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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Betrayal (The Transformed, #2) by Stacy Claflin


Alexis returns to her family after being abducted by the powerful Moretti’s. She’s much more confident now that she’s learning to embrace her role as the long-awaited Sonnast.

She stumbles upon evidence that Francine is acting upon her threat to wage war. When she returns to school, a handsome new teacher takes an unusual interest in her. She believes he’s hiding something because there appears to be a link between the pending war and the teacher’s secret.

Alexis has decided between the two guys that she loves, but the other one isn’t ready to give up so easily. He’s determined to win her over at any cost, even if he must risk his life.

When Alexis finally reunites with her birth parents, she discovers a heavily guarded secret about herself which is connected to a deadly curse. Once again her entire world is turned upside down. She’s been misled and betrayed, but she won’t take it sitting down. She’s going to fight for what’s hers despite the obstacles or the consequences.

(Betrayal is book 2 in the series. I highly suggest reading Deception first!) 
free between 18-22 March


I walked slowly to the corpse laying on the stone bed. As I approached, I could see that the body was purple and blue. My stomach turned. When I was close enough to stand over the body, I saw that the skin was wrinkled all over. I’d seen dead bodies before, but nothing compared to this. It was truly gross and scary.
“Pull the stake out slowly,” my father instructed from the other side of the invisible wall.
Wishing that I could wake up from this horrible nightmare, I reached for the stake. It had to have been made out of the Populus Tremola wood, but it hardly looked wooden. It was intricately carved with images of snakes wrapped around it. If it hadn’t been stuck into the chest of one long dead, I would have been impressed by its beauty.
I wrapped my hands around the stake and started pulling slowly. I heard some disgusting sounds that reminded me of walking through gooey mud. It started to stick, and I had to give it a solid yank. The stake came out and the force knocked me back about a foot.
Still holding the stake, from which I could feel very strong negative energy emitting, I watched as his skin turned lighter shades of purple and blue and became smooth. When it reached a light peachy-white color, the hole in which the stake had rested for a thousand years closed up almost immediately. I looked all over him, waiting to see what would happen next. It seemed like an eternity.
His eyes opened and he gasped in a breath of air. I jumped back another foot, having no idea what would happen next.
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