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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Excerpt and Giveaway The Journey to Forever (The Journey Collection, #3)


Finally back in the warm embrace of his family, Travis McCoy relishes every moment he gets to spend with his wife and son. After almost losing them due to his own selfishness, he makes the decision to never let go of his family again. With his plan set in motion, Travis, Penelope, and Max start a new journey, one that leads them to forever.


Travis McCoy stood in front of the mirror in his bedroom, straightening his tie and trying in vain to get his hair to lay flat. His dark, curly locks didn’t want to cooperate, so he gave up. No point in fighting a losing battle, after all.

“I don’t understand why I can’t go with you.” At the sound of his son’s voice, Travis shifted his eyes up and looked at Max. The boy was sitting on the edge of the bed, balancing his football in his lap and glaring at the floor.

“I told you,” Travis said. “Mom and I are going on a date. You’ll have fun with Gramps. He’ll probably let you do whatever you want, like run with scissors and play with matches.”

“Yeah, I know.” Max shrugged his shoulders. “Are you nervous?”

Travis took a deep breath before he turned to face his son. “Yeah, I am.”

“You shouldn’t be.” Hopping off the bed, Max smiled. “She’ll say yes.”

“How can you be sure?” he asked. “It’s only been a few months.”

“But she’s loved you for, like, ever,” Max scoffed, rolling his mocha-brown eyes. “Dad, trust me on this one. I know women.”

“How do you know women?” It was Travis’s turn to scoff. “You’re not old enough to even like girls yet.”

“That doesn’t mean they don’t like me. And that’s not the point,” Max stated. “Women like Mom don’t fall in and out of love. They’re in it till the end. Just woo her; make her feel pretty.”

Travis stood there, staring at him. “Who are you, and what have you done with my son?”

Max rolled his eyes and walked out of the room. “Yeah, real funny, Dad.”

Travis laughed before sitting on the side of the bed and opening the drawer of his nightstand. Lifting the small, black velvet box out, he placed it in the palm of his trembling hand. Tonight, he planned to propose to the woman who had owned his heart since he was Max’s age: Penelope Stone.

About the author:
Lisa Bilbrey is a mom of three and has been married to her high school sweetheart since 1996.

Finding a love in the written word, she started writing as a way to express herself. From the first word she wrote, she'd found her heart and soul. Always willing to learn, she's spends much of her time trying to improve as a storyteller.

In late 2011, Lisa opened Renaissance Romance Publishing with Michele Richard and Laura Braley.

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