wow! It takes a lot for me to fall in love with a story. First it has to grab me from the first page and it has to not be dragging at the same thing or just dragging. But this one oh my freaky goodness! it was amazing even with this tough situations it really was a good read a fast pace read." Mary, Goodreads


Release Date: December 6th, 2019 

After the tragic death of her father several years ago, Cocoa’s mother has finally found love again. Cocoa is uprooted from Los Angeles, California to a small town in West Virginia before the start of her senior year. Though she’s not enthusiastic about the move, she’s very excited that her mother has found the will to love again. Cocoa meets Maverick prior to the first day of school. Cocoa is biracial and is everything Maverick has been taught to hate. Though Maverick hates her on sight, a fire burns between them that could destroy both of their worlds, leaving them in ashes. Cocoa can sense the hurt and anger in Maverick wanting to burst free and consume everything in its path. Will Cocoa be the one person that can soothe Maverick’s soul before he self-destructs? 

Maverick’s mother committed suicide to escape her abusive husband, leaving six-year-old Maverick to face the fists of his father alone. The only things Maverick can relate to are power, control, pain, and anger. He doesn’t know how to love. He’s afraid of the feelings that Cocoa stirs in him because he’s not supposed to want her with a fever that burns so bright that it leaves him aching. The only way he knows how to control his feelings is to destroy Cocoa and make her hurt. 

WARNING: This book contains strong sexual content and triggers. The subject matter is very brutal. Readers beware. This book isn’t for sensitive individuals. 
This is a standalone book. 
About the author:
Lorrain has enjoyed writing ever since she was a child and was also part of the poetry club in middle school. She loves to get away from the world and lose herself in a book. As a young adult, she became a romance book junky and was inspired to pen her first romance by the many creative authors whose books she's read. She wants to provide her fans with a suspenseful read that has a twist at the end. The subject matters of her books are a little controversial, but life is boring without a little controversy. 

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Stephanie LaPlante said...

Sounds like a really good book.

CCAM said...

an interesting but difficult topic because of the risk to become more of a political correct declaration and not a good story (which of course, presents the respective issues)

L Allen said...

Thank you! It’s my first high school bully romance! I hope you enjoy!

L Allen said...

Definitely not a political correct declaration. Just a story about a high schooler experiencing confusion regarding his feelings and overcoming learned behavior.

CCAM said...

@Mrs. L Allen
That's really great! "Show me don't tell me" is what I want from my authors :)

Maria Katie said...

WOW this looks amazing, love the cover and the title.

dave said...

Awesome cove, looks great.

Anna Josefin Bergman said...

Looks good.