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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Excerpt and Giveaway: Us (L & J #3) by Emily Eck

Description: 18+

Told from dual points of view, Elle and J must figure out how to bring down an MC, steer clear of flying bullets in Missouri and south of the border, all the while making sure Fernie is out of the line of fire. Elle's love for J is tested, as is her belief that she will ever find "normal" with the man she loves. 

J is determined to make things right so he can give Elle the "normal" life she deserves. He just has to stay alive to make it happen. With his own personal sun by his side, he knows nothing is impossible. That is, until the bullets are redirected from his head to Elle's. 

Elle: I held my hand up, showing him the ring he’d put on me. “This is us,” I told him. It was more than a ring. Well, to me it was more. “I promise to love you ‘til the day I die.”

J:"Us, baby. This is us. I'll love you 'til the sun ceases to shine."



"What's wrong? Who did it? Was it the prospect? Tell me what's wrong so I can fix it."

I was in kill mode.

"He doesn't love her. Not like he should." Elle said through heaving breaths, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Who? What?" I had no idea what she was talking about, but I'd kill the fucker who made my woman cry, a woman who almost never cried.

"It's just a book, dear. A very sad and freaking amazing book. Sorry. I didn't mean to freak you out."

"I thought you lost the reader with your luggage."

"I did. It's Isabel's. She let me borrow it. I talked to both her and Fernie. They should still be in their room, though I gotta tell you, you're gonna have to pry Fernie away from those bikes." She smiled, wiping her tears with the corner of the sheet. I watched her put the Kindle down just as I grabbed her to me and buried my face in her hair.

"Fuck, baby. You can't do that to me. Someone was about to die." I inhaled, taking her unique flowery smell into my lungs. I'd never get enough of her scent. [...] it was my drug, and I'd happily stay addicted.

"I'll keep the tearjerker books on the backburner for now. How's that?"

"What's the right way to love?" Her earlier words came back to me. Was there a wrong way to love? Was I loving her wrong?

"It's just, well, it's this couple and the woman has been through so much, yet the man is a jackass. She deserves more, to be loved like she is the sun."

"You know your my sun, my one and only. The one in the sky doesn't exist without you. Is that the right way?" Fuck, I sounded like a douche.

"It's the perfect way. No doubts, darling. This is us, and it will always be us, just hopefully a little less violent soon."


"You know more violence is coming? It won't always be like this, but for now..." I trailed off, not wanting to start something in the middle. I had to tell her what I could from church.

"I know." She grabbed me around my neck and pulled my lips to touch hers. "I know."

She kissed me gently, but I was still a twisted from my thoughts of killing. I pressed my lips more firmly to hers, taking her lip into my mouth to suck on. A moan escaped her mouth.

"Shit. It's about to be Barry White up in here, and I'm not trying to have my introduction to your boys start with a porno."

I laughed, thinking of Isabel and how that was exactly what I listened to in Mexico between Son and Isabel.

"Ok, baby. We can eat, find you clothes, shower, or talk. You pick."

She thought for a moment.

"Can I grab a shower while you find me some clothes? Then we eat. I don't know about you, but I'm beat. Maybe we can talk tonight when we're alone, after dinner? Wait a minute. Are we eating with all your club brothers? I don't know if I'm up for those grand introductions tonight."

"Speak your mind, woman. I love it. And I love you. I can make all of that happen. Most of the guys have rooms here, but have their own place as well. I'll send most of them home. Link and Cash will stay, as will the prospect and a couple others. You don't gotta say shit to them, though. Link and Cash are steady planning, the prospect will do what I say, and the others who'll hang around, you can meet later. Sound like a plan?"


"You need help in the shower?" I held her away from me a hair and raised my eyebrows at her, already knowing the answer, but asking just in case.

"Not at all." She wore a shit eating grin. "But I might get dirty during dinner and need to clean up later. Hmmm?"

I planted one last kiss on her and pulled away before it could go too far. 

About the author:
Emily is a Midwestern Gal hailing from the United States, but could be anywhere as you read this. Currently residing in Mexico, adventure feeds her soul, and offers great writing material. She loves kids and working with kids, but can only handle caring for four-legged furry friends. A crazy dog and laid back cat have trained her to be their partner in life. After coming from a snowy climate, Emily and the animals are loving the sun Mexico has to offer each and every day. Vices include Swedish Fish, ignoring chores in favor of reading, and caring too much for people in her life. She chose to write this bio in third person as she is an Aries, and found writing in first person ended up with her writing an excessively long life story. Aries like to talk about themselves. It is something Emily is working on being more mindful of. You can contact her on any of the social media platforms below and she will respond, as her mom gave her the gift of gab.


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Love the covers and the book looks amazing!!

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