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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Who can Geneva trust - Truth (The Geneva Project #1) by Christina Benjamin

Enslaved at an orphanage with no future and a past she can’t remember, Geneva longs to find her true identity. She meets someone who promises her that there’s more in store for her than she ever could have imagined. Her once dull life rapidly spirals out of control as she’s introduced to a world of myths and magic that might be the key to unlocking the ancient legend of Lux, which may not be a legend at all! Who can Geneva trust and how far will she go to find out the TRUTH?


Goodreads: Trapped on a flood ravaged island full of orphans, natives and wealthy citizens of the prosperous city Lux, a young girl named Geneva finds herself enslaved at an orphanage with no future and a past she can’t remember.

That all changes when she meets someone who promises her that there’s more in store for her than she ever could have imagined.

Her once dull life rapidly spirals out of control as she starts to acquire new magical powers that may be the key to unlocking an ancient legend along with her true identity. But first she must master these powers, all while trying to keep them secret from her friends and the evil head mistress at the orphanage.

Before she knows it, Geneva is in over her head and has inadvertently wrapped her friends into her web of magic and lies and now all of their lives hang in the balance once the head mistress finds out her plan to prove that the legend of Lux may not be a legend at all! Who will Geneva trust and how far will she go to save her friends and find out her true identity?

"Christina creates an amazingly complex world that not only captivates the reader, but acts as a perfect force to draw in the reader. [...] Her expert control keep our attention draw to the words on the page, flipping fervently to get to a conclusion, only to find more questions.[...]
Christina’s Truth captivates the reader into her world, forcing us to keep the pages turning to answer the questions she just does not want to tell us the truth about."- Goodreads, Anthony Armstrong

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About the author:
Christina Benjamin is the Award-Winning Author of the Young Adult series The Geneva Project.

Her debut novel, Truth, has won multiple awards, including the 2014 FAPA Gold Medal for YA fiction.

Benjamin’s writing hooks fans of mega-hit YA fiction like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, and offers them a new series to obsess over. She paints a vivid world, where magic and imagination run wild in her epic tale of adventure, courage and friendship.

Benjamin studied English at the University of Central Florida. She’s dedicated to giving back to the community and speaking at schools to inspire creativity in young writers.

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Christina Benjamin said...

Thank you so much for this great post. I'm excited for all the fun things we have lined up in August leading up to the release of the next book in The Geneva Project series. #thegenevaprojectbook - Christina Benjamin

Jan Lee said...

Is there a link for the entry to "Join my fan club.?"

CCAM said...

@Christina Benjamin - you're very welcome; your book sounds very interesting

@Jan Lee - I sent a message to the organizer Thank you for letting us know

Ally Swanson said...

@ Jan Lee - I've been wondering the same thing! Thanks for being brave and asking :) lol - definitely don't want to miss out on this awesome giveaway!

Christina Benjamin said...

Hi guys,

I wanted to share the link for the giveaway here.

Best wishes and happy reading.
- Christina Benjamin

Ally Swanson said...

Hi Christina - Thanks for posting the direct link, but what I and I think Jan were curious about was the entry method/task. For instance, there is one entry option on the Rafflecopter and it says, "Become a BeliEVA. Join my fan club." How does one do that? I see all the above links with your bio for your Facebook page, Twitter, etc. but I don't an option/link to join your fan club. How can I sign up and become a BeliEVA? Is there like a webpage I go to or a Facebook group to join? Please advise.

Christina Benjamin said...

@Ally and @Jan

When you click on the entry method/task (which says "invent your own") it opens up the link and says "Become a BeliEVA. Join my fan club." right below that is a box for you to enter your email address. Just type it in and click "Enter" That's all you have to do and you're signed up for my mailing list and entered into the contest. Rafflecopter will choose an email at random to select the winner of the giftcard. :) Hope that helps.

Ally Swanson said...

Hi Christina - Awesome, thanks! I just didn't think it would be that easy lol... I was expecting to have to follow a link to sign up, confirm, and then tell you the email I used to sign up in the Rafflecopter. Thank you so much for taking the time to clarify. I just submitted the entry. **fingers crossed** Thanks again!

Christina Benjamin said...

@ally You're welcome. Good luck :-)