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Saturday, September 22, 2018

What do they want? End of Innocence by Romana Drew

In that brief moment, her life changes. Her brother spies on space aliens! Soon she learns the aliens have a settlement in the Kenned Valley, and that her boyfriend monitors their communications. 


Lenea's brother spends every clear night pointing a telescope at the same stars. When she confronts him, he lets her look through the telescope. A small sliver speck changes course, slows, and merges with a larger silvery spot. 

In that brief moment, her life changes. Her brother spies on space aliens! Soon she learns the aliens have a settlement in the Kenned Valley, and that her boyfriend monitors their communications. 

Then he disappears. 
What do they want, and can her world survive?

Just before he has to give up and go home broke, Captain Seddry finds the perfect world. It is rich in ore, has a breathable atmosphere, and it even has a reasonable climate — an ideal place for a new Langon colony. The fuzzy natives won't be a problem. They don't have any large weapons or even airplanes, making them too primitive to ever find the mining colony hidden away in an isolated valley. Or so he thinks.


The concert featured students from local schools. Kefan sang the first song and the last. After the final curtain closed, he changed and ran outside to meet Lenea.
She stood staring up at the wall of vid screens next to the theater marquee. The screens flashed static eventually resolving into a picture of the theater stage where Kefan and the band waited to perform. A moment later the music blared, loud and garbled.
A crowd had gathered.
“This is the first outside test,” Kefan shouted over the din. “We—”
The sound system screeched, and everyone jumped, grabbing their ears. After a moment's silence punctuated by sighs of relief, the music came on clear, and Kefan's beautiful voice soared over the crowd.
Occasionally one of the screens became too blue or green as the technician made final adjustments, but by the end of the first song, it was almost like sitting in the theater.
More people wandered to the array as they were treated to the morning's performance for free.
Kefan's cheeks warmed as people pointed to the screen, marveling at the size of the images.
He put his arm around Lenea's waist. “I've never seen a picture of myself that big before. Do I really look like that?”
Lenea still gawked at the display, a lunch basket in one hand, and her mouth and eyes opened wide. “You did it, both the display and the singing.” She squeezed his hand.
His dream of a vid array had come true, and everyone was impressed, but time with Lenea was precious. Soon, someone would want him to do something, so he led her backstage.
Lenea was so pretty. Her baggy, gray overalls made her look like a little farm girl, but her dark blue eyes and the little speckles on her rich golden face made her the most beautiful woman in the world.
She held the basket out. “I brought lunch.”
They hid in a practice room. The one tiny bench forced him to sit right beside her, so close his fur tingled. She ate and chatted about how much she sold and what silly things her brother did.
He slipped his arm around her shoulders, leaned over, and kissed her cheek. The aroma of summer rain greeted him. Her soft fur made his whole body quiver.
She turned her blue eyes toward him, and he kissed her lips.
The door opened. Kefan's drink landed on the floor, splattering sapper juice everywhere. His father glared, while the music director stared at the green stain spreading across the floor. Kefan's heart raced as he searched for an escape route. Lenea giggled, putting her hand on his knee.
Jafar folded his arms. “There you are. You should come back and rest, Kefan. Music comes first.”
The music director looked up from the mess on the floor. “Kefan, you need to be in full voice for the Midnight Song. You can't do that if you're tired. Please rest. I'll get something to clean this up.” He hurried down the hall.
“Let's go.” Jafar reached for his arm.
Kefan opened his mouth to argue, but Lenea put her finger on his lips. “Rest. I want to be proud of you. I'll meet you after the Midnight Celebration.” She glanced at Kefan's father. “If it's all right with you, Mr. Bennett.”
How could she be calm? Kefan's jaw tightened as his eyes focused on his father's face.
Jafar closed his hand on Kefan's elbow. “Kefan will return to our cabin immediately after his performance.”
Kefan faced his father, freeing his elbow. “After I sing tonight, I'm doing what I want. I've done nothing but work since I got here.”

About the author: 
I live in California with my husband, and raise baby squirrels for a wildlife care center. I could go into detail about my background and education, but that is rather boring. Let me say that I am quiet, love the outdoors, and never have enough time to do all the things I want to do. 

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Laura said...

The cover has me so curious!

Mikhail R said...

Nice cover art and interesting plot. Thanks for sharing. No question for the author.

Dan Denman said...

The book cover is fun. This sounds like a good alien story.

Stephanie LaPlante said...

I'm not usually into stories about aliens but this one sounds entertaining. Not sure how I feel about the cover. lol. It does catch your attention.

CCAM said...

bold cover, but sweet and makes you wonder about the story