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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Take back your health through consistent actions - The One Day Diet by Wendy Alley Pierson

Diet culture reigns supreme, and we are constantly looking for a new quick fix to bad habits.


Now, more than ever, people are overweight, unhappy, and unsatisfied. Our culture has made processed and fast food so accessible that it has become the norm. Diet culture reigns supreme, and we are constantly looking for a new quick fix to bad habits.

The One Day Diet isn't a fad diet; it offers a realistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. While making gentle choices for your mind and body using daily principles, affirmations, and committed actions, true long-term change will occur.

Take back your health through consistent actions, and find inner love and acceptance for yourself with The One Day Diet.


You are powerful beyond measure. You have the power every moment and every hour to choose what goes into your body, whether it be food, social media, or thoughts of self-loathing or self- love. When a craving comes up that does not serve you, you have the power to be in control of it. Just for this hour, this moment, say no. Then do it again the next hour and the next. If you still want to eat that cupcake, go ahead and eat it. But odds are the craving has passed, or the won’t power has increased.

You have the power at this moment and in this hour. It is just that simple. A healthy lifestyle can become overwhelming when you look at the big picture, particularly if you have a lot of weight to release or are just beginning an exercise program. If you get winded running on the treadmill and think to yourself, I hate this and have to do it every day, you are already sabotaging yourself for the future. You only have to run on the treadmill today. You only need to con- centrate on the workout you are doing right now, not later today or tomorrow. The only exercise you have to do is the one you are doing right now.

About the author:
After struggling with weight and diet mentality for years, Wendy found the answer, taking her health journey one day at a time.

Wendy created The One Day Diet to assist others who are tired of diet mentality like she was. In addition to being an author, Wendy is a certified yoga and reiki instructor, breath and mindset coach and master esthetician. Wendy truly cares and is cheering you on during your weight loss journey

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