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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Guest Post Mirror Images (The Darkness of Man #1) by C. Michael Powers


On the other side of the mirror, lies a horrific world where each of us has an image, our violent replica, capable of fulfilling our darkest desires, and only released into our world when we’re unable to follow through with an evil deed. Gabe Cutter, an average paper pusher, has his life ripped out from under him when his image switches places with him, hell bent on destroying the life Gabe knows, and killing his cheating fiance’. Now, stuck on the other side of the mirror, Gabe must join together with a band of stranded survivors and find a way to get back to his world before his image destroys it. Along the way he battles his way through maniacs, monsters, and ultimately his own heart, as he realizes that the woman he’s been trying to save...wasn’t worth the price of admission.


Hey everybody,

I live in Panama, the country of Panama, and a couple of weeks ago, while driving into the interior of the country, I was listening to Johnny Cash’s remake of the Nine Inch Nails song “Hurt.” Immediately I came up with a story idea. The song made me think of an old man, sitting in an electric chair, thinking back about how great life was once upon a time, and how he’d severely messed it all up. His last thoughts were about how he could have done things differently.

Then, the other day, while listening to “Airport Song” by Guster, I got another story idea. This happens to me all the time. So I got to thinking, why don’t books have soundtracks? Bear with me a moment while I explain.

A new book that I’m writing (I’ll tell you more about it when it’s closer to its release date) has a character in it who constantly relates situations to songs he’s heard. He has a thing for the late 50’s, early 60’s, and during his story I write some of the lyrics that he’s thinking of while handling these situations.

How cool would that be if your favorite book came with a cd with the songs mentioned in the book, numbered accordingly? So when my character gets into a fight, and starts thinking of the song Black Betty by Bad Company, you can reach over, press play, and keep reading.

Likewise, what if your ebook came with mp3 files attached somehow. I think that would be awesome and it might help readers connect with the author and story, knowing what songs influenced the writing.

I can’t imagine it would be a difficult thing to do (other than maybe dealing with the copyright issues). Maybe I’ll pitch this idea to someone. Hmm.

Thanks for reading,
C. Michael Powers

About the author:
What to say about me? Hmm…well, my name’s Christopher Michael Powers. I tried typing that into Google search and there was an onslaught of Christopher Powers. Everything from doctors, to lawyers, to male prostitutes. I’m no doctor, I’m definitely no lawyer, and I don’t even think I’d be so good at pimpin’ myself out, so I decided to go with a different name. My mom-in-law gets a kick out of calling me Michael, so I decided to go with C. Michael Powers. You can call me Chris, C. Michael, Michael, Hey you, or whatever else suits your fancy. 

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