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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Threats become promises. - Where Shadows Lie by Tialla Rising

Threats become promises. Whispers become actions. Words become bullets. He must fight – not only for his life, but to save his honor, prove his integrity, and protect the woman he loves.


Published: June 14th, 2015

His dark past haunts him. His new life taunts him. 

After twenty years in the gangs and a hefty prison sentence, an early release gives Shawn the opportunity to turn his life around.

But that isn’t so easy when gangs are involved.

Only a year into his fresh start, the gang catches on and makes Shawn’s life miserable. After all, once a gang member, always a gang member. His very blood belongs to them.

Threats become promises. Whispers become actions. Words become bullets. He must fight – not only for his life, but to save his honor, prove his integrity, and protect the woman he loves.

An ember of hope glows in the darkness, strengthening his resolve. Will her support and his determination be enough to dispel the shadows of his past?

A story of discovery and faith, love and perseverance.


1. From Holding the Future Hostage and Where the Shadows Lie, how do you see yourself as a writer?
I have learned much about the craft of writing between publishing “Holding the Future Hostage” and “Where Shadows Lie.” I would like to say that my writing has greatly improved since publishing my first book. I am continuing to pursue writing helps and courses in attempt to learn and progress more. I try to always keep an open mind for techniques that may help tell my stories more effectively and to connect with readers better.

2. Christian literature – many people would expect some religious lecture. What does Christian literature mean to you and what we will find in a Christian Suspense novel respective in Where Shadows Lie?
I understand that when people hear the term “Christian fiction” they may expect a sermon. Even as a Christian myself, I personally prefer books that aren’t very “preachy.” Therefore, I tried to keep the Christian message as a very real component of certain characters’ lives without it coming across as “preaching” to the reader. I did my best to write in a way that shows the Christian aspects of the book being personally important to my characters. However, I classify this book as Christian suspense for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if someone is opposed to Christianity, they may not enjoy some parts of the book, as Christianity plays an important part in certain characters’ lives. Once again, I tried to keep it from being “preachy,” but everyone’s comfort level is different—especially if they are already not open to the concepts of Christianity. Secondly, for those of my fellow Christian readers, I purposely classify it as Christian so they’ll realize that even with the dark cover and gang-related plot, it does have a message of hope.

3. Good vs. bad is a universal theme and easy to recognize from the start/blurb in your book. What other themes we will find and how did you put them together?
Definitely good vs. bad is a prevalent theme in my book, but also hope, overcoming difficulties, perseverance, love, determination, humility, and faith. I didn’t start writing the book with the plan to work all these themes into it. Instead, I knew I had a story to tell and let it unfold as I wrote. The themes present in the book worked their way in naturally. My job was to make sure it was as realistic as possible. I pray the thread of hope throughout the book can encourage my readers.

4. In your opinion what should every suspense story have?
Action and cliffhangers. This is probably a given, but I do believe it’s the cliffhangers that keep readers turning the pages. However, it is also necessary to give readers a “breather” here and there. This is accomplished by sprinkling sweet and gentle chapters throughout. These sections remind readers of the simple pleasures of humanity (it could be something as small as enjoying an ice cream cone on a hot summer day) amidst the danger and action. Not only that, but it would seem that the contrast between the gentle scenes and the action scenes makes the danger feel that much more suspenseful.

5. How did you choose your stories’ subjects and what are your plans for future as an author?
My first book’s plotline was inspired by a particular photo I had as my laptop wallpaper at the time. This photo is featured at the back of my book, “Holding the Future Hostage.” The photo reveals a jungle river scene, in which I imagined a girl swimming in the water. I wrote a sentence, which grew into a paragraph, and it expanded from there. While I wrote that book, I became very intrigued with one of its characters, Shawn. He quickly became my favorite character, and by the time the book was ready to publish, I knew my second book would tell Shawn’s story. Based on the character he already was, I knew my second book would involve a lot of gang activity and suspense—which is exactly how it turned out.

I plan to continue writing more stories. I definitely desire to publish more novels and I am even considering a children’s book. I am taking a break at the moment, but I doubt it will be long before I get to work on another project. One of my ideas for my third book involves telling another character’s sub-story from “Holding the Future Hostage.” I can’t wait to start another project, even with as much as I’m enjoying my short break.

About the author:
Tialla Rising is a Christian young woman living with her family in the mountains of Arizona.

She loves to write and will passionately spend hours long into the night developing her stories. Like most writers, Tialla fills her spare time with reading from her favorite fantasy and mystery genres.

A good book, a stormy day, and an iced coffee comprise her favorite moments.

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