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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Interview and Giveaway: The Eye of Tanub by M.E. Cunningham

Description: 14+

Everyone thinks she’s crazy. And maybe she is. But Lauren Marriott knows her journey into Terratir happened. It was real, and she’s writing all down in frightening detail.

She has no patience for her brother Zach and his passion for stupid computer games until she finds a mysterious pendant in his room, pulsating with magical power. Lauren wants it, not realizing it’s a portal between this world and one of monsters, sorcerers, and dangerous quests.

Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined what she’d find in the terrifying world of The Warlord—death at every turn, but also a love stronger than time itself.

In order to escape Terratir, Lauren, Zach, and their new found friends, must complete the impossible quest for the Eye of Tanúb, a relic of immense power, which The Warlord has already stolen for himself.


1. What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing this book?
That I would fall so in love with the characters I created. When you are lost in a story, writing, it almost becomes real. It sure feels real at times. I’ve laughed and cried, and when I read back through the book, sometimes I am amazed that it actually came out of my brain.

2. Do you come from a large or small family? Is it a blessing or a curse? For instance…
I come from a large family. 9 kids! We were all pretty spread out, but still... Most of the time it is a blessing and it’s always fun to mostly have instant friends, but there are still times when we get on each other’s nerves. That’s just family. J

3. Tell us about your next release.
My book, The Eye of Tanúb, is about an adventure Lauren and Zach Marriott have in the magical, but terrifying world of Terratir. Zach realizes it is a world patterned after his favorite computer game Warlord. The two siblings meet characters that Zach created himself, who are very real in this new and frightening world of Terratir. To return home they are given a quest to find the Eye of Tanúb—a very high level quest that will surely leave them dead in the end. Not only does this book make your heart pound with fear, but you will find heartache and love too!

4. What is the hardest part of writing your books?
I haven’t been well the last two years, and my brain does not want to function like it should. So... making my brain work has been the hardest part lately! 

5. Do you listen to music while writing? If so what?
I don’t always listen to music. Sometimes I need it to be silent. But there are times when I really need to get into a certain mood, so I will pick music that will get me there. If I am writing a romantic scene, I need music that will make me want to fall in love. Sad music for heartache, exciting music for action scenes etc... It just depends where I am in my brain at the time. There is no rhyme or reason to a writer’s brain.

6. What are your favorite TV shows?
I don’t think we have enough space here! When you’re sick and can’t sit at a compute, you end up watching a lot of TV. I have found a ton of shows I love! My favorites are the fantasy ones though. Like: Sleepy hollow, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Sherlock Holmes... oh, I could go on and on. LOL


Favorite color: lavender
Favorite season: fall
Would you rather go camping or attend a concert? Hmm. That’s a tough one. I love both! 
Chocolate or Gummy Bears? Hello? Is that even really a question? There is no competition here. Chocolate, of course.
Which game do you prefer Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly? I’d rather play Settlers.
Favorite pet –cat or dog? I’ve always said I don’t love cats, but they do fascinate me, so maybe I do like them. At the moment I have two dogs: a golden retriever and a Shi Tzus. I also have seven cats. The kittens don’t really count though, because I’m trying to find them homes. Anyone want a kitten?


Hate radiated from the Warlord, and he grasped me around the neck once again. “I want you to know one thing before you die,” he whispered. “You are a failure—a stupid, incompetent, childish failure. You were destined to fail.” 

All fell silent as they watched the scene unfold. The steady, thunderous roll of the Eye filled the chamber, and I stared in alarm as it drew near the open sill.

About the author:
M.E. Cunningham came from a land, far, far away, and ended up on a little farm in northern Utah, living with numerous magical creatures: horses, chickens, dogs, cats, and a goat. Cunningham began writing quite by accident, the fall through the fabric of time dropped M.E. into the mysterious land of Terratir.

Terratir is not the first magical realm Cunningham has discovered, but it is the only one to be written about so far. Favorite topics include ghosts, monsters, dragons, and magic. Cunningham also likes TV, going to the movies, and camping in the mountains as long as there are no spiders, mosquitoes, or ticks.

Cunningham’s first book, Reluctant Guardian, was published in August 2013. While always in search of the strange and unexplainable, this author will write each story as it is discovered. Be on the look out!

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I love author interviews! Thanks for the giveaway!

Melissa Cunningham said...

I love, love, love your blog page! It's right up my alley! Thank you so much for having me and for helping to promote my book! You rock!

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I look forward to reading your book. Thanks for the chance.

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this looks like a great book i love the cover the colors on it are great. thanks so much

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Sounds like a very exciting book! I love stories about portals to other worlds and dimensions. Great interview too!