Albert Camus

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Monday, April 27, 2015

more than a myth - Dream of Me (Dream Maker #1) by Quinn Loftis

“In the evening… [he] blows softly upon their necks, till their heads begin to droop. […] Under each arm he carries an umbrella; one of them, with pictures on the inside, he spreads over the good children, and then they dream the most beautiful stories the whole night.” ~ Hans Christian Anderson

Romeo and Juliet had it easier. - Friction (Station 32 #2) by Jamie Magee

Romeo and Juliet had it easier. They came from warring families who clearly drew a line for them not to cross. It wasn’t the same with Easton and Georgia. They came from a town where family was precious and moments were cherished. Still, there were unspoken rules, such as not falling for your best friends kid sister—or testing troubled hearts.

a secret healing gift - The Healer by C.J. Anaya

Hope Fairmont is a normal teenage girl. She attends public school, gets good grades, has a normal best friend…sort of normal…and works as a janitor at the local hospital. Unfortunately, that’s where the ruse ends.

They have no memory - Rx Missing (Decorah Security #8) by Rebecca York

"But they were safe now, and she was in his arms. He’d wanted to hold her like this, touch her like this. It had seemed wrong before. Now it was the only thing that felt right, as he focused on Lily instead of the terror in the forest."

The Venetian Job: Bad Guys and Action - Max's Italian Holiday (The Max Books #3) by Sally Gould

In 'Mafia Encounter', when Max is on a family holiday in Sicily, he and Charlie notice the mafia seem to be following them. Are they related to the mafia boss? Will they have to learn the business? Will their lives ever be the same? 

a world she never truly believed existed - Seraphina series by Sheena Hutchinson

For as long as she can remember, Seraphina Cross has experienced these visions that made her feel like there was more to life. It wasn’t until one moment, one accident that her life changed forever. She awakens the next day a new person in more ways than one.

will this be her last adventure? - Crossing Danger (Shelby Nichols #7) by Colleen Helme

A vision of getting out there and everyone laughing at me crossed my mind but, given how Billie made sure my belt was right, I didn’t think she’d let me embarrass her like that. Still, once we got to the mat, I let out a relieved breath to find I wasn’t the only one wearing white training pants.

GRAND FINALE for A Love Like Ours (Porter Family #3) by Becky Wade

"How long had it been since she’d experienced a stirring of desire for anyone? Ages. A couple of years at least. It was fun and harmless to . . . tingle . . . over someone again. It wasn’t as if Jake was in danger of returning her feelings. Or as if this altered her intentions toward him.
She was determined to help him and his horse. The kind of help she had in mind for Jake had nothing to do with Valentine’s Day emotions and everything to do with God’s power to redeem."

a chance encounter - Voices (The Reincarnation Series #1) by R.E. Rowe

In a small town in Arkansas, two lives that seemingly have nothing in common will converge and change each other forever. A brilliant but tormented street artist and an ex-track star whose career was cut short by a heart condition.

The choice is hers, sink or swim - Wash Me Away by Wendy Owens

Immersed in a new world at boarding school, Addy Buckley learns she’s not the only one with secrets. While trying to navigate the minefield of painful lies that seem to be rattling around her family’s past, she meets soft on the eyes and heavy on the heart, Napoleon Blake.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Does anyone have the courage to try? - Lady of the Manor by Adrian Q. Heflin

Lady of the Manor is an epic tale of misery for Richard Creek. It is the story of how his mother, Rosemary, makes life miserable for him, his family, and many citizens of Savannah. The novel takes places during the summer of 1958 in a beautiful mansion. Secrets begin to unravel for the Creek family as they continue a summer filled with rape, murder, and indiscretions. Someone must prohibit the Lady of the Manor from her continuous oppression. But, does anyone have the courage to try?

her only hope is in the person who has gone missing - The Benighted (The Benighted Saga, #1) by A.M. Dunnewin

Confined to darkness, Skylar's captors have given her no choice but to yield to a new kind of enemy: a kingdom that has advanced in both technology and warfare. It's when she refuses that the prison uses its other means of persuasion, and although unmerciful, the whip lashings and isolation can't suppress the memories of her family's downfall.

Most people believe Eden no longer exists - Unexpected Eden (Eden #1) by Rhenna Morgan

"Every task he gave her she tackled, her enthusiasm and tenacity unhindered by the realm she’d left behind. And it was rubbing off. Not just on him, but Ludan and Ramsay too if the awe-filled commentary via link was any indication. Most people balked when it came to learning to land, but Lexi? She laughed and plowed toward it like she did everything else."

rules are meant to be broken - Beyond the Sea (Beyond the Sea #1) by Emily Goodwin

Cover Reveal - Peter Anderson is just trying to get through college when Melia walks into his life. He knows there is something different about her, and it’s not just that she lives alone in a mansion overlooking the ocean, spending all her time with Jamie Forester, the only goth girl in the sunny town of San Morado.

a world that she had never imagined - Twisted (Deathwind Trilogy #1) by Holly Hook

And she’s not disappointed. Just a few miles from the town of Evansburg, Nebraska, Allie meets her dream of seeing a tornado. In person. She can’t wait to tell her friends back home. Never mind that her parents are going to kill her.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Spirit World was cracking. - My Demonic Ghost series by Jacinta Maree

“Are you a corrupt spirit?” I asked with my brow raised. “Would you trust a demon even if it told you it was trustworthy?” “You’re not a demon.” “Sometimes I have my doubts.”

Katie and the North Star by Katie Lopez, Bethany Lopez

2-6 "This is such a sweet little story! It is absolutely perfect for my 4-year old daughter who loves her books and loves to read. (Makes her mama proud!) Before this book came out, we were driving one night and she looked out the window, up at the stars. She saw a bright star in the sky and asked me what it was." - Goodreads, Lori

they weren’t the only ones - The Gatherers (Harvesting #0.5) by Ashley Ehlers

Cover Reveal - Coleen hasn’t been the happiest with her father remarrying, especially to the mother that gave birth to her enemy, Virginia. Bleach blonde bimbo as Coleen thought the moment they started high school. But since they’ve graduated, their parents married for a year now, Coleen has seen a whole new side of Virginia and the girls have gotten closer than ever.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Carrying out shadowy vengeance - Ghost (Wolf's Own #1) by Carole Cummings

Untouchable. Ghost. Assassin. Mad. Fen Jacin-rei is all these and none. His mind is host to the spirits of long-dead magicians, and Fen’s fate should be one of madness and ignoble death. So how is it Fen lives, carrying out shadowy vengeance for his subjugated people and protecting the family he loves?

What good is immortality when every moment is agony? - Red Tide Rising (Immortal Touch #3) by Allie Gail

18+.This book is the final installment in the Immortal Touch trilogy.
The vampire Ash has returned from his watery grave, proving that death is merely a minor inconvenience. Picking up where he left off? That might not be as easy. Because someone else is vying for Sami's attention - the last person he ever would have expected.

a way to break a ancient spell - Nobody's Goddess (The Never Veil #1) by Amy McNulty

In a village of masked men, each loves only one woman and must follow the commands of his “goddess” without question. A woman may reject the only man who will love her if she pleases, but she will be alone forever. 

I have a secret and I need to tell someone. - Something Like This (Secrets#1) by Eileen Cruz Coleman

"One morning on her way to work she stops to offer a homeless man a bottle of water. As she meets the man’s eyes, Jadie instantly recognizes they belong to her father, whom she hasn’t seen since she was sixteen. Unable to accept the truth of her encounter, Jadie flees, hoping eventually to forget the experience and continue leading a normal life."

to survive against impossible odds - The Holy Dark (The Black Parade #3) by Kyoko M.

Sarcastic demon-slayer extraordinaire Jordan Amador has been locked in a year-long struggle to hunt down the thirty silver coins paid to Judas Iscariot. The mere touch of these coins is enough to kill any angel.

more meets the eye - Nightkind (The Amore Immortale #1) by Robin Bonzon

"The night seemed to whisper in a tone meant to caress her soul, but the sound was tinged with something darker than the moonless sky outside her house. It chilled her to the core. She anxiously searched the room again for something tangible causing her fright, but it was an exercise in futility."

He made me begin to believe again. - Protecting Shaylee (Fae Guard #1) by Elle Christensen

As a child, I believed in the fairytales my father told me.
Until he was gone and with him, that belief.
As a woman, I believed in the possibility of love and passion between myself and Aden.
Until he was gone and with him, my belief in magic and happy endings.

what to do? Caterpillar Shoes by Angela Muse

0-8 Patches is an energetic caterpillar who is trying to decide what activities to do. In the end, she doesn't put any limits on herself and lives her life to the full. 

Exploring the possibilities - Unsurprisingly Complicated (Unexpected #2) by Claudia Y. Burgoa

The lies between my parents and I came to light and now I’m working on a new life for myself. Along the way, I have my trusty superhero, Mason, to lean on when I have a hard time standing or when my crazy ex-boyfriend continues to feel he has a claim on me.

Eternal Sacrifice (Mortal Enchantment #3) by Stacey O'Neale

Cover Reveal - Eternal Sacrifice is the last full-length book in the Mortal Enchantment series. 
It will be told from Rowan and Kalin's point of view.

a desperate race - Last Siege of Haven (The Undertakers #4) by Ty Drago

Cover Reveal - While away on an undercover mission, Undertaker Will Ritter has made an unthinkable alliance...with a Corpse! But though Robert Dillin (aka 'The Zombie Prince') is indeed one of those alien invaders who animate and possess the bodies of the dead -- unlike the rest of his kind, 

Will their past catch up with them? - Renegade Angel (Renegade Sons MC #3) by Emily Minton

18++ Cover Reveal Aaron “Timber” Kellar is running from his past. He turns his back on his family and walks away from his legacy as the next President of his father’s club. Knowing it’s time to start over, he does his best to forget the day that changed him forever and goes on to build a new life half way across the country with the Renegade Sons MC.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Concurs RO Începutul tuturor lucrurilor de Robyn Schneider

Prezentare editura:

Contemporary Fiction, +14/ literary, drama, teens life, school


ÎNCEPUTUL TUTUROR LUCRURILOR este un roman liric, sfâşietor şi plin de umor despre cât de greu este să joci rolul pe care se aşteaptă toată lumea să-l joci şi despre cum pot izvorî începuturi noi din finaluri abrupte şi tragice.

EZRA FAULKNER trebuia să fie regele balului, dar asta a fost înainte – înainte ca iubita să-l înşele, înainte ca un accident de maşină să-i sfărâme genunchiul şi înainte să se îndrăgostească de fata cea nouă, CASSIDY THORPE.

EZRA FAULKNER, băiatul perfect și admirat de toți, este convins că oamenii sunt sortiți ca la un moment dat pe parcursul existenței lor să apară o tragedie – o singură întâmplare, – în urma căreia viața este privită cu alți ochi, abia atunci fiindu-le dat să trăiască lucruri cu adevărat importante. Momentul lui tragic, de cumpănă, a sosit atunci când era pregătit să le piardă pe toate: într-o noapte îngrozitoare, un şofer neatent îi distruge genunchiul lui Ezra, cariera lui sportivă şi viața socială.

Acum, că nu mai e candidatul preferat pentru titlul de Regele Balului, Ezra ajunge la masa excluşilor unde o cunoaşte pe Cassidy Thorpe. Cassidy e diferită de toți oamenii pe care Ezra i-a întâlnit vreodată – e firească fără să facă eforturi şi extraordinar de inteligentă.

Împreună, Ezra şi Cassidy descoperă flash mob-urile, comorile îngropate şi un pudel care ar putea fi
reîncarnarea lui Jay Gatsby. Dar pe măsură ce Ezra se dedică unor studii noi, unor prietenii noi şi unei iubiri noi, descoperă că unii oameni, aidoma cărților, sunt uşor de interpretat greşit. Şi acum trebuie să analizeze: dacă acel moment tragic, de cumpănă, a lovit deja, ce te mai faci atunci când ești nevoit să înfrunți ghinioanele care nu încetează să apară?

,,Uluitoare. Umor tăios, spirit de observaţie minuţios şi compasiune suprinzător de tandră sunt principalele caracteristici ale cărții – Jeannette Walls, autoarea cărţilor The Glass Castle: A Memoir şi The Silver Star, bestsellere New York Times

,,Inteligentă, amuzantă, sfâşietoare şi atât de reală că te doare…, o carte pe care n-o vei uita niciodată. – Lauren Barnholdt, autoarea cărţilor Two-Way Street şi Sometimes It Happens.

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What have you gotten yourself into this time? - Rafe (Inked Brotherhood #5) by Jo Raven

18+ He’s tall, strong, handsome. Distant. He often comes to the café where I work, but we don’t talk much. He looks at me, though. Stares at me, his gaze heated, and I can’t help but stare back. I want him, I won’t deny it. I’ve never seen anyone that beautiful, anyone that powerful, in my life.

Dalton & Holliday are back! The Reckoning (Hard to Resist #2) by S.L. Scott

Cover Reveal Two sides of the same man, passionate about two things—music and Holliday Hughes. With her intoxicating mix of strength and vulnerability, confidence and sex appeal, he couldn’t get enough of her.

"I hate when Dad's right." - Travels with Penny by David Alan Morrison

Two things flashed through my mind when I opened the door to the sex shop to find my mother standing in front of the display case talking to a tall salesman wearing a leather harness, jock strap and a dog collar. The first was, "Oh, crap." The second was, "I hate when Dad's right."

Is it really worth it? - Heuer Lost And Found by A.B. Funkhauser

Heuer Lost and Found is a quirky and irreverent story about a man who dies and finds his spirit trapped in a funeral home with an ex-lover who happens to be the mortician. The characterization is rich the story well-told.—Cryssa Bazos, Writer’s Community of Durham Region, Ontario, Canada

Stay away from witches! - Witch's Moonstone Locket (A Coon Hollow Coven Tale, #1) by Marsha A. Moore

Twenty-three-year-old Jancie Sadler was out of the room when her mother died, and her heart still longs for their lost goodbye. Aching to ease her sorrow, Aunt Starla gives Jancie a diary that changes her entire life. In entries from the 1930s, her great grandmother revealed how she coped with her own painful loss by seeking out a witch from nearby Coon Hollow Coven.

chaos and beauty - The Girl Who Went Missing by Ace Varkey

When June Warner arrives in India to visit her sister Thalia, a trip to take her mind off her jilted engagement, she is greeted by the bright hot chaos of Mumbai but not her sister. She goes to the YMCA where Thalia is staying, only to find that she is not there.