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Monday, April 28, 2014

Excerpt and Giveaway: Love's Paradox (Paradoxical World #1) by Laura Kreitzer

Expected publication: May 5th, 2014 


"Ah, screw this. I don’t wait for him to make the first move; I kiss him."

Stalked by her abusive ex-fiancé, Rae Zachery retaliates by singing karaoke and spilling all their dirty secrets to the entire bar. When her ex attempts to silence her brazen performance, sexy, leather-clad Parker comes to her rescue and soundly punches her ex in the face. As valiant as that may be, Rae finds Parker’s violent assistance unsettling, yet she can’t help but be drawn to him and his tragic past.

Fighting her attraction for Parker is a battle Rae can’t win, and soon their night of sharing secrets morphs into an undeniable bond. But fate won’t so easily relinquish her grip on their happily-ever-after. Instead of blissfully skipping into obscurity, Rae and Parker are subjected to her ex-fiancé’s vicious proclivities. Who knew love could hurt so good?

You can read the first 5 chapters of LOVE'S PARADOX here


A hillbilly stripper, a snarky hair stylist, and a rock star walk into a bar. You might think this is the beginning of a joke, but it’s not. As a matter of fact, this is my life, and one of those individuals is me. Hint: my bag is in the shape of a guitar.

Okay, okay. So I’m not a rock star. As a matter of fact, I only know a few chords. But I can rock out to any ol’ country song, belting out words at the top of my lungs. Hank Williams: eat your heart out. Seriously, it’s not about musical talent; it’s about style. And thanks to my amazing hair stylist Cherry, I look the part as 
much as I play it. Long, dark hair with streaks of electric red, heels so tall and sharp they could be used as swords, faux-leather pants, and a sparkly top that’ll be sure to stop traffi c on a sunny day. Not because I look damn good wearing it, mind you, but for the fact I’d light up like a disco ball.

About the author:
Laura Kreitzer is a best-selling fantasy and science fiction author who hails from western Kentucky. Her full-time 9-5 job used to be working in a lab devoted to water dye-tracing investigations at Western Kentucky University, though her passion was always writing. After seven years of dedicating her life to the environment, she made the tough decision to leave the university to pursue her writing career. Now Laura has two series and eight novels published, with several more in the works.

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Oh, God. Vreau cartea asta :3 Incredibila coperta. Subiect foarte bun, promitator. Vreau s-o am.

Unknown said...

this book looks great thanks for such a great giveaway too looking forward to reading it alot

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Thanks for letting us read the first five chapters! I can't be the only one who's hooked now!