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Monday, May 15, 2017

The end of the world was just the beginning -The Blood of the Infected series by Antony J. Stanton

"This book is basically a thriller and was absolutely fantastic. A gripping read that does not rely on cliches. The character development was fantastic and I could almost feel as though I was a part of the story. It mixes the genres a bit, but then that's what I think it's aim was. It looks like it is a horror book, but that is not really correct, it is so much more than that. It brings a heavy dose of realism to these genre that I think has long been missing. " - Jane, Goodreads


"Once Bitten, Twice Die"

The end of the world was just the beginning.

A cure for dementia has disastrously failed. Patients are left crazed, infectious and enraged. The ensuing carnage quickly spreads the disease, and civilisation is decimated.

On London’s outskirts a military base shelters some survivors. The soldiers within must battle against the infected who now roam unchallenged. Tensions are high, relationships fraught, death commonplace.

But if they thought the end of the world was bad enough, their troubles have only just begun...

An ancient menace has long existed in secret alongside humanity - a vampire clan, which has recently encountered the soldiers. Now is their time to emerge from the shadows. First though they have to overcome their own problems. They too have to fight for survival against the infected, and they violently disagree on their approach towards the humans.

Hostilities are rising. It's only a matter of time now...

"Once Bitten, Twice Live"

When death is the best option, survival is no longer enough…

With a growing realization that their continued existence bestows upon them a debt to humanity, the survivors look to create a cure for the insanity that has brought civilization to its knees. But that only encourages disagreement and infighting, and comes at a heavy price, bringing various shocks and surprises.

Tensions amongst the vampires are escalating, jeopardizing the very existence of the clan itself. A battle for supremacy seems inevitable and their future is in the balance. How far will Farzin go to achieve his aims - domination of the vampires and humans alike? And how terrible will his vengeance be against any who stand in his path? Their interaction with the humans threatens to increase and not necessarily for the benefit of either group.

Meanwhile the wrathful infected grow ever hungrier… 

When every day is a struggle to stay alive, survival of the fittest is never guaranteed.

"Twice Bitten, Twice Die"

When there’s no one left to hear you scream…

Deaths amongst the survivors are occurring at an unsustainable rate. Numbers are rapidly dwindling. Morale is plummeting. Soon they will be beyond salvation, yet their real task has only just begun. But will anyone remain alive to complete it? Nothing could have prepared the soldiers for what lies ahead. If they thought life was brutal already, they had absolutely no idea…

The vampires are in disarray. Their relationships are becoming blurred, confused and violent. A titanic clash between soldiers and vampires seems imminent but no one’s survival is assured.

In a world where life is unpredictable, the threat from the infected suddenly becomes even more unexpected and menacing. Hostilities are inevitable. Only one thing is certain: there will be blood!

Author's Q&A

1.Tell us a little about yourself. 
 I am 46 years old, living in London. I used to be a military pilot, hence I hope the military aspects of my books are realistic. I now work as a commercial long-haul pilot for British Airways. I love sports, travel, socialising… and of course writing. And due to my job, an awful lot of my writing has been done in hotels around the world, in the wee small hours before anyone else is awake.

2. When did you start writing, and why?
 I wanted to publish a book when I was 15 years-old. I started writing although I did not finish it. Then a few years ago I was on a ski holiday with some friends. We had a bet amongst ourselves (it may have been after a beer or two…) and my part of the bet was to publish a book. I woke up the next day and thought, why the heck not..? That’s just the impetus I need. I already had an idea going around in my head, so I started to write. Three books later, and my bet has been fulfilled. 

3. What is your latest book or series? 
Any forthcoming books? I have just completed book three from ‘The Blood of the Infected’ series – my post-apocalyptic survival thriller with the usual zombies but also with vampires thrown in for good measure. At the moment I am in negotiations with a production company in America about the TV adaptation and franchising of the books, so that is currently taking up my time. But I already have more ideas for the next books in the series, so once I have a little more time I will start with book four. I have also been thinking about going back in time and writing the prequels to ‘The Blood of the Infected’ series. They would be historical vampire novels and I have lots of ideas for those. So, watch all of these spaces…

4. "Welcome To My Worlds": Tell us a little about the world of your latest book or series. 
 The three books (so far) from ‘The Blood of the Infected’ series tell the story of a drug to cure dementia that goes wrong. That was inspiration for the story. My mother died of early-onset dementia, so I thought this would be a good way to raise a little awareness of this terrible disease. So, the dementia drug in my books goes wrong. Patients turn into crazed, wrathful lunatics and the illness spreads, bringing about the downfall of civilisation. A group of doctors and soldiers on a small military base are struggling to stay alive. Meanwhile, a vampire clan has existed in the shadows alongside humanity for aeons. Now is their time to step forth from the shadows and claim their rightful place. The survivors are caught in the middle, and must decide, is the enemy of my enemy my friend, or should I totally annihilate them both?

5. Introduce us to some of your characters. What do you like about them? 
There is a whole load of characters in my books including are seven vampires. Sebastian is the most recently converted to being a vampire and is the most benevolent towards the human survivors. He is handsome, aloof and reserved, and is plagued with guilts and reservations. Farzin is the most evil; he sees humanity as nothing better than cattle and wants their ultimate subjugation. Flavia is a sexy and morally ambiguous vampiress. Partner to Farzin, she flirts unashamedly with Sebastian, and is the unwitting epicentre of the vampire clan.

There are various main characters amongst the humans. Captain Lewis is second in command on the military base and reluctantly shoulders all the responsibility for the survival of his comrades. He is a decent and laid-back soldier who tries to govern his troops through reason and ethics. Corporal Bannister is the anti-hero, a cheeky and irreverent man with a quip for every situation. He does not suffer fools and has a short temper, but gets led astray by the vampiress Flavia at a critical time. My favourite character is probably Bannister. He is intrinsically good but has wayward tendencies and would be a fun and lovable friend.

6. A fun fact you would like your readers to know about you or your book. 
 A fun fact about the books – all the characters were named after friends and family, which led to much mirth and teasing. There are a few side-stories about that, but probably best not to share those whilst there may be children present. As for a fun fact about me – I was once kidnapped in Kazakhstan. But that really is a story for another time. And what a story!

7. Blog/site link, and where your book is available. 
My website is: http://www.oncebittentwice.com and the books are available on Amazon and all major online retailers. This link should take you directly there: amzn.to/1MrY3AW 

About the author:
“Once Bitten, Twice Die” is the debut novel from Antony J. Stanton. The book is the first of ‘The Blood of the Infected’ series, in the ‘post-apocalyptic action thriller’ genre. Stanton was born in London in 1970. Even as a child he always dreamed of becoming a published author, and he started to write a book. But, having watched the film ‘Top Gun,’ he was swayed into a becoming a military pilot. After no more than a glancing blow of a career in the British Royal Air Force he decided that his long term future lay elsewhere and he became a commercial pilot and remains thus to this day. Hence much of this trilogy was written all around the world, generally at unsociable times when jet-lag meant that normal people were asleep.

During a holiday with three friends, a bet was made amongst them. Each had a task to fulfil within the year – Stanton’s was to write a book. A little late, but five years on and his challenge has been completed. Three times.

His period spent in the RAF helped him write the military survival aspects of this book, and a kidnapping incident in Kazakhstan and shooting in Ghana, amongst other ‘adventures’, provided him with a dark well of experience to draw from. Life is, after all, one big adventure. A combination of the aforementioned, along with his love of the darker sides of literature, and the results are this novel and the next two in the trilogy.

And all it took was the impetus of a friendly challenge to spur him on to his creative dream… He still lives in South London and is very much looking forward to watching his friend fulfilling his part of the challenge: demonstrating his (not-so) newly acquired break-dancing skills, surely a sight to behold
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Antony J. Stanton said...

Many thanks for the blog tour post. Hugely appreciated. If anyone wants to ask any questions, about th ebooks, their imminent TV adaptation, or my Kazakhstani kidnappig, etc, I'd be delighted to answer...
Best wishes,
Antony J. Stanton
and ps this is a great blog.. Love it - keep up the good work.

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You're welcome!

It was our pleasure to present your series; they look promising, indeed