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Friday, December 9, 2022

A thousand years in the future... The Union by Leah Vernon

“Fans of Justina Ireland and N. K. Jemisin will appreciate the innovative world building from a Black perspective and the well-developed characters used to present serious topics such as racism and privilege.” —Booklist


From author and body-positive activist Leah Vernon comes a daring dystopian novel that explores the power of friendship in a future society built on violence and division.

A thousand years in the future, a Black elite class reigns. The lower classes toil in the fields or scrape by in blighted cities, serving their rulers in a cruel, divided world.

Among the Elites is eighteen-year-old Avi Jore, born to a powerful father and destined to rule. But as she comes of age, Avi cannot help but notice the injustices in her world—the treatment of enslaved workers, the oppression of the lower classes. Her disillusionment grows when she meets Saige Wilde, a mixed-race enslaved girl whose only goal is escaping beyond the borders of their brutal nation.

When Saige saves Avi from an assassination attempt, their paths become intertwined in ways they never imagined. As Saige plots her path to freedom, Avi tries to enact change from the inside. But it’s a complicated endeavor, fraught with danger and malice.

Together, their efforts could spark a revolution—and underscore the staggering power of friendship.

Publisher Note: This title was previously self-published as Impure. This edition of The Union includes substantial editorial revisions.

Ten reasons to read THE UNION

It's the first dystopian novel written by a Black Hijabi author
2. The two main characters are women of color
3. There's a lot of cool fighting scenes
4. You will be confused as to who's the "bad guy"
5. The vivid world-building--I thought of it myself
6. Flips American history on its head
7. It's kinda sexy
8. You'll learn about perspectives that you hadn't considered
9. Because I wrote it, and I'm nice
10. If you like adventures, then you'll like The Union

“A thought-provoking dystopian novel…Readers will find it easy to invest in Vernon’s complex political tale.” —Publishers Weekly
About the author:
Leah Vernon is an international bombshell with a double masters in business and creative writing. She’s been featured in high-profile campaigns such as Ugg “Feel You” and Fitbit’s “Feel Your Power”.

She’s the first visibly plus-size Hijabi influencer to hit the mainstream with over four million views combined. She’s also an author of The Union and Unashamed: Musings of a Fat, Black Muslim.

Leah V isn’t your regular influencer; She’s a disruptor, a trendsetter, and a changemaker in her perspective fields. She began her blogging journey back in 2013, when she fell deep into disordered eating and noticed that there was no one that looked like her that was considered “worthy” or “beautiful”. And, frankly, she was tired of sucking her stomach in around her skinny friends.

With a grainy android phone and clothes from the clearance racks, she began paving her own way through the fashion industry. She used her fat, Black, and unapologetic Muslim body as a rebellion. Beauty is NOT one size fits all. She moved to New York and began smashing glass ceilings. To date, she has worked with renowned brands like Target, Dove, and Amazon just to name a few.

After years of brands telling her she had no place in the fashion world, that she was not “marketable” enough, Leah V carved her own beauty standards.

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