Albert Camus

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Curse of the Unnamed Series by Bruce Blake

"5.0 out of 5 stars 
Immediately Engaging. Compelling Plot and Characters. Pulled Me Out of my Reader’s Slump. [...]
The plot pace is spirited with several great turns throughout." Mia, Amazon

his biggest risk . . . The Daredevil (WaterFyre Rising, #2) by Nadia Han

"This book was amazing!!!! I loved Royce and Michelle their characters were amazingly written. And the storytelling and the plot kept me hooked on reading. Nadia Han’s writing style is phenomenal it immerses you in her books and makes it hard for you to put them down." Sheewhoreads, Goodreads

What if the end of the fairy tale was only the beginning? A Forest of Stolen Memories by Callie Thomas

" This book is one of the very few that I have re-read, and will read again. I highly recommend it, and I am already looking forward to reading the next book!" Michelle, Goodreads

Friday, December 2, 2022

A Crown Forged by Victory's Consequence by Marlayna James & Aaryanna Abbott

The Blackened Tablet Series is an epic fantasy quest story with corrupt politics, wondrous magic, and illicit encounters in a supernatural world where no one is safe.

The Other Santa Series by Anna Del C Dye

Anna is an award-winning author of more than thirty publications in Young Adults wholesome fantasy (7 books) and royal tales in the medieval era, (8 books and counting). Christmas stories of the depression era for older teens (4 books and 2 more to come). Middle grade fairytales for pre-teens (1 book). She also writes Halloweeny stories for tweens (6 books) and has a number of tales in different anthologies and articles (6 articles). She has even written short Medieval Romance tales (3).

To risk or not risk... Country Snow and Mistletoe (A Wyoming Romance #1) by Anne Carrole

To risk or not risk: that is the question? A second-chance, enemies-to-lovers novel.

her heart longs for one man... Farm to Fabre by Dahlia Donovan

"This second-chance love story is a delightfully entertaining tale of two people who are set in their own ways. They take a risk in life together and learn more about themselves along the way—truly heartwarming lessons for everyone." Lil, Goodreads

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Mike Stoneman Thriller Series by Kevin G. Chapman

" Move over Harry Bosch, there's a new guy in town. . . . Detective Mike Stoneman can match wits with Harry any day of the week." -- Authors Show Linda, Kindle Book Award Semi-Finalist / CLUE Book Awards Semi-Finalist (about book #1)

There’s no reason for her to get involved... Bread Over Troubled Water (A Bread Shop Mystery #8) by Winnie Archer

Rising cozy mystery author Winnie Archer cooks up her latest installment in her delightful and delicious Bread Shop Mystery series.

the addictive quality of power - Illuminated by Iris Marsh

In this coming-of-age YA contemporary fantasy, a teenage girl has her life turned upside down when her family is breaking apart, and she discovers her supernatural powers. There’s no time to deal with it, however, as she’s targeted by a dangerous power-siphoner.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

his questions quickly pile up - Sisters of the Crimson Vine by P.L. McMillan

“A taut braid of repressed desires, implied deviance, and eldritch horror. McMillan coyly lures us to a finale as repulsive as it is compelling.” – Stoker award-winning Jamie Flanagan, co-writer of The Haunting of Bly Manor and Midnight Mass

any hope I had died long ago... Stripes (Devil's Boneyard MC #12) by Harley Wylde

18+ "This was a tough, emotional read and it did bring tears to my eyes. But it was everything that I would expect from Melina's story. Harley did a wonderful job at bringing us this emotional, tragic and beautiful story." Dawn, Goodreads

Opposites do more than attract... A Valentine for Christmas (Valentine Vineyards, #1) by Reese Ryan

"This book was just like a classic Christmas movie. It had romance, a family element and a self revelation moment. I really enjoyed it and will definitely recommend it to friends." Contina, Goodreads

Solitude Lake (Hidden Creek Romance #1) by Adele Darcy

"This was a beautifully written book. [...] The characters were well-developed and lovely. [...]
I loved reading how Susan moves past grief and betrayal to find peace and forgiveness. the emotions were real and genuine." Tara, Goodreads

Monday, November 28, 2022

do they know who the real enemy is? While the Baby Sleeps by Stephanie Hazeltine

Four mothers.
One body.
Many secrets.

Stained Glass Secrets and Star Wishes (Christmas Cookies) by Celaine Charles

"I haven't read a fantasy book in a long time and this one was quite interesting AND about Christmas! So, double-fun! [...] The whole book was very well-written, romantic, and although a fantasy, realistic." Jennifer, Goodreads

the best present under the tree - Snow In Love by Libby Kay

The slopes are heating up this holiday season!
Skiing’s golden girl finds love this Christmas when she falls for the sport’s bad boy.

a story of perseverance - Midpoint: A Memoir by Patricia Angeles

"A beautiful and heart-wrenching memoir by Patricia Angeles is an ordinary book written in an ordinary way, which makes it extraordinary. This book is short but full of lessons, adventures, stories and some nostalgia. It’s an emotional yet interesting read because once you start devouring it, you simply can’t stop!" Noorie, Goodreads

Christmas in the Glen (The Glen Highland Romance #9) by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple

 "Again Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple swept me away in this exhilarating holiday story which was such an awe-inspiring read! I read it in a few hours and I absolutely loved it so much, furthermore it definitely gets you in that holiday spirit! A great book to read by the fireplace drinking some eggnog or hot cocoa." Barbee, Goodreads

no one would stand between him and his revenge - The Darkness Therein by Kate Hill

Art student Charlie has no idea that her family history binds her to a creature of legend--until he appears in the form of a tall, beautiful man with a thirst for revenge. The last thing she wants is to follow his orders, but if she intends to stay alive, she has no choice.

What truth about the past is being covered up? Spindrifts by A-M Mawhiney

"This book provides a fresh, fascinating take on a future fifty years in the future, where humanity is trying to build a utopia out of the ashes of a world ravaged by plagues.
" Sam, Goodreads