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Monday, May 2, 2016

Obsessive is a strong word. - Skin of a Goddess (Goddess Ascension Book 1) by Victoria C. Johnson

"Victoria Johnson got right to the point and kept me interested throughout the book which is not easy. Thank you I want more, I have to know what happens beyond this story." Amazon, Dusty


Published: April 18th, 2016
Cover Artist: Deranged Doctor Design

Goddesses just want to have fun, right? 

Peitho’s first job as an Immortal Representative means slumming it at the Shifter Convention, where shifters and supernaturals will be meeting to discuss concerns and build relations. She’s sure it’s going to be boring—all they have to complain about is fleas and territory. 

Wait . . . is that a dragon? 

Obsessive is a strong word. 

Hunter thinks Peitho would make a great addition to his hoard of treasure. Dragons are famously acquisitive; how is he supposed to ignore her? Everyone always says it’s bad to fight your nature. 

When shifters begin disappearing from the convention, and bodies quickly appearing, Peitho and Hunter have no choice but to investigate. Will Hunter and Peitho manage to solve the crime while still keeping their hearts intact?

Attraction Never Dies

The saying “attraction never dies” really resonates with me. I am a complete believer in attraction, love at first sight, and endless butterflies. In my opinion, that first blush of awareness is something that never passes. Have you ever seen an old flame and still feel a hint of unresolved feelings? Even if you’re madly in love with someone else, that special something that attracted you to each other in the first place still exists. On some crazy, impractical, visceral level you have a connection. That doesn’t mean that you have to act on it, you’re meant to be, or you’re soulmates. It just means there’s a spark between you two. The kind of spark that makes sweet couples completely electric. 

I think this saying also applies to the paranormal romance genre. Who could dislike paranormal romance? The books are literally magical. The stories include fantastical creatures and settings, where anything is possible. I think most people, like me, get sick of the mundane. The last thing I want to read is a book that is entirely too possible. I don’t want books to be real, because my life already is. I want them to be filled with magic, crazy situations, and even more unbelievable characters. I live for happily ever afters that shock you because you’re certain there’s no way the situation can turn around for the better. Paranormal romance is necessary for all of the people that want to imagine a better world with more love, sexier characters, and enchanting elements.

There is plenty of room for more paranormal romance stories out there. People can’t get enough of them! There are so many books about werewolves, vampires, and witches. You might anticipate people getting sick of them at some point. I, however, can’t get enough! I mainly include goddesses and shifters in my book, Skin of a Goddess. My take on these creatures is bound to be different from others. My shape shifters have different cultural beliefs, etiquette, and organization than an author with similar creatures. Even if creature types tend to be similar, character types will always differ. My characters are sassy and a ton of trouble. It’s easy to say something has already been done if you aren’t considering the big picture. Books will continue to set one another apart with personality, plot, and endless imagination. I look forwarding to writing and reading many more paranormal romance novels!

About the author:
Victoria C. Johnson lives in Michigan with her supportive husband and amazing family.

She became serious about her passion for writing shortly after having her daughter. As someone who strongly believes in doing what makes you happy, she decided to follow her own advice.She loves writing almost as much as she loves reading.

Victoria adores happy endings, heartfelt characters, and extraordinary situations. She hopes to bring a little more of that to life every day.


Alex O said...

The author has a great talent and should pride herself on this piece of literary genius. The story captivates the reader and leaves them anxiously awaiting her next piece of work. I greatly enjoyed the banter and relationship between Peitho and Hunter and their happy ending at the end of this book. The characters have so much personality and fire that it made them very relatable to the reader. Can't wait to see what she writes next!!!

Victoria C Johnson said...

Thanks for having me on your blog!


Victoria C Johnson said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the story!!