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Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Vincent Van Gogh - The Ambiguity of Insanity by Giuseppe Cafiero

My main interest in the life of Vincent Van Gogh is in his humanity. In attempting to understand the man and his art, I have focused on the women and the places which played an essential part in his development. In my opinion, no previous biography has concentrated so specifically on these two factors, which I have used to provide the framework for my account. 

The answer will be found on... The Open Road by Bo and Quinn Loftis

Fate, with a little help from a meddling best friend, will bring two broken souls together. Both have their own valleys to cross before either can hope for a future of happiness.

to stay alive long enough to discover the truth - The Ruins (The Union #2) by T.H. Hernandez

"The Ruins had me run the gamut of emotions. I laughed, I cried, I squealed and I yelled horrible, horrible words to my poor kindle (thank you Bryce!)! You see, this was everything I was hoping the second book would be, and then some." Jen, Goodreads

Thursday, February 14, 2019

keeping things strictly business... Crazy on You (A Love & Harmony Romance #3) by Crystal B. Bright

Melding their sounds and personalities will be difficult—though not as tough as keeping things strictly business. Getting involved with his partner could prove career-wrecking, yet discovering the real Tassia could be earth-shattering.

There is a big difference! - Now That's Just Stupid: Weight, What? by Debra Taylor

The F-Word: A three letter word that carries the greatest impact to the deepest void inside the soul…Fat there I said it. Just the word alone makes every hurt, pain, failure or haunting memory rise to the surface and food is the only thing that will quiet the storm. 

through grief and peril - The Mourner's Cradle: A Widow's Journey by Tommy B. Smith

A journey through grief and peril delivers Anne Sharpe from her home in St. Charles to the faraway skeletons of a long-dead civilization where she will find the desperate answers she seeks…or die trying. 

a world where image is king - The Transhuman Project by Erin Rhew

"A skilled and artful author, Ms. Rhew has created an amazing world with stand-out characters, that hopefully will continue as a series. I highly recommend this YA sci-fi for its spin on social media, and for the action, adventure, friendship, and love that this group encompasses and endures in their attempt to rid their world of evil. " Jessica, Goodreads

I am not a killer... Rotten Peaches by Lisa de Nikolits

"Wow. Just wow. Lisa de Nikolits’ Rotten Peaches blew me away. A dark, compulsive, and addictive story in which the characters’ secrets and needs conflict with each other and fold back in on themselves in an ever-tightening noose, Rotten Peaches will keep readers gripped until the very last page. Highly recommended!" —Karen Dionne, internationally bestselling author of The Marsh King’s Daughter

Things get really interesting - The Blindsided Groom by Heather Horrocks

This book is fun, witty, romantic and full of joy. It is a quick read, bound to out any reader in a good mood. The characters are real, relatable and mischievous. I highly recommend this book.

A fun, clean, quick read full of heart. Enjoyable characters, enough real life to be believable but enough happily ever after to keep me happy. Great read!

The Amazing, Unfolding World of Machine Civilization Series by Clayton Barnett

"Cursed Hearts is a sci-fi novel by Clayton Barnett. It is a tale of love, kinship, and violent destruction in the wake of a complex genetic experiment gone awry. [...] Absolutely loved it." Dax Muro, Goodreads

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Romance is in the Air - HOP Giveaway (INTL)

Mythical Books' prize

a very unique young woman - General's Daughter Series by Breanna Hayse

18++ Lt. Samantha Quimby, USMC is a beautiful, brilliant and very unique young woman. Not only does she have the privilege of being the youngest known Special Ops officer in the Corps, but an unfortunate accident during a dive in the Marinas Trench leaves her permanently amphibious!

What I’d experienced before was nothing. - Kiss From a Rose by Bella Fontaine

"This is an amazing story once I started it I couldn't put it down. The chemistry between them is blazing hot. This is a well written and very entertaining story. I would recommend this book to any book lover." - Raecharmed, Goodreads

A mysterious stranger that somehow feels familiar - Bella Toscana by Nanette Littlestone

" It was a wonderful journey which had me thinking about my own life. [...] Nanette's style of writing had the maturity and strength which made the prose almost like a lyrical poetry. I liked the way she conveyed the painful emotions which tugged the main character in different directions. I could feel her intimate thoughts deep in me. I understood her. " Shalini, Goodreads

when people ask me what I do for a living... My Darkest Prayer by S. A. Cosby

"What a great debut. Cosby weaves together race, religion, funeral homes, gangsters and small towns together in a fresh take in this modern noir tale. Unexpectedly, Cosby uses dark humour to lighten up the tone when needed. Whether situational or just some great dialogue exchanges, I found these moments great and deftly used. [...]As for the meat of the book, it is a feast." Dwayne, Goodreads

a harrowing journey - Passengers by Elizabeth Collums

Follow this extraordinary passage that begins in Ireland and leads each woman to uncover their own courage and truths in this new world.

the effort to find the real killers - Sweet Justice (Mike Zorich #4) by Ken Malovos

"This is Malovos's fourth novel, all featuring trial attorney Mike Zorich. Like each of his novels, it is a combination of legal mystery and thriller, with riveting trial scenes, certainly due in part to Malovos's decades of trial experience. I love all four novels, but his third (One Night In Amboise) and this one are his best to date in my opinion." Jerry, Goodreads

a love as vast and wild as the West itself... Texas Splendor by Bobbi Smith

Though an Easterner born and bred, Trista Sinclair fell in love with the rugged Texas terrain the moment she arrived to join her fiancé.
Lance Barrett has never been tempted to take a captive until he sees a beautiful woman with hair like spun gold taming a magnificent stallion.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

“You ain’t seen nothing yet." - Snafu Fubar: Soberphobics by Bob Dixon, Lynn Dixon

Reading a book about two drunk superheroes who have absolutely no superpowers can lead to uncontrollable laughter; loud piggish snorting; loss of bladder control; wild rolling of eyes;

Some sins cannot be forgiven... Avenging Kiss (Savage Security #2) by Karen Tjebben

"This is a great story filled with lots of action and a lot of romantic tension. [...] This book has everything. Action, mystery, revenge, and romance. It’s a great follow up to Blood Kiss and I can’t wait to see what happens next." - Jessica, Goodreads

An Adventure of Modern Magic - From Frights to Flaws (Alyssa McCarthy's Magical Missions, #1) by Sunayna Prasad

"This is a fine example of a fantasy style book written in such a way that it will appeal to young girls in search of adventure and some fun. Great story filled with magic and suspense. Highly recommend for the youngish teen crowd. " Valerie, Goodreads

just a stepping stone... Not My Baby (Babies For Billionaires #2) by Fallyn Briggs

"A beautiful read! This book is fantastic, brilliantly written, sweet, and emotionally deep. It is consistent, moves at a brisk pace, and flows smoothly. The plot is consistent, relatable, and engaging. " Debra, Goodreads

they are are real, complicated and relatable - Emily Knight Series by A. Bello

"Overall, this was a really great book and I really did enjoy reading it. I think, if there were to be a sequel, I would read it, purely because I want to see what happens to Emily. If I hadn't enjoyed the book as much as I did, I might not be so compelled to keep reading more in the series." book #1 Sarah, Goodreads

past her breaking point - Ava: A Hart Twins Novel by Charyse Allan

Ava has everything planned, as usual. Finish senior year at the top of her class, perform her best dance routine at the dance concert, and have the greatest prom ever. But her best friend, Cade, has other ideas.

like a persistent stray... The Puppy Who Knew Too Much (Dog Club Mystery #2) by V.M. Burns

"When little Aggie sniffs out a dead body, the author really begins to spin the wheel and readers should watch closely as she drops off clue after clue as to answers for this niftily crafted plot! With a winning cast of secondary characters including all the dogs, plus an unexpected yet possible romantic interest for Lilly, this is a fun, fast read! I highly recommend!"- Linda, Goodreads

They could hurt you - Break the Bodies, Haunt the Bones by Micah Dean Hicks

“Hicks has crafted a haunting story with multi-generational appeal, where the very real horror of poverty meets supernatural horror, and social issues like xenophobia, racism and economic anxiety are addressed organically through allegory and gripping storytelling.” ―Chris L. Terry, author of Black Card and Zero Fade 

Everything can change in an instant. - Piece by Piece (Rumor Has It, #5) by R.H. Tucker

They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, but the truth is, sometimes you know exactly what you have. And when it’s gone, you start to fade away, too.

renegade, dragon shifter, and general pain in her - Kaps (Angelbound Offspring, #4) by Christina Bauer

"From the first chapter I was hooked." - Urban Fantasy Investigations
Kaps meets a rogue shifter named Zinnia who alters the rock star’s carefree life forever…

Monday, February 11, 2019

“You can trust me.” - Phoenix Rising Series by Alexandra Christian

"Just when I think I can finally give up on romance, I find a book like this. [...] This book is so far beyond the current norm for action-adventure and sci-fi romance it's almost ridiculous. [...] There's world-building here that rivals most of the Nebula and Hugo winners I've read lately. This is book one in a series, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Not to be missed." book #1 Lucy Blue, Goodreads

Welcome to ... Bluebird, Texas Romances by Ann Everett

"Wicked characters and it's one of those books!By that, I mean it's the kind of book I can reread anytime and any number of times. It was a bit different from other books of the author. [...] I recommend this book to romance readers with a penchant for quirky characters." Floryie, Goodreads

will we learn the lessons of Atlantis? - Shadows of Atlantis: Awakening by Mara Powers

"I LOVED this version of Atlantis. It's definitely a very high fantasy concept, with its futuristic technology that goes far beyond basic medieval devices. The "hoverboard-like" devices in this story immediately brought to mind Back to the Future, but with a touch of Tony Hawk thrown in. A whole lot of fun!" Andy, Goodreads

demons, witches and fairies - Black Widow Curse The Coven (Meridian Chronicles #2) by M.D. Fryson

"This next book in the series has magic, mayhem, twists and turns that make you impatient for the next one, the characters will leave you loving some and hating others. This is a highly recommended must read!" Holly, Goodreads

a desperate search - The Council of Nereth (The Nereth Trilogy #2) by T.J. Amberson

Six months have passed since the Council of Nereth was formed. The land is at peace. The people are thriving, secure in the knowledge that Raelin, the evil sorceress who once ruled over them, is no more.


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a treacherous world - Curse of the Fae Queen by Delia Castel

18+ "Danger lurks around every corner in this fast-paced tale, where a young woman tries to escape the most secretive and vicious creatures, which most humans don't know exist. [...] Action is laid thick and keeps the story going full speed ahead. Yet, the author does a nice job building the world and laying out a fairly solid foundation." Tonja, Goodreads

Thad Saves the Galaxy: An Epic Space Adventure by C.T. Fleck

Can this oddball team find a way to take down the galaxy’s most powerful dictator? Does ‘winging it’ ever really work? Can you find love on a planet full of mercenaries? These questions and more are answered in this whimsical romp across the Milky Way.