Albert Camus

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

One Soul's Journey (The Soul #2) by Barbara Daniels Dena - collection

5.0 out of 5 stars
“Delightfully charming short stories”
“Excellent book. A must-read”

death is waiting ... Shadow Touched Beth D. Carter

Cursed with the ability to see the shadow of death, Leia hides from the world and stays far away from people. Until the night she comes face to face with Brimstone Jandreau.

Tales From the Otherworlds - stories of mystical portals, magical lands, and mythical creatures

Tales From the Otherworlds, A Middle-Grade Fantasy Anthology with stories by Antoine Bandele, K.R.S. McEntire, Jessica Cage, Kish Knight, Ken Kwame, Francesca McMahon, Ryan J. Schroeder, Zia Knight, Brittany Hester, Loup Gajigianis

unorthodox path to his dream life - Better Lucky Than Good by Dale Arenson

"Dale had me right there with him on his flying adventures! I couldn't put it down. Edge of the seat reading.
I really can't believe that he made it through all this! [...] I'd like to thank him for being able to put his exciting career into writing so we can all enjoy it!" Dusty, Amazon

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Review - Tattoo of Crimson (Blood of the Fae, #1) by Sarah Chislon

 Her one possible ally represents her greatest fear—the encroaching Otherworld consuming her mind—and may well undo all her efforts to control her fae-touch. Yet if she forsakes the offered aid, the killer will go free.

she decides to take matters into her own hands... Canter with a Killer (A Horse Rescue Mystery) by Amber Camp

"Canter With a Killer is one of the best Cozy Mysteries I’ve read in a long time. I was completely swept in from the book’s beginning. It was a page turner and an easy read. The book was witty at times and I really enjoyed the Author’s writing style." Shirley, Goodreads

Dark River Rising (Winston Radhauser Mystery, #13) by Susan Clayton-Goldner

"Dark River Rising is one of the most heart-wrenching stories I do believe Susan has written so far. But each one gets better and better. As of right now, I do believe that Dark River Rising is the best one." Nancy, Goodreads

Their greatest hope ... Owl Totem by Sean E. Kelly

In this intimate, emotionally charged adventure, the hand that heals may be stronger than that which wields the sword, virtuous deeds may count for more than titles and accolades, and the greatest power of all, whether in the material world or in realms beyond, may be that of compassion.

Monday, January 23, 2023

she knows... Southern-Fried Woolf by Drema Drudge

"Southern-Fried Woolf is an uproariously funny, deeply insightful, and engagingly complex novel on many levels." - Rick Neumayer, author of Journeyman and Hotwalker
"A celebration of how books and music can help one transcend life's daily trials, Southern-Fried Woolf is a quick-witted and erudite novel, drenched in a love of literature and music." Self-Publishing Review

are you ready for what is rising in the east? The Old Dragon’s Head by Justin Newland

“The author is an excellent storyteller.” British Fantasy Society. “History meets magic, culture meets supernatural… I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys historical fiction with a twist.” —Books Beyond the Story
“This is an exceptionally well-written book which takes one back to the China of 1400.” —That’s Books and Entertainment

another (great) international adventure!City of the Dead (City Spies #4) by James Ponti

"Again, this author does a fantastic job of placing a story that keeps you guessing as you read each page, writes characters that are great to root for, and keeps you guessing till the end how the whole mystery will play out." Jan, Goodreads

now, the case has turned personal... Every Missing Girl (A Kendall Beck Thriller #2) by Leanne Kale Sparks

"This novel has everything: pulse-pounding thrills, riveting twists, and heart. I hope we get to see more of Agent Beck! Fans of Karin Slaughter and Lisa Gardner will devour this gripping read. " Lisa about book #1, Goodreads

do-or-die gamble for love... The Vampire Billionaire's Secret Baby (Cat's Paw Cove #26) by Sharon Buchbinder

"The story has suspense, drama, danger, evil, a villain, twists, turns, all types of Supernaturals, and romance. This Author's stories are always written so that you feel like you are there seeing things unfold. The story was well worth reading." Barbara, Goodreads

Prepare to be seduced by the dark legacy of Atlantis! Shadows of Atlantis Series by Mara Powers

 "Had me turning the pages obsessively from the very beginning." -Readers Favorite 5-Star Review.

"I have a real interest in mythology after studying it in college. I had high hopes for the first in Mara Powers's fantasy saga and I was not disappointed." Bookish Picks 5-Star Review

the fight is not over yet... Guardian's Legacy (The Last Princess of Latara #3) by Darren Simon

"I enjoyed this story. It has a lot of heart, action and it keeps you entertained. I think the magic system is unique, and I’m definitely interested in checking out the next book." Jessica about Guardian's Return, Goodreads

she hopes for a second chance at love… Hello Spain, Goodbye Heart by LoLo Paige

"The author keeps you in the know with many details and humor sprinkled throughout that reading Hello Spain, Goodbye Heart was super enjoyable! Highly recommend" Pam, Goodreads

Monday, January 16, 2023

The Accidental Spy by David Gardner

Spy: “A person employed by a governmental agency to obtain secret information on a hostile country.” - The Philips Dictionary of Espionage
Accidental Spy: “Some poor jerk dragged into a world of trouble.” -  Harvey Hudson

You’ve done a bad thing. Now you’re going to pay. - Pretty Evil by Zoe Rosi

An erotic murder thriller for the Me Too generation…Reminiscent of The Devil Wears Prada but with the violence, psychopathy, and gore of American Psycho…A unique, modern, and compelling read.” —Daily Express
The ultimate revenge story.” —The Independent

a choice... Mandate Thirteen by Joseph J. Dowling

"When I read the summary for Mandate Thirteen I knew right then and there that I had to read it. Mandate Thirteen was everything it promised to be and more. It reminded me of The Handmaid’s Tale. I love the world that was created for Mandate Thirteen. I would sorely love to read more stories from this world. [...] Grab your copy of Mandate Thirteen today!" Nancy, Amazon

he just wants to serve his country... Scavenger Hunt: A Novel by Chad Boudreaux

"Boudreaux weaves a daunting story of treachery and puppeteering in this finely crafted race for survival. As terror and history come to bear, it will be through grit and determination that justice is delivered, and wrongs are made right in one giant Scavenger Hunt." -Best Thriller Books
An intelligent thriller… Tom Clancy fans will hope for more from Boudreaux. -Publishers Weekly