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Sunday, November 23, 2014

A world filled with magic users - Malice (Malice Trilogy #1) by Amity Hope


Samara Cavanaugh has grown up in a world filled with magic users. She’s used to bizarre and peculiar. But when a stranger checks in at The Bella Luna, the bed and breakfast her family owns, the strange occurrences in Granite Falls escalate.

Many people are leery of Levi, their new guest. He claims to be in town doing research but Samara’s friends aren’t so sure that his claim is as innocuous as it appears to be. When two of her classmates disappear, her friends seem convinced Levi had a hand in it.

Those closest to her have been keeping secrets from her. Those secrets put everyone close to her in danger.

Suddenly, her unrequited crush on her best friend, Tristan becomes the least of her troubles.

Love in Paranormal Romance

My favorite genre to write (and read) is paranormal romance. An author can take paranormal romance to creative places that cannot be obtained in a contemporary romance. In general, a paranormal romance has more flexibility than a contemporary romance. As long as an author can twist a tale into something that still remains within the realm of believability, anything can happen.

In this genre the storyline can be pushed to the limits of an author’s imagination. A protagonist can go to hell and back (literally) for the one they love. They can bring loved ones back from the dead. More often than not the storyline will involve the protagonist going to extreme lengths for the love interest.

Often times we find our main characters fighting against curses, evil villains, and sometimes entire factions of wickedness while trying to live their everyday lives. This element adds another layer to paranormal romance that cannot be found in contemporary romances.

In Malice, Samara Cavanaugh faces the challenges of an ordinary teenager. She has a longstanding, unrequited crush on her best friend, Tristan. She’s struggling in her calculus class. She’s not too crazy about the crush her friend Finola has on a guy named Alex. This is all compounded by knowing that Tristan hates when she uses her magic. She’s just lost her calculus tutor--Tristan--to another girl. Her friend Finola’s crush just happens to be a Necromancer.

Samara’s problems are further magnified when she discovers her family’s bed and breakfast, The Bella Luna, has been hosting a very wicked man. When two classmates go missing, it isn’t long before Samara and her friends realize that malicious magic may have been involved. Together, Samara and Tristan race headlong into a magical battle that will have devastating consequences.

Malice is on 99 cents. Pick up your copy today at the link below!
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About the author:

Amity lives in beautiful northern Minnesota with her two sons, two cats and their Rottweiler. She has a degree in elementary education andunnamed workedunnamed in that field for ten years before deciding to self-publish. Her first self-published novel, Twisted, was listed by Amazon as a Top 100 Kids & Teens Kindle Book of 2012.

If she’s not writing, or spending time with her boys, she’s most likely reading.

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PASSIONATE BITES Hot Tales of Vampire Romance

Description: 18+

Ten hot vampire romance novels by NY Times & USA Today bestselling authors.

Only available until Jan. 2015
Full novels

Passionate Bites is a paranormal romance collection loaded with sizzling hot alpha-males & badass heroines. From vampires to werewolves to witches & demons, these dark, sensual tales of romantic suspense weave a tapestry of intrigue, desperation, betrayal, & enough steamy desire to satisfy every taste.

DARKNESS SERIES, 1 & 2 - K.F. Breene
Sasha has grown up with one surety: she’s not normal. Since she was little, she’s had unexplained talents & seen strange shapes in the shadows no one else can see. One night, everything changes. Suddenly she is immersed in a world full of danger & magic. She must finally reveal her secrets in order to survive.

 Website ** Blog  ** Goodreads ** Facebook ** Twitter

In the Big Easy, vampire, Luca Macquarie, & witch, Samantha Irving, embark on a spellbinding journey, searching for a mystical relic. With cryptic clues & clandestine allies, will they destroy the dangerous amulet before others acquire it? Will Luca give in to his erotic desire for the witch who magically captures his heart?

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DAMON - Teresa Gabelman
Damon DeMasters, vampire warrior, has taken an oath to protect his own kind as well as humans. Social worker, Nicole Callahan fights for the right of every child placed in her care. Damon has been ordered to train Nicole & her colleagues against the dangers they now face. Even as sparks fly, Nicole & Damon depend on each other to protect the children of both races.

DESTINED - Brenda K. Davies
Terrified of becoming mated like her parents, Isabelle has locked herself away to avoid their fate. Despite her determination to remain alone, her world is rocked when Stefan arrives at their door. Just as she begins to let her guard down, Stefan’s dark & deadly past catches up to him & threatens to destroy them both.

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HONEYMOON BITE - Sharon Hamilton
Anne caught her husband cheating before their wedding cake was cut, so she takes her honeymoon in Tuscany alone. Bitten by a vampire on her wedding night, she is left for dead, until Marcus Monteleone, her 300 year old fated mate, rescues her. Will they be able to navigate Marcus’ rocky & dangerous past to have an immortal future together?

A SUMMONER’S TALE - Victoria Danann
The devastatingly seductive ex-vampire, Istvan Baka, is forced to relive his tragic life as human & confront his past as vampire while his friends search for him. That search ultimately proves that love waits patiently through lifetimes for a second chance.

BLOOD AND SNOW VOLUMES 1-8 - RaShelle Workman
"Lips red as rubies, hair dark as night. Drink your true love's blood, become the Vampire, Snow White."
Every thousand years the Vampire Queen selects a new body, always the fairest in the land, & this time she’s chosen Snow White.

Vampires, Mafia & Sexy Mayhem:
EMT on call, Adrian Faulkner resuscitates a beautiful woman after a mafia shootout. He can't explain why he picks her up in the hospital parking lot three days later, then ducks the police. She wanted to escape. He wanted to get laid. They both got more than they bargained for.

After seven years, James Knightly returns as a master swordsman, ready to captain a ship & wed his childhood sweetheart, Cailin MacDougal. Waiting for him is a dagger-toting hellion for a bride, an immortal father-in-law, & an enemy bent on threatening the family James holds most dear.

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Discover the magic of Christmas Town, Maine! - Christmas, Actually by Anna Adams, Anna J. Stewart, & Melinda Curtis

Published: November 1st, 2014


Discover the magic of Christmas Town, Maine!
Three lonely strangers come to Christmas Town, Maine, and find love with three Banning siblings in the town that celebrates the holidays by decorating its square with lights and ribbons and a holiday pageant on Christmas Eve. Tradition has it that a kiss beneath the mistletoe that night means marriage for the couple in the new year.

The Christmas Gift by Anna Adams:
Jack Banning promised to support the mother of his unborn child… But she doesn't need money, she only needs him.

The Christmas Wish by Anna J. Stewart
Callie Banning's student has declared war on Christmas, so it's up to her to help the little girl—and her widowed father—believe again.

The Christmas Date by Melinda Curtis:
Gina Vernay is about to meet her online mystery date…and she's in for the surprise of a lifetime!

"Yeah, I really loved my time in Christmas Town with the Banning family. Each story was unique and romantic. I loved all the characters. They were real and identifiable. It is the perfect book to curl up with as the days get colder and we get closer to Christmas." - Getting Your Read On 

"Each of the author's did a great job in telling their story. I liked the descriptions and the characters.
This book is a fun way to get into the holiday season and find a little clean Christmas romance." - Bookworm Lisa 

"The Christmas Date: The instant I started reading this story, I knew I was going to love it. There's just something about those You've Got Mail-esque stories that I love. Nick and Gina are both so likeable, and their chemistry lept off the page. This was easily my favorite of the three stories!" - Christian Chick's Thoughts

"I loved seeing the siblings in each other's stories and enjoyed getting to know them. These stories are quick, easy reads which are perfect to get you in the mood for Christmas. I love that they're all clean so I can recommend it to everyone! Christmas Town was a fun place to visit!"- Mel's Shelves

"But what I truly loved about this book was that it didn't feel at all repetitive which can be a big hindrance to books like this especially if written by multiple authors. It was an absolutely beautiful story, one that I look forward to reading again next year at this time and it was the perfect way to start off the season." - Painted Words 

"Three stories in one book, a great way to start the Christmas season off! Anna Adams takes you on three separate journeys in the life of Jack, Callie, and Gina as each tells their own story. The plot is good in each one." - Undercover Book Reviews 

What a fun story! The reader is taken on a journey through Christmas Town, Maine and we get to see snippets of what makes this town special through the eyes of three different characters. - Katie's Clean Book Collection 

"I don’t think I’ve read anything by any of these authors before, but these novellas have me falling hard for their work! I used to receive the Harlequin Heartwarming books monthly, but I didn’t have room for anymore paperback books in my house and had to give it up. I’m so glad they’ve continued these offerings!"- Southern Chelle

visit all the hosts!
About the authors:
Anna Adams wrote her first romance in wet sand. The Atlantic Ocean washed it away, but Anna kept going. 
Her stories are of love, like the proverbial stone in a lake, making ripples that spread and contract and involve. From Iceland to Hawaii, and points in between, Anna and her own hero share with children and family and friends who’ve become family. All this living and loving gives Anna plenty of fodder for stories of love set in real life. Come along and live them with her!

Website ** Goodreads ** Facebook ** Twitter ** Pinterest

Anna J. Stewart can't remember a time she didn't have a book in her hand or a story in her head and credits her mother never saying no to a book for turning her into a writer.

Anna lives in Northern California with an overly attentive cat named Snickers and is happiest when setting her heroes and heroines on their road to happily ever after amidst family, fun and laughter.

Website ** Goodreads ** Facebook ** Twitter ** Pinterest

Melinda Curtis grew up on an isolated sheep ranch, where mountain lions had been seen and yet she roamed unaccompanied. Being a rather optimistic, clueless of danger, sort she took to playing "what if" games that led her to become an author. 

She spends days trying to figure out new ways to say "He made her heart pound." That might sound boring, but the challenge keeps her mentally ahead of her 3 kids and college sweetheart husband.

Website ** Goodreads ** Facebook ** Twitter ** Tumblr ** Pinterest

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He may just be the biggest imitator of all - The Divine One (Book #1) by Danielle R. Mani


Delilah Simms is an attractive high school senior who is being bullied by a cruel group of girls she calls the Imitators. As if the emotional harassment isn’t enough, she is also trying to heal from the sudden, tragic loss of her younger sister, Darcy—whom her mother believes is sending messages from beyond the grave.

On the verge of a breakdown, Delilah meets River Spencer—a handsome young man who she’s instantly attracted to. Although River seems perfect, Delilah can’t ignore the gnawing feeling that River is hiding something and that he may just be the biggest imitator of all.

And it's a delightful read even if you haven't been through depression or bullying. It's a great read. Period. I skipped sleep and meals for this book which I think tells you more than anything else(besides the part where I cried). Get yourself a copy now!!!!!!!! - Goodreads

I can't begin to put into words how truly amazing this book is! I would recommend this to anyone junior high age on up. This is great as it does not contain sex, drugs or language but does touch on bullying, death and the effects it has on a person as well as family. Having said that it is also a love story with an amazing and shocking twist that gave me flashbacks of a great movie I will not name as I hate plot spoilers and this would give away a truly amazing part of this book. All I want to add it buy it, read it and love it!! I'm sure you will not be disappointed!! - Amazon


Although Delilah hated the way she was feeling, she knew that she wasn’t alone. She had read countless magazine articles about students who tried to take their own lives—and about some who succeeded—just because they couldn’t deal with the torment of high school any longer.

For a moment her mind shifted to her friend, Damon. Damon and Delilah met in Spanish class when they were freshmen. They spent an entire semester passing notes to each other, which was probably why she only knew about three Spanish words. Damon was openly gay, and no one at school seemed to have a problem with it. That’s why everyone was so shocked when they heard that Damon hanged himself with a belt in his bedroom closet. Unfortunately, Damon’s parents did have a problem with him being gay, but no one knew about it until it was too late.

Delilah had also gone down a bad path a few months ago. She was ashamed to think of it now. Not only was she dealing with problems at school, but she was also having her share of problems at home. She experienced a really weak moment shortly after her father moved out. Susan was going off on one of her rants about communicating with Darcy in the afterlife, and Joe just couldn’t take it anymore. Every time Delilah heard them fighting, she blamed herself. She was aware that her parents knew she was the one responsible for Darcy’s death.

“D, are you all right? You look like you’re a million miles away.” Without waiting for a response, Susan continued. “Anyway, I think it’s very commendable that you want to focus on college, but please don’t let anyone take away your special high school moments. You should be thinking about fun things like your senior prom.”

I can’t believe she even said the P word, Delilah thought. She had finally made peace with the idea of not going to her senior prom. Why did she have to bring that up? “I’ve told you a million times that I don’t want to go to prom and I don’t want to walk at graduation. I just want my diploma mailed to me.”

“D, honey, I know how you’re feeling betrayed and hurt right now, but please don’t let these girls get the better of you. You don’t want to look back when you’re old like me and have regrets.”

“Mom, let’s just drop it,” Delilah said, taking one last gulp of her iced tea.

“I just worry about you. I want you to be happy.”

“Then just leave this alone,” Delilah said crushing the plastic cup in her hand and walking toward the garbage can.

“Are you sure that you don’t want any more pizza?” Susan said, trying to change the subject.

“No, thank you.”

“Then have your doughnut. I can put on some tea and we can talk.”

The thought of touching a doughnut made Delilah feel sick. “No thanks, Mom, I just want to finish my homework, take a shower, and get to bed.”

“OK, I’ll finish cleaning up. I’ll wrap the rest of those slices in some foil so your father can—” she stopped herself. “Force of habit,” she said, looking up teary-eyed. “I keep thinking that he’s going to walk through that door.”

“I’m sure he’ll come home again soon. He probably just needs some time alone,” Delilah said, trying to sound optimistic.

As Delilah walked back to her room, she thought about how her dad better come home soon. The last time she went to visit him she noticed that he was acting strangely. It reminded her of an article she read in Cosmopolitan that said when a man was cheating he might start to exhibit certain behaviors. One of the things it mentioned was that he might start worrying about his appearance more. He may buy new clothes, start wearing a new brand of cologne, or restyle his hair, which in her father’s case wasn’t necessary because he was bald. Another thing she remembered reading was that a man may start to hide things like his cell phone from his wife, in case he receives messages, texts, or misses calls from the other woman. Note to self: if Dad starts sporting a new wardrobe, wearing different cologne, or hiding his cell phone, he’s probably messing around.

Later that night, after she showered and dried her hair, Delilah thought about the mystery man she met earlier. She wondered what his name was and wished that she had someone to discuss it with. She felt so lonely. Usually Charlotte would be the first person she would call about something like this. Things were never the same between the two of them after they started high school and became friends with the Imitators. Delilah wished they had never met Rachael Nappi. She was a jealous, evil girl who would do almost anything to get her way.

Delilah began to think back to when everything started to go downhill. With a tendency to replay things over and over again in her mind—an unhealthy habit that often brought on panic attacks, she ruminated over the details of her high school drama, and came to the same conclusion that she always did. The only person she had to blame for this whole situation was herself.

About the author:
Danielle R. Mani is a former elementary school teacher and writer. A huge fan of speculative fiction in print and film, she wanted her first book to fall within this category. In her new young adult novel, The Divine One, Ms. Mani combines supernatural fiction with the everyday dramas of young adulthood. She loves to read and write novels that are fast-paced and full of twists and turns. Ms. Mani holds a master of science degree in education and a bachelor of arts degree in mass communications. She resides in Westchester, New York, with her husband, four young children, and two dogs.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Psychic abilities that make all of the imaginary friends real...Mouch and Company: The Dream Psychic by Bob Dixon


Being a teenager is tough enough, but try it when you have schizophrenia and psychic abilities that make all of your imaginary friends real... 

The odds are against Mouch—he’s locked up in Talsom Mental Asylum; his only friends are a sock puppet and his shadow. Worst of all, he suffers from amnesia; his earliest memory is of being found alone in a mall wearing nothing but a pair of polka-dotted boxer shorts, a pair of fluffy white bunny slippers, and a hat made from a newspaper.… and covered in a generous amount of blood. When an elderly gentleman visits him and reveals that Mouch is not crazy but is actually a psychic, Mouch does what any rational person would do—he runs for the door. Once outside of Talsom, Mouch soon finds himself thrust into a battle against a sinister movement of dark psychics who threaten to destroy the entire psychic community.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. In fact, I'm already looking forward to tagging along with these wonderful characters again on their next adventure and will definitely be on the lookout for the next book in this series. - Goodreads

This story is a thrilling page turner with it's combination of supernatural and fantasy adventures keeping the reader entertaining, anticipating the next action. It is recommended for all ages. Definitely a temporary escape to a magical universe. The writer has the gift to create colorful and funny characters whom you can bond with and rally for. And the reader can join them on their adventures while they are discovering the truths, lies, and secrets of their destinies as they work together to defeat the evil foe and his plan to extinguish all good magic. - Goodreads

About the author:
Bob Dixon is a a two-time Guinness World Record holder for the world’s longest cartoon strip. He has created and written a number of comic book titles for Pocket Change Comics, including Assassinette: The Mind Stalker, Psyco Duck, Jester's Dead, The Holy Knight, Riplash, Shadow Slasher, and Warzone 3719. He has written two children books, Rooty the Tree Troll and Holiday Bunny. In addition, Bob is a certified special education teacher who works with children with intellectual delays and autism.

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Not every story has been told - Distorted - Anthology

Published: November 7th, 2014


Tantalizingly bloody tales featuring human pitted against beast and gods, with the true majesty and horrors of the afterlife, with love and death and desire...

Eight writers modernize ancient mythologies in DISTORTED, proving that not every story has been told.

Authors: Anthony S. Buoni & Alisha Costanzo, Patricia J. Esposito, Christian Bone, Catherine Edmunds, Autumn Lishky, Rebecca Lynch, Anthony S. Buoni, Heidi C. Vlach, Alisha Costanzo

Things to Know About the Authors

Heidi Vlach:
-Heidi was born and raised in northern Ontario, Canada — but despite lifelong experience with snow, she hates cold weather.
-Heidi's parents are furniture salespeople: Heidi grew up with lots of big cardboard boxes to play in and transform with her imagination.
-She graduated chef training at age 18. There was tense discussion among the chefs before Heidi was allowed to attend the wine-tasting class, since legal drinking age in Ontario, Canada is 19.
-Heidi waited tables at a sushi restaurant for 3 years. Her favourite part of the job was encouraging nervous first-timers to try the raw fish.
-Heidi typically writes at her kitchen table, while drinking coffee, listening to electronic trance music, and snuggling one of her cats.

Catherine Edmunds:
-I'm a professional viola player. My string quartet was once kicked out of a shopping mall where we were performing by security because someone had complained our music was ‘too noisy’.
-My great-uncle worked with Albert Einstein.
-I took up ballet on my doctor’s suggestion at the age of three to cure my flat feet, and kept dancing until I was fourteen. Absolutely loved it. Still have flat feet. 
-I appeared on national TV in 2013, painting in the Glasgow heats of Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year. My model was actress Sophie Turner—Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones.
-I was once bitten by a tadpole.

Alisha Costanzo:
-I like to teach, even when no body asked for a lesson. Sometimes, this can make me feel like a snob, but when people make mistakes and no one corrects them, they are doomed to be repeat offenders.
-One of my favorite jobs so far was working at a funeral home. Most often, I had the building to myself, the nights were quiet, and I got to read or write. Other times, I felt emotional, but ensuring a funeral goes smoothly is rewarding.
-When I role-play write, I often prefer to be the male. I don’t tend to hear objections.
-I love teaching barefoot in my classroom, even when it’s freezing out.
-I’m an environmentalist and anti-consumerist...until I walk into a bookstore.

Patricia J. Esposito:
-Some of my hardest laughing comes when roughhousing with my constant companion, an eighty-five-pound Golden Retriever who thinks nothing of pouncing full-body on me.
-The crystal bowls I received as wedding gifts contain polished stones from the shores of Lake Superior.
-At home I prefer to drink only water, at the coffee shop, only chai tea, and at parties, only Courvoisier.
-I often have to work at home till late at night due to lost time making snow forts or playing ninjas with the neighbor kids (and my dog, of course). Fun is a distraction I encourage.
-Despite the convenience of iPhone music, at all times, my purse is weighted with the music CDs I can’t live without; after all, if I were to get stranded on a desert island, at least I could hold the CDs against me and imagine their sound.

Rebecca Lynch:
-I loathe cooked tomatoes.
-I can boast a library of 1000 books.
-I never graduated high school.
-My original major was nursing.
-I met my husband at an outdoor barracks party during a tornado.

Autumn Lishky:
-I made more as a pizza delivery driver than I have as a professional.
-I hate Twinkies because of the marshmallow filling. However, I like marshmallows. Go figure.
-I’m that snob that judges your grammar on Facebook and Twitter.
-My husband and I have watched hundreds upon hundreds of horror movies, and only one has made me stop eating—Cradle of Fear by Cradle of Filth.
-When I feel completely lost, I consult my Magic 8-Ball.

Christian Bone:
-I currently reside on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom, a small place cut off from the rest of the country. It is somewhat like the Village from The Prisoner but without the sinister brainwashing (I hope). 
-I possess an unhealthy obsession for all things Sherlock Holmes. So much so that I own three copies of the same book, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. We all do silly things when we're in love.
-I have a fond memory of once meeting Neil Gaiman, a very nice man who greeted me as a 'fellow writer.' I'm still thinking of a way to put that event on a T-shirt. 
-I've always had a great interest in writing, but for a brief time when I was younger, much to grown-up me's disbelief, I wanted to go into football/soccer. It is a period of my life that I cannot explain. 
-The first story I remember writing was about some kid detectives who stopped a pair of ghosts from stealing buried treasure. Clearly, I've never been one for genre boundaries. 

Anthony S. Buoni:
-I'm a DJ, specializing in goth, punk, trance, new wave, and house. I also play guitar, sing, and write my own music and electronic loops.
-I believe in all the spooky things I write about.
-I bought my laptop based on how easy it was for me to type on it.
-I'm pagan. I love growing plants and studying the moon, planets, and stars.
-I've sat through entire college classes without getting credit because I was interested, not because I was grade or degree driven.
About the editors:
Alisha Costanzo is from a Syracuse suburb. She earned her MFA in creative writing from the University of Central Oklahoma, where she currently teaches English. She’s the author of BLOOD PHOENIX: REBIRTH and BLOOD PHOENIX: CLAIMED, and co-editor of DISTORTED. LOVING RED, a Broken World novel, is undergoing serious edits for its 2015 release. In the meantime, she will continue to corrupt young minds, rant about the government, and daydream about her all around nasty creatures.

Having relocated from Northwest Florida's lonesome roads and haunted swamps, Anthony S. Buoni now prowls the gas lamp lit streets of New Orleans, playing moonlight hide and seek in the Crescent City's above ground cemeteries. Anthony is the author of Conversation Party, Bad Apple Bolero, as well as the editor to the Between There anthologies. His stories and articles have been featured in North Florida Noir and Waterfront Living. When not prowling, Anthony keeps it scary, writing dark fiction, editing, and watching horror movies. In his spare time, he DJs, plays music, and conjures other worldly creatures with tarot cards and dreams.

Website ** Facebook ** Twitter 
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Is he really worth it? - From A Distance by Caryl Almelor

Cover Reveal
Release Date: November 25th, 2014


They say love can be found anywhere, anytime, and when you least expect it.

Lucy Terrell is single and dateless for the longest time, well, since she's been in university. She sees herself as the shy, awkward and anti-social type. She's ready to meet her Mr Right, and believes in romance and happy endings. She ventures out to try online chatting, and for once, it's not as easy as she thinks.

Then chatting with a guy as he calls himself mystery_man, everything seems too good to be true. What lies ahead is a decision she will face. Is he really worth it?

Ryan Falls aka Rye, as his friends call him, was once a man-whore and hardcore partygoer, a secret he is bound to keep. He tries to succumb to the realisation that he must part with his old ways. Rye seeks a new turning point at finding the one - through the Internet. Will he be able to hold down the girl that has him intrigued?

The connection between Lucy and her mystery man begins to unravel. The once anonymity of their so-called “online relationship” becomes intimately overlooked when they realise how closely connected they really are. Will this “online relationship” stand in the real world or will it be over before it has begun?

About the author:
Caryl Almelor writes new adult contemporary romance stories.

Caryl moved from the Philippines with her family to Sydney, Australia when she had barely completed her first year of primary school.

After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications at Griffith University, she discovered a passion for creative writing. She has used writing as an outlet through out her adolescent years, mainly writing in journals. But never in her wildest dreams would her writing become a career.

In Caryl’s spare time, she enjoys watching romantic movies on repeat, reading, as well as traveling and exploring new places, and eating different types of food.

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His eyes told her what his tongue could not - Before Time (The Time Trilogy # 1) by Xunaira J.

Happy Release Day!


His eyes told her what his tongue could not.

Nineteen-year-old Onaiza Shahid is a loner and a dreamer, bookish and socially isolated. A chance ramble into a chatting software changes everything. The words of a stranger compel her. Addicted and falling fast, their secret love changes her life. But will the idealistic teenager get her happily ever after?

About the author:
As a thirteen year old teenager, Xunaira J. aspired to be an author someday. From short stories to novellas, she has written them all but as an adult now, she has published two short stories and is now aiming to publish her first Novel, Before Time, scheduled for November release.

Xunaira resides in Islamabad, Pakistan and enjoys a hot cup of cappuccino, a good romance novel and her favorite music from the 80's.

Apart from that, when she's not working on her current literary project, she loves developing mobile applications and studies as a software engineer.

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They were wrong - The Expatriates (Song of the Sending #1) by Corinne O’Flynn

Published: October 15th, 2014 


They told him his world was destroyed.
And they were the last to escape.
They thought he was safe.
They were wrong.

Jim Wales can communicate with animals, but that’s not why he lives with a traveling carnival. Turns out his family’s been hiding him there since he was little, since someone started hunting all the scholars. Jim is a scholar—someone who can manipulate energy using magic—and he has no idea.

When a message arrives from Jim’s father—who supposedly died twelve years ago—Jim’s whereabouts are discovered, their carnival is attacked, and his mother is kidnapped. On the run with a strange glass map and a single coin, Jim finds himself racing to reclaim the father he thought he’d lost, plotting to save his mother, and discovering the truth about who he is.

But going home isn’t the same as being safe, and trust is everything.

What readers are saying:
"Told in a beautiful, flowing style full of colorful images and adrenaline-pumping action."
"Pop some popcorn, sit back ... and enjoy the thrill ride, right up to the end, which leaves you begging for more."
"Captures your attention from the start and then guides you through a roller coaster of adventure, drama, mystery, magic and young love."

Which comes first, the characters or the story?
I don’t think you can have one without the other, and finding that balance is important in fiction. I tend to be driven by plot more than character, especially when plotting out a story, but it doesn’t matter how fabulous your plot is if you don’t have characters who are impacted by that particular plot in ways that are specific and meaningful to them.  


“Well, it’s not dead.” Charlie let out a nervous laugh.
“What should we do with it?” Sam asked.
Hollis took off his t-shirt and proceeded to wrap the bird like a burrito. “We need to protect her wings in case she thrashes. She’ll wake soon.”
I looked at Hollis, stunned. “How do you know that?” I asked. And what else did he know?
“This,”—he cradled the wrapped bird in his arms—“is a very important messenger. It’s called a Sending. They don’t do that sort of thing anymore—change an animal like that.” He shook his head as if lost in thought. “It changes them. Their brain. Something big must be going on back home. There’s only one person who could have sent her to you. And if I’m right, then something’s really wrong.”
“What kind of wrong?” Sam asked, his forehead wrinkled with worry.
Everything in me flashed to attention at what Hollis said. “Back home?” I asked. There was no way.
Hollis stared at me, saying nothing.
“Hollis, what do you mean back home?” I repeated. I’d always known we weren’t from here, from the Modern World—the human world. All of us, everyone in Sweetwater’s, were originally from a place called Bellenor, which used to be connected to this world by some magical force—until the bridge collapsed. Or so I’d been told. “You all said Bellenor was destroyed. Back when my mother was a kid. Before I was born.”

“I’m sorry, Jim,” he said. “We had no choice.”

About the author:
Corinne O'Flynn is a native New Yorker who now lives in Colorado and wouldn't trade life in the Rockies for anything. She loves writing flash and experimenting with short fiction. Her novel, THE EXPATRIATES (Oct. 2014) is a YA fantasy adventure with magic and creatures and lots of creepy stuff. She is a scone aficionado, has an entire section of her kitchen devoted to tea, and is always on the lookout for the elusive Peanut Chews candy. 

When she isn’t writing or hanging with her family, Corinne works as the executive director of a nonprofit. She is a member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, Mystery Writers of America, and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. You can find her online at her website, Facebook, or Twitter:

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Normal is overrated - Lullaby (Book of Dreams #1) by Bridgette O'Hare

Publication Date: December 1st, 2014 


Halle Michaels is on the brink of insanity. 

She’s haunted by dreams. Dreams that find their way into her reality. Nightmares of death…of destruction. Visions that will uncover the truth – about her abilities, her family’s origins, and her part in a prophecy that could change the world. 

But when a mysterious book shows up on her doorstep, can those dreams save her from an overwhelming evil? One that has its sights set on Halle.

She wanted normal, but normal is overrated. She was born to be so much more.

About the author:
Bridgette O’Hare is a writerly life form evolved to live off of high doses of chocolate, excessive episodes of Once Upon a Time, and copious amounts of snark.
She spends her time in search of sleep, witty co-conspirators, the planet Gallifrey, and ways to unleash evil upon her characters in interesting ways. When she’s not torturing imaginary people, you can find her instigating questionable conversations on Facebook.
She is the ridiculously proud co-creator of two awesome male human beings with ambitions of being a crazy cat lady if her pursuit of marrying Chris Hemsworth proves futile.
Bridgette is recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things. Number 5 was unavailable for comment.

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