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Monday, September 24, 2018

He has made his story universal, yet personal and relatable - The PSP Chronicles by Tim Brown

THE PSP CHRONICLES is not meant to explain PSP or to give readers comprehensive (or even objective) insight into PSP’s destructive path. Instead, THE PSP CHRONICLES is meant to show readers how an unexpected, incredibly difficult, and life-altering diagnosis has affected the life of this man Tim Brown.[...]THE PSP CHRONICLES is raw, because the journal is delivered as-is; it is episodic and not organized as a tension-driven story. It provides insight into an everyman’s experience writing through a devastating disease.- Amy Edelman

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Once you face the devils... Blessed Fury (Angels of Fate #1) by C.S. Wilde

Can't wait for book 2!!
Thumbs up!
Loved it!
Totally imaginative - totally fun

six very different brothers - The Thorne Brothers by Lee Kilraine

"This author has an amazing way of spinning a yarn that keeps you totally hooked and turning the pages.[...] If this is any indication of what is hidden between the covers then call me hooked. I am so in. Her humor during some of the tense and delicate moments is so real of a lot of people who get nervous so it made it feel real." - Char, Goodreads

Increasing powers. Complicated decisions. - The Cremelino Prophecy by Mike Shelton

"A fantastic young adult series that even adults can enjoy! It is fantasy series full of magic, suspense and adventure...I loved the connection of the magic, the horses and Darius and Christine. It was so exciting! Especially to watch the magic grow in Darius as he learned how to control his magic and what it needs to work. The three books are well written, played out and lead into each other very well. They are incredibly exciting and full of suspense. These are perfect books for young adults but even older adults who love fantasy." - workingmommyjournal.ca

Clean Wholesome Romances $100 Giveaway – Enter to win PayPal Cash or an Amazon Gift Code!

An amazing group of clean wholesome romance authors has joined together to bring you one great prize! Each of these authors writes clean wholesome romance that meets my definition of clean!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

the nightmares that have bleed from this other realm... The Alterealm Series by J. Risk

"I love this new series!!! I am hooked! I can't believe how much I couldn't put this book down because I wasn't really sure what to expect from reading the description!! [...] The plot is well paced. [...] I loved the writing. And I am seriously pumped to see this being a series where book two is gunna go. I loved the world the author created and I can't wait for more!! 5 AWESOME PAWS!!! " Maghon, Goodreads

one kiss is enough... Night and Day (One Night in South Beach #5) by Andie J. Christopher

[T]he senior citizen’s matchmaking is trickier than anyone anticipated. And when Letty and Max find themselves stuck in Key West together for a seductively sexy weekend, one kiss is enough to light a fire neither of them wants to put out . . .

the only thing that really matters - Finding Family (Salty Key Inn Series #4) by Judith Keim

"This is a book I highly recommend. There is so much negativity in the world today, that this was a refreshing book. Bringing the heart and soul of the family to us. If you haven't read the other 3 books, I think you will enjoy them all and get so much out of them. I know I did. " - Nana, Goodreads

There’s no way he can fall for her now... Tempt the Flames (The Smokejumpers #1) by Marnee Blake

"Tempt the Flames is the first book in Marnee Blake’s Smokejumpers and it has set the bar high for future books in this series. Fabulous world building, intriguing and complex characters, misconceptions, secrets and life threatening danger, all combined to make this a story I couldn’t put down till the very last page." Karen, Goodreads 

What do they want? End of Innocence by Romana Drew

In that brief moment, her life changes. Her brother spies on space aliens! Soon she learns the aliens have a settlement in the Kenned Valley, and that her boyfriend monitors their communications. 

Friday, September 21, 2018

The tables have turned - Divine Hart by Heather Shere

Being a poor kid in a rich town was tough. When you're a skater boy from a dusty trailer park, they see you as nothing more than a desert rat. Despite this, Preston Hart knew what he wanted…she was his world. But could he ever be the man she deserved? 

All I could do was run. - Only the Positive (Only You, #1) by Elle Thorpe

" She did a fantastic job with this storyline. One I’m surprised no one really has touched on. I felt it made this more realistic and definitely brings awareness and education on such topics. [...] This was a phenomenal read and I can’t wait for the next one." Lisa, Goodreads

Everybody is always looking for the next best thing - Bunt (Minnesota Moose #1) by J.C. Thompson

"The plot for the story was really good and kept me engaged all the way through. The pace and flow of the story was excellent as I knew it would be, this author really does write amazing stories and I definitely recommend Bunt. If you are a sports romance fan then this definitely needs to be on you TBR list! 
I can’t wait for more from this series if book 1 is anything to go by it is going to be a brilliant one! " - Katie, Goodreads

everything is about to change... The Shifter Chronicles by Michelle Areaux

For Elle, she thought the day she learned she was a Shifter was the most frustrating day of her life. Well, that was until she found herself in the middle of a war between her best friend and boyfriend. 

Talk about a hot mess... Inimical (Circuit Fae, #3) by Genevieve Iseult Eldredge

“…Rest assured that the combination of Fae mythology infiltrated by dark circuitry and compelling, realistic adolescent drama makes this series deserve at least five stars (on a scale of four)!” – TBW, Goodreads

The Sickness unto Death - SINdrome (The New Lyons Sequence #3) by J.T. Nicholas

"This series is definitely one that is best to read in order as the world was set in the first book and I think a reader jumping in would be lost on what is happening now. The first book was a bit of a scifi/fantasy mixed with a detective mystery but now the main character is a wanted man by siding with the synths and helping their rebellion. The action is fast paced with each read building upon the last leading up to this explosive installment."- Carrie, Goodreads

Dragon Keepers Series - Win a Kindle Paperwhite!

Dragon Keepers is the first novel in the high fantasy debut series by C Patt.
Dragons have long been hunting for knowledge. In addition to coveting vast wealth they also watch over the best minds civilization has to offer. People from far and wide make the treacherous journey to view and add to the libraries of the Royal Court of Atlantis.

The Good Mistress by Amarie Avant Audio Book Giveaway

 After spending too many years working too many hours for a large corporation, Mila was able to let go and love Warren, even at the expense of losing her traditional Somalian father’s favor.

happiness has a price - The Hotter They Come (Romancing the Seas #1) by Roxanne D. Howard

When Piper’s job sends her undercover to spy on Jack - the beyond sexy hook-up she can’t stop thinking about - she is forced to decide if her job is more important than her happiness. 

A place where everyone has a story... Shadows & Spells (A Havenwood Falls High Novella) by Cameo Renae

Welcome to Havenwood Falls...  A town where nobody is what you think, where truths pose as lies, and where myths blend with reality. A place where everyone has a story. Including the high schoolers. This is only but one…

two things she would prefer to keep secret... When Stars Come Out by Scarlett St. Clair

Anora Silby can see the dead and turn spirits into gold coins, two things she would prefer to keep secret as she tries to lead a normal life at her new school. After all, she didn’t change her identity for nothing. 

Ezrah's Plateau: Legend of the Cemetery Witch by Jacqueline Mahan

She was buried in a shallow grave in the back of the local cemetery. Maggie's lonely spirit walks restless in the cemetery as she continues to search for someone to believe her story and expose the truth behind her death.

this one belongs to me... Alpha Breeds (Alpha Horde, #1) by Milana Jacks

Omegas are King’s property. If I don’t deliver her to the Omega Compound, I’ll lose my life, the lives of my Horde Alphas, and risk starting a full-scale rebellion. And yet, I can’t part from her. This one belongs to me.

Hair in all the Wrong Places... it's the least of Colin’s problems . . . Hair in all the Wrong Places #3 by Andrew Buckley

A menacing shadow looms over Elkwood, as a dark and sinister evil creeps into town. Only Colin Strauss can feel it happening. He is a werewolf, after all.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

They are the dreams and nightmares of humanity - Immortals' Requiem by Vincent Bobbe (an An Epic Grimdark Fantasy)

"Wow, what a fabulous book. I was really impressed with how much content Vincent Bobbe has packed into this story, and how easily it held my attention through to the end. [...] Overall, it’s a very unique plot that I absolutely loved." - Todd, Goodreads

a rich, lyrical reading experience that will resonate in your heart... The Last Weekend of the Summer by Peter Murphy

"Emotional and relatable, readers will find at least one character they recognize from their own families! [...] Thought provoking, sometimes humorous, sometimes agitating, this is a true slice of life being part of a family of flawed humans." Dianne, Goodreads

even when he's in danger of losing his heart... Brant (Enigma Series #11) by Ditter Kellen

Enigma revolves around aquatic beings that evolved beneath the Ocean thousands of years ago. Armed with hidden fangs and poisonous barbs, they pose a threat to the humans known as the land walkers. This series takes you through their struggles, their deep love for those they choose as mates and the deadly virus now sweeping through the land. On the run from the government, they will do anything to protect those they love...even if it means their life. If you are a fan of Aquaman, you will love these Enigmatic creatures that dwell beneath... from the author

So Say We All: The Complete, Uncensored, Unauthorized Oral History of Battlestar Galactica by Mark A. Altman, Edward Gross

“The authors have done an exhaustive, masterful job of collecting interviews and editing memories, opinions and reflections of hundreds of creative artists, business executives, critics and even the occasional social scientist. What emerges is an intriguing look inside the sausage-making process that is television and film production.” ―The Wall Street Journal

I come from a long line of criminals... Criminal Misdeeds (A Carrie Shatner Mystery #1) by Randee Green

"If you love a little (okay, a lot of) humor mixed into a complex, twisty mystery, this is your book. Carrie Shatner is not just a good detective, she’s the straight man to the quirky cast of characters she calls her family. " - Dianne, Goodreads

Sweet and sultry, hot and wild… Bare Devotion The Bayou Bachelors #2 by Geri Krotow

Sweet and sultry, hot and wild…that’s desire, Louisiana-style. And there’s no one better to explore it with than one of the Bayou Bachelors…Returning to her flooded New Orleans home to face Henry Boudreaux, the man she jilted at the altar, is the hardest thing attorney Sonja Bosco has ever done—even before she discovers she’s pregnant. 

once again against the evil Duke - Justine's Judgement (The Witches of Andar #2) by Ashlie Harris

Justine’s Judgement is the second installment in a brand new Fantasy series by Ashlie Harris. The first book, which bears the same name as the series itself, is entitled The Witches of Andar and was released January 1st, 2018.

until fate decides... Fate & Fortune: Part One by Robin Daniels

We're celebrating the release of Fate and Fortune: Part One, the first part in a Young Adult contemporary romance duology. Read the author's message from day one HERE, read an excerpt below, and come back on Saturday, September 22nd, HERE to read a second excerpt. Don't forget to enter the book/Amazon gift card giveaway below as well...

In the Nick of Time (The 12 Mysteries of Christmas #1) by Susette Williams

Wonderful story
A Very Entertaining Read!
Full of surprises

Our favorite car dealer is back... Cars, Coffee, and a Slightly Used Casket (Julia Karr #2) by K.C. Hilton

"Wow!! [...] K.C Hilton has done it again!!
This book is a page turner that you don’t want to put down!! I can’t wait for the next one!!!" Angie, Goodreads

Second chances are for suckers. - Through the Layers (Rumor Has It, #4) by R.H. Tucker

Despite their hang-ups, and their pasts, Micah and Veronica find something in each other that quells their concerns. But when old faces return, and unsettling truths are revealed, will either of them be able to work through the layers and find one another again?

Love wasn’t part of the plan... Scorchin’ (The Hot Boys Series, #2) by Olivia Rush

18+ "I really liked the writing style. The story is told in a dual point of view. The pace of the book is steady. I liked the anticipation and danger. The mystery just adds a layer the book needed. The characters are great. I liked checking in with the other characters as well.Overall, this is a great book. I cannot wait to see who we get to see next."- Jennifer, Goodreads

One-click now and find out what all the fuss is about! - The Soldier and the Siren (Shifters of Black Isle #2) by Lorelei Moone

"Two very different people who know they should be enemies, are drawn together. This can't possibly end well. A sweet and entertaining romance with lovely characters. I think you need to read this series in order to enjoy it best."- Petula, Goodreads