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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Review and Giveaway: The Devil You Know and The Devil Dances (Nick Englebrecht #1,#2) by K.H. Koehler


Angels... angels of light, angels of darkness, messengers of God or fallen angels. You know the old stories about the good and evil, about those who lead you on the right path and about those who lead you into temptation. But the author K.H. Koehler in her two novels of Nick Englebrecht series proposes us a little imagination exercise (let’s say it’s a fun and novel one) in which we change a bit the sides and see the story from another point of view.

With these two fantasy stories she flips at 180 degrees the biblical concepts that we all know about Heaven and Hell, and the characters that we usually know as positive become negative and vice versa or at least factions of them. Don't freak out, there is nothing religious. The stories will have some mystery, detective, fantasy accents and a touch of horror, and the cop role or rather the private eye will be ... who do you think? The future Prince of Darkness himself. Nick Englebrecht is really the son of the Dark one, half human - half demon, but all he wants is to live a normal life after what he saw and suffered in his career as a cop. Which is not really possible, because his father has, as you know, the tendency to stick his tail into everything. Not to make his son's life a hell (ironic, right?), but because it is in his nature and also to protect his hereditary investment.

What changes his son's life in the first novel, The Devil You Know, is, any man should know what I mean, the eternal feminine. And when the eternal feminine appears as a demon hungry for sex, hang on, it will not just be sparks, but the flames of hell will burn at full capacity. Demonic love, what can we say!

But the main problem of the story will not be the love or rather the wild sex, but that, up in the penthouse of light, everything went haywire, and the hunting season for demons and other creatures like them opened. Permanently. Why? You will find that for yourselves. And for everything to take a damn turn (this time Nick's father has nothing to do with it), the disappearance of a little girl and the emergence of an occult group will not give any chance to the heir of the throne of Hell to live the quiet life he dreams about. Nick seems to be lucky in his sexual life, but with the life in general it is not really sure he will get through. The hunt began, the mystery deepens, fortuitous alliances arise, and his fate seems fucked up. Rough! Read the first novel and find out how the devil saved his ass, and also the natural order of things on Earth, in Heaven and in the well heated “basement” of his father's.

In the second novel, The Devil Dances, you will find out that Nick, instead to mind his own life and his loves (yes, plural), he sticks his little tail into other people's business. Not in the sense in which his daddy does, but as a knight in a shinning armor on a white horse way. The Devil as a Hero? Apparently so. The heroism comes with a great cost and that cost could be not only his own life, but the life of the loved ones. But what can be done? Everything comes with a price. And when the opponent is in a different league even for Daddy, what chance would have Daddy’s boy? Will escape the heir of Hell from this confrontation too or his place will become vacant? Even for a demon who is the Prince of Darkness, this test will be one of hell.

Two novels, two stories that will intrigue you, that will make you to be on the side of the Dark one (even if he sees himself more human than he really is), full of action, humor, and sex, sex that Nick plays for both teams. A new approach of the idea about angels, fallen or not, that will make you read with pleasure K.H. Koehler’s books. That is if you are an adult and you have an open mind.

Happy Reading!
About the author:
K. H. Koehler is the author of various novels and novellas in the genres of horror, SF, dark fantasy, steampunk and young adult. She is the owner of K.H. Koehler Books, and her books are widely available at all major online distributors. Her covers have appeared on numerous books in many different genres, and her short work has been featured on Horror World, Literary Mayhem, and in the Bram Stoker Award-winning anthology Demons, edited by John Skipp. She lives in the beautiful wilds of Northeast Pennsylvania with two very large and opinionated Rottweilers. She welcomes reviews and fan mail. Her official site is located at:


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I am in love with the cover look so amazing.

Unknown said...

I love this kind of books.They are really interesting.

Anonymous said...

I'm so intrigued by the review! it sounds like they are amazing books!
Thank you for the chance to win! ^_^

Candace said...

Thanks so much for hosting a tour stop! You definitely DO need to be open minded with these books. I had only read the first one until a few days ago and the 2nd one definitely had more craziness but I really like Nick a lot and I'm okay with some of his ummm... predilections, I suppose. I only wished he handled his relationship maybe a tad better. ;) I'm anxious to see what comes next!

ilookfamous said...

Awesome plot concept!

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