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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

They told me about him - Scarred (Lost Series #2) by LeTeisha Newton

They told me about Ethan.
He’s no good.
He only knew darkness.
He’s a killer.


Published: May 4th, 2016

They told me about Ethan.
He’s no good.
He only knew darkness.
He’s a killer.

But that’s exactly what I need.

Only a monster can turn me into one. I’ve bled and screamed. I’ve been the victim too long. The scars that are visible only conceal the more painful ones on the soul. If he could help me save myself and learn to fight again, then he can have whatever he wants from me. My body. My soul. My heart. Later, he’ll realize that I had the better end of the bargain.

WARNING: This is a dark romance. It contains violence, filthy words, dubious consent, and potential triggers for readers. Please be aware of that when purchasing this book. This story is about being careful what you ask for, because you’ll get exactly what you need, instead of what you want.


“Does he have protection? Connections?”

River shook her head. “I don’t know. He kept me out of a lot. That’s why I was always so careful with new people or trying to get close to anyone. He could have them on his payroll and I’d never know. I do know he has some cops and judges in his pockets. The few times I tried to press charges, everything fell through quickly, if they even filed any paperwork. He’s untouchable.”

“No man is untouchable, River. Remember that. This changes things.”


“It’s enough that I’ve told you that. Let me worry about the rest.”

“This is my life, Ethan.”

“And it now belongs to me. I protect what’s mine.”

“This was about me killing him. That’s why I came to you. It’s why I’m here.” She threw her hands up in the air, letting out a frustrated sound.

“Let me do this.”

“It’s not your choice to make.”

“We had a deal! I give you everything I am and you give me him. That’s what we agreed on.”

“You will still be mine long after he’s dead. What does it matter who kills him?”

“It matters to me.”

I could see that, but it wasn’t happening. I wasn’t letting River within a mile of this man unless it was at my side, with him at my feet, taking his last breath from my hand. He came to me, not to her, with his little fucking message. He knew who the real threat was.

And I just ignored the fact that imagining her in danger twisted me up. It wasn’t real, any more than this farce of a relationship we were in, but it was enough for us. It would have to be.

“Get Pavel in here to work me out. I can practice night and day until I’m ready. He knows where I am now. It’s only a matter of time before he makes his move.”

Everything she was saying was true, but it didn’t matter. None of it mattered except what I said would happen. I needed to make sure River understood that, in the best way possible.

“And you think you will be ready to kill him after a few lessons, is that it?” I stood up and circled around the desk. River froze, but she was on to me too late. She wouldn’t give away.


“I asked you a question.”

“If you’d teach me some more, I would be. It can’t be that hard to kill someone who isn’t trained to fight like that. He hides behind whoever he pays. I never could fight back before, now I can.”

“How long does it take to choke out a man?”


“How long do you think it would take to strangle someone to death?” I was close to her, close enough to feel her body shaking. She had the right to be afraid. Some lessons were easier to prove than to tell.

“I don’t know.”

“Count. Very slowly now, or you’ll die quicker.”

She screamed as I wrapped my fingers around her throat and squeezed. I held on as she wasted useless energy pounding my chest and trying to get away.

“Count, River.”

She tried to choke out words but I only tightened my grip. As her legs gave out I lifted her on the desk and stepped in between them. She was so fucking beautiful, even with her eyes full of tears, and her nails digging into my hands. I ran my free hand down her body, over her breasts and the slope of her stomach. Her body quivered under mine, and my cock thickened as I watched her. She’d be out soon. I could feel it.

But I could also feel the heat from her pussy, warming my palm. I used the heel of my hand to circle against her clit. She froze, waiting, dancing on the edge, as her oxygen left her body and placed her where touch and pain were closer to the edge. Where pleasure bit almost too sharply. I rubbed her clit again and loosened my grip a fraction. Her gasping breath was all that broke the silence before I ripped her knickers from her. I left the fabric bunched around her calves as I stepped in close again and worked my zipper down.

So fucking perfect, so mine.

“Look how wet you are.”

She closed her eyes as tears leaked from the corners.

I bent over her and used my tongue to taste them. “Did you know there are different types of tears?” I asked in her ear.

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About the author:
So I think this is the part where I'm supposed to say something super cool, win you over, and make you my life-long superfan...OR wait, is that how I am about my anime collection?


Basically, I'm an author, blogger, geek, and villain lover (Joker IS MINE!). There shouldn't be any surprise then that I tend to love my heroes a bit broken, all messed up, and in need of someone who understands them just the way they are.

Ha, my heroines are right there with them. You see, love is nice, it's sweet. It can be all rainbows and glowing stars. And then it can be dark, twisted, hurtful, and feel so good you have to scream about it. So I write like that. From one side of the spectrum to the other, because that's real. That's life. And that's what we crave--delving into a fantasy world or not.

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Jan Lee said...

Very interesting concept, makes me want to read this book, after dark, alone :)

Stephanie LaPlante said...

This definitely sounds interesting. One to keep you on the edge.

Dan Denman said...

I like the book cover. That warning for the readers is a nice touch!