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Friday, May 31, 2013

Excerpt and Giveaway Tunuftol's Fortress of Light (Tunuftol, #1) by Ann Snizek

Published on January 29, 2013

Krissa and her little brother, Micah, have been pushed around the foster system until they find themselves in the care of "Grandma" Athey. Krissa begins having unusual dreams and her brother knows more than she thinks. Their new friends, Pin, and her twin brother, Khevin, join forces to unravel Krissa's questions. Krissa has become The Chosen One and is drawn into a mission against an evil faction that usurped the throne from Khevin's family. With a group of friends accumulated from school, Krissa learns to control her new found powers and follow her dreams back to the world they all fled from as small children…


"What's in a name?" Krissa thought of Shakespeare as she got to her feet and lugged on her bag.

"You know that even if you didn't call a rose, a rose… they all have those thorns that can bite into you if you aren't careful," Sealey answered her. "You should know about that… isn't it somewhere in Shakespeare, or something? You and Khevin are the English nuts." He tried to lighten the mood.

"What did you say?" she demanded, her eyes bore into him.

"What? That you are an English nut?" he said, shrugging into his straps.

"No, about thorns."

"Oh, well… It's clearly not the real quote. It said something about roses smelling sweet, even if you call them something else. I thought, for our purposes, that thorns applied better. After all, we have to use different names so that we can be safe. However, even if no one calls you the Chosen One, or Micah the Light Bearer, or me the Champion," and he winked at her again, "we are still going to stop them, or at least put a thorn in their plans, if you will."

"So, you're pretty sure we're going to win?" Krissa asked. She noticed that he matched her pace instead of making her match his.

"Well, you might want to ask your brother that. He is the Seer. He's actually much, much more than that…a Prophet. He carries a lot in that little package we call Micah…sorry it's Leander now. I'm sure glad I get to be part of his team." Sealey grinned and shook his head in amazement.

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About the author:
I grew up in Vermont mostly and now live in Virginia with my family (those still at home). My husband and I have a blended family of seven kids. My childhood was spent moving around a lot. (non-military) About five years ago, we started home-schooling our youngest children.

Now there are only two remaining in home-school. I have tried to nurture the love of books in our children and now our grandchildren -- always nurturing their imaginations. Recently, I have become active in our community with literacy, starting a local (and online) creative writing club and volunteer tutoring at the Adult Learning Center.

I struggle with Fibromyalgia and PTSD. So, have to be careful not to overdo things... I don't always listen to my own advice. I have a dry, sarcastic and corny sense of humor and always try to look at things optimistically. (again not always successful) However, I feel that if I don't give up -- for long -- then things will work out for the best eventually.

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