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Friday, March 6, 2015

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How can a murder/mystery possibly be funny - Murder, Mystery & Dating Mayhem by D.E. Haggerty

My name is Izzy. I drink too much, am clumsier than a newborn foal, and my brain-to-mouth filter often malfunctions. My daredevil husband killed himself in a parachuting accident five years ago and my best friend Jack has decided it’s time I jump back in the dating pool. He’s perfectly happy to throw me in if I don’t listen.

Renewed Faith by Heather Mullin

Cover RevealAngelo Baldoni doesn’t do relationships—he does flings and one-night stands. But it wasn’t always that way. See, Angelo was supposed to have the happily ever after with his childhood sweetheart, Isabella. But that future was lost in an instant and his world crumbled when the love of his life was viciously murdered. Now beaten and broken, his faith lost, he goes through the motions of everyday life. 

Face the past in order to claim the future - Farewell to Kindness (The Golden Redepennings #1) by Jude Knight

In a sense, all good stories are about morality. When we tell stories, we impose an order on the universe; a structure with a beginning and an end, a purpose and a result. In romances, we end our stories on an upward trajectory - the traditional happy ever after. Love must win, and that mostly means good must triumph. What could be more moral than that?

He is everything she’s ever wanted - Bound by Bliss (Bound and Determined #2) by Lavinia Kent

18++ From Goodreads: "Have you ever been curious? Well Bliss is just that and what we get is a book that takes us into the mind of a curious woman hell bent on getting her way.Sensual, thrilling and sexy as hell this book will take you to high delights and scary situations."

Can You Action Past Your Devil's Advocate? by K. Abernathy

An undeniable source of motivation bursts with inspiration for the entrepreneurial mind. If you can get through this book you can get through entrepreneurism. From the desk of an ordinary member of society, “Can You Action Past Your Devil’s Advocate?

Meet an author - Suzanne van Rooyen

Nana changed my diapers. My first day of kindergarten, Nana held my hand. When I came home from school, Nana made me cocoa and sat helping me with homework. Nana cooked my favourite dumpling dinner every Wednesday and made me double-chocolate birthday cake. Nana taught me how to tie my shoelaces and braid my hair. The day I turned sixteen, Mom decided we didn't need Nana anymore. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

She is a prisoner in her home - Over the Ivy Wall by Rosa Sophia

Clara Pendleton is a prisoner in her home. Always searching for new places to hide from her uncle, whose drunken attention terrifies and confuses her, she finds a tiny clearing in the back of the property near a disintegrating section of the ivy-covered wall that surrounds the estate.

he failed to consider one major detail - Heart's Song (Ugly Eternity #2) by Charity Parkerson

From Amazon: "I loved this book and I liked how it was longer than the first book. We learn what Maddox has been through, we meet up with the twins again and learn more about them and we of course get to see the story of Maddox and Hawke. This is by far my favorite in the series so far, can’t wait to see who is up next!"

To love Love Brothers - Love Brewing and Safe Love (Love Brothers #3, #1.5) by Liz Crowe

Set in horse country near Lexington, Kentucky, The Love Brothers Series is a saga of family devotion that runs as wide and deep as the Ohio River - except on Sundays when brothers Antony, Kieran, Dominic, and Aiden work out their frustrations on the basketball court, Love brother style. 
The Love Brothers: A family saga with humor, heat and heart - not to mention beer, bourbon, and basketball.

You’re The - Life To My Flight (The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC #5) by Lani Lynn Vale

18+ From Goodreads: "I absolutely love this series! Lani Lynn Vale is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. I have not read a book of hers that I have not liked. Her characters are addictive. I love that they all make appearances in each others stories. Her story lines are all incredible, and they are each so different. I love that they are not the same stories over again with different main characters."

No longer will her loved ones be hunted - Deviate (The Light Key Trilogy #2) by Tracy Clark

From Goodreads: "Wow! This book was shocking, gripping and pain filled. My heart broke for them, literally!Deviate is in dual POV's. I loved getting to see both point of views. It was empowering, gripping and made your heart ache. [...] Secrets, lies, omissions, shocking events, pains, love, friendships, family..... all are found inside. You will literally be sucked to the pages until you finish the book. "

bizarre and unexpected - Terror Never Sleeps (Jack Gunn #2) by Richard Blomberg

From Amazon: "I generally wouldn't select a military thriller as my first choice, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was impressed with Richard Blomberg's writing style; it had a perfect flow. I concur with other reviews in that it was difficult to put down. As I got closer to the end of the book, I felt a certain disappointment that the story would soon come to an end. Please Mr. Blomberg, give us MORE Jack Gunn!"

time is not a straight line - Rememberers by C. Edward Baldwin

"Like I said, I hardly knew he was there. He was as quiet as a church mouse."
Church mouse, Stint thought somberly. It had been a morbidly fitting analogy. Beamer's head had been nearly decapitated, as if his neck had been snapped off by a human-sized mouse trap. Crime of passion perhaps, he thought."

it’s not just his own life that hangs in the balance - Trust (The Hero Chronicles #2) by Tim Mettey

From Goodreads: '"Trust" by Tim Mettey is a fantasy story with a dash of mystery and romance blended in. [...] Blended into this fascinating page turner that keeps the reader engrossed from the first page to the last are messages about not judging people, about forgiveness, redemption and the healing power of love. '

Everything I knew about the man in my bed was a lie - Finally Finn (Los Rancheros #4) by Brandace Morrow

18++ From Goodreads: "Flabbergasted, tears, joy a bit of “Oh No” moments are just apart of what I felt when reading this amazing book that you have created once again. Thank you for allowing me this continued journey with these two amazing characters. For showing that just when you think all is lost all you have to do is truly believe in ones truest of self that all is possible"

Better to be a hunter, not prey.Hunting Season (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter #4) by Nikki Jefford

From Goodreads: "Revenge, blood, and freedom. This part of her journey holds excitement and secrets revealed at every turn. [...] 
This is a great series and a page turner you just can't put down! Fane is heating up the pages once again. Don't miss out!!! "

Don’t let your past dictate your future - The Party Plan by Melanie Jayne

18++ “That’s a relief. I pictured spending the night fighting for a moment of your time.” He ran a hand up her arm, his touch slow and sensual. “I like the “no games” attitude, Avery.”
“I’m sure that you’ll show the appropriate gratitude later,” Avery dropped her voice to a throaty growl. “Planning on it.”

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

He will have to choose - Accepting Fate (Others of Seattle #3) by Brandy L. Rivers

From Goodreads: "There all kinds of twists & turns in this book to keep the reader wondering what’s going to happen next. I loved this book just as much as I have loved every “Others” book I have read. Brady Rivers is a must read if you love PNR!!"

the things that go bump in the night… just might kill you - Chasing Daybreak (The Dark of Night #1) by Ranae Glass

18+ The kid couldn’t have been more than twenty-one, and judging by his general pallor and sweaty forehead, Shane was probably the first vamp he’d ever seen, much less been tasked to guard. Seeing me walk in, Shane slumped just a fraction, visibly relaxing. It was a very human gesture. One of the many things I’d miss about him when he grew into his new life.

It's a lot to ask of a girl - The Cloak by Sarah Jennings

From Goodreads: "If you are looking for a story with a strong female character, look no further than The Cloak by Sarah Jennings. It’s an interesting tale about a fictional land called Errigal. [...] I like the way the author combined medieval and modern day. It lent the story an air of romance without being too fanciful. I also liked how the main character [...]"

There's another player in this game... - Behind the Blindfold: Uncovered by Natalie E. Wrye

From Goodreads: "Since I can't give anything away this review is hard for me. Let me just say I wasFRANTIC to get my hands on this book. EAGER to start. ENTHRALLED throughout and ELATED once I finished. I can't wait for more from Natalie."

who will she be: a Prudence or a Pepper? - Just Pru by Anne Pfeffer

"Just Pru is a laugh out loud, heartwarming story ….Pfeffer does an amazing job with Pru’s character…. The supporting cast is … easy to fall in love with and to cheer for...." 5 Stars The Self-Publishing Review

Expect the unexpected - Spend the Night: The Hotel Collection by Elizabeth Lee

From Goodreads: "Spend the Night II was another amazing installment to this series. The questions and suspicions still remain to be a puzzle. As clues, secret and truths are slowly unfolded and unraveled, Spend The Night II will have you addicted as you await for book 3. Get ready to spend another night on pins and needles as you await for the truth. The suspense is killing me so I can’t wait to get my grabby hands on book 3 ASAP."

The answer lies somewhere in the broken history - Raising Sleeping Stones by P.H.T. Bennet

9 to 14 - “The ebook is a wonderful version with gorgeous illustrations, and the app (available for iphones & ipads) is an even more immersive reading experience with amazing original music scores throughout the book, rich and fun illustrations, and an extra bonus of challenges for kids to solve!” - Mimi, Goodreads

Sometimes the hardest heart to sense is your own - The Designed by Kate Tailor

"Rho took a long breath and sighed with relief. Unlike most prisons, his had no bars or locked gates. The drugs and fatigue were enough to trap him in his own body—but not for much longer. He would make his escape today. His captors were unlikely to lower the extraction and sedative dose any more than they just had, so he had to make his move. He would do it tonight, when the second team came to check on him."

What she didn’t expect - Entice, The Affair Series by Stacey Lynn

18 ++ Cover Reveal When the most difficult decision of Laurie Baker’s life needed to be made, she took off for a weekend alone to weigh her pros and cons and consider all her options.
What she didn’t expect was to run face first into one more complication her life didn’t need.

Loss… a word known too well. Still Life (Forever Still, #1) by A.M. Johnson

Cover Reveal - Loss… a word Elizabeth Haddington knows only too well. Despite the tragedies she’s endured, she’s been able to rise from the adversity she’s faced and begin her life again. Being a self-assured and strong woman, she knows she doesn’t need anyone to make her whole.

F#@! BOMB: A Story About Coming Out ... And Coming Out Of One's Shell by Naomi Rabinowitz

Cover Reveal - So far, life at Cunningham University isn't much better. Her roommate only communicates in grunts while Sadie’s “dream job” at the school paper has her interviewing her fellow students with questions that practically invite them to insult her.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Killer. Criminal. Sociopath. Until her. - Tank (Savage Saints MC #2) by Carmen Jenner

18++ Cover Reveal - From Goodreads (about book#1)"This book was dark; it will take you so deep that you won't want to put it down but won't want to turn the page. It is raw and it is gritty. I don't think I took a deep breath until the end. [...] It's brilliant and bloody. In fact, it's bloody brilliant! "(about book#1)

Life’s hard - Biggie by Derek E. Sullivan

From Goodreads: "Kudos to the author, in a climate of hyperbolized teenage characters and fantastical plotlines, for letting us into Henry "Biggie" Abbott's head for a while. In doing so, he shows us that even those kids without superpowers or tragic fates can leave an unforgettable mark on readers. Long live Biggie! "

the fight of his life - Apex Predator by Juan Faura

From Goodreads: "Clever, cunning, insightful: this up-close and personal look at sociopathy illustrates the process of such minds, illuminates their sense of entitlement [...]. Author J. L. Faura gives us the "inside view" of these predators, those who stand at the top of the food chain because they lack conscience as does a shark or jellyfish."

friendship, knowledge, and truth - The Lightbound Saga by S.G. Basu

From Goodreads: "I wrapped myself up in the building complexity of this story and didn’t want it to end. After the new twist of clues and information offered during the ending pages of this book, I will find it hard to wait for the next installment. Overall a very fun and captivating read. Really a unique series too in that it blends elements of hard sci-fi in an accessible YA format. "

a truth that she kept locked away - Diamond Road by Ginger K. King

From Amazon: "Oh, my. I am impressed. This book absolutely sparks. It's a can't-wait-to-finish item with an "i can't wait to find out more" ending. It's alive with suspense's best features. A must-read for suspense thrill seekers! "

their quest will transform their lives in unexpected ways - The Sirena Quest (The Sirena Quest #1) by Michael A. Kahn

From Goodreads: "I loved this book. The characters are flawed and wonderfully draw. Drawing the reader in immediately. I wanted these guys to find he. I wanted these guys to overcome their midlife crisis. You will have to read the book to find out if they were able to do that."

who she really is - The Soul Thief (Angel of Death Series #1) by Majanka Verstraete

From Goodreads: "This was an on the edge of your seat story. The action starts on the very first page. You think you know someone only to find out that they were not who you thought they were and things were not the way you perceived them to be. Told from the perspective of a sixteen year old girl, this book is sure to grab the attention of those who love YA books. Anyone who has loved reading angel and demon book series will definitely love this on."

Some things you just have to learn the hard way - Fake Boobs by Ryan Ringbloom

18+ From Goodreads: "You have taken Tori and Grant to new heights you have shown that anything is possible even if two hearts separate. You have taken this reviewer on an emotional rollercoaster with word one till the last and final word of this amazing read. Dreams and wishes are out there for all of us but the silence of ones words truly becomes the wisdom we all will cherish."

a little too… human - Stolen Fire (Kindling Flames #4) by Julie Wetzel

18+ Night. A time of quiet, of peace, of rest, and now, a time of terror.
Overwhelmed with the issues of a new menagerie and plans for his wedding, Darien still manages to step up and answer the call. The only problem is, he suddenly finds himself a little too… human.

there’s no training regimen for the fight that comes - Unraveled (Mastered #3) by Lorelei James

18++ From Goodreads: "With UNRAVELED, this author gives us a scorching, intense love story of two people trying to figure out who they are with and without each other. It's raw, emotional, and very complex. It sets the bar for BDSM Romance for sure."

Her only hope rests with a boy who can’t remember her - The Elementalist by Melissa J. Cunningham

From Goodreads: "The books had some eerie, creepy moments, something I deeply appreciate since it made the story a lot more interesting. Also I love the fact that the books keep you hooked until the very end, and the action is not missing either. I know the genre is not horror, but I love it how these books still give you some chills. The whole setting of the afterlife is unique, like nothing I have ever read.[...] Dramatic, paranormal, slightly eerie, and packed with action! "

No longer will she hide. - Deviate (The Light Key Trilogy #2) by Tracy Clark

From Goodreads: "Wow! This book was shocking, gripping and pain filled. My heart broke for them, literally!Deviate is in dual POV's. I loved getting to see both point of views. It was empowering, gripping and made your heart ache. [...] Secrets, lies, omissions, shocking events, pains, love, friendships, family..... all are found inside. You will literally be sucked to the pages until you finish the book. "

I love her so much, I'd risk anything. - Fire Above by C.H. MacLean

Cover Reveal - I love her so much, I'd risk anything.
She and I don't have names. We're just slaves, after all. But our hearts don't care, and we're lucky, we have a chance at a scrap of happiness in our terrible lives. My father is the Queen's pet.

Monday, March 2, 2015

“Remember, angel, all ways in the end return to Me.” - Lucius; The Fallen by Tara S. Wood

From Goodreads: "Oh my goodness! This book was amazing! I could not put it down and when I had to I did not want to. It was packed with action, mystery, fallen angels and love. You should know I love books about angels, fallen or not, they are all just amazing in their own way."

When they race from the woods, they bring a timeless hell with them . . In the Woods by Nancy Gideon

Just as he neared the top of the hill, a black knight stepped out from behind the shield of an oak and swung his sword. Freeacas felt the impact shiver through the very marrow of his bones, but he didn’t fall, nor did his armor fail him. As he came about to face his foe, he had a clear view of his knights as they bounded into the safety of the trees beyond, less concerned about the life of their leader then they were their own.

Falling in love is easy. - Almost Loved by Mira Toria

From Gooodreads: "With every page turn I was drawn in. Even though I had read this book before it felt like the first time. Almost Loved isn’t your typical “boy meets girl” romance, it’s so much more than that. It’s mystery, it’s thrills and more importantly, it’s love. While I still hate any romance book, Almost Loved is the exception."

A society that condemns love - Becoming Andy Hunsinger by Jere' M. Fishback

"Jeff raised the gun to shoulder height. He closed one eye, focused his other on the pistol's barrel sight. "Shooting's almost... sensual," he said. [...] Jeff handed the pistol to me. It weighed more than I'd expected, between two and three pounds. I turned the pistol here and there, admiring its sleek contours. The grip felt cold against my palm and a shiver ran through me. I'd never fired a handgun, never thought to. 
"Is it loaded?" "

Their quest is difficult. The cost is high - Protector of Ter Chadain series by C.S. Yelle

From Goodreads: "Reclaiming Ter Chadain is a wonderful addition to any fantasy-lover's bookshelf. [...] This book was a true page-turner for me. I didn't want to stop reading to find out what would happen next. The plot itself was unpredictable, keeping me guessing and surprising me at several turns. [...] C.S. Yelle does a wonderful job of world-building and character development. "

Freed by Love - Her Immortal Viking by Adele Downs

From Goodreads: "'Super funny amazing immortal Romance' This book is a super amazing Romance. The story line is spine-tingling. The characters are awesome!.[...] This book is fantastic with suspense,action lots of humor and amazing Romance!. It is a must read book! Adele is such a sweet and talented writer :) ."

To fight or flight? - Teaching Aleck (The Last Hangman MC #2) by Muriel Garcia

18+ Cover Reveal Aleck Sanford had everything growing up, absolutely everything, except for the one thing he and his sister desired the most: the love of their parents. After many years of emotional neglect, Aleck only understood the love between siblings, his parents certainly didn’t love them or even each other. How do you pick yourself up when everything around you falls apart? When the only person to love you has to leave?

Does everything happen for a reason? - What We Search For by Natasha Stories

From Amazon: "I loved it! The chemistry between the main protagonists really kept me turning those pages, and it was SO refreshing reading a romance from the male perspective. Definitely a hit which resonated deeply with me as I felt I could relate to James along his adventures."