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Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Because of Audrey Hepburn... An Autumn in Paris by Alix Nichols

"I enjoy Alix Nichols contemporary romances, and was excited to get my hands on this book! While unique in its own right, 'An Autumn In Paris' is a touching, steamy, smile-filled swoonfest, that I could not help but love, and suggest checking out for yourself!" - Jackie, Goodreads

He was her first love... Still Savannah (Blue Ridge Valley, #3) by Sandra Owens

"I recommend this book to anyone who loves a great story with plenty of adventure and sizzling romance. I would give it more than five stars if I could.Do yourself a favor and read this awesome, "can't put it down" book. You'll love it." - JackieB, Goodreads

Thursday, November 15, 2018


evenge can be deadly - Eye of the Eagle (Hotel LaBelle #3) by Sharon Buchbinder

"This was such a well written story but at times I felt was a bit drawn out in some areas. I am looking forward to catching up with the rest of the characters in the first two books. " Low-La, Goodreads

one young woman finds her place in a turbulent world . . . A Choice of Secrets (A Dark Glass Novel Book #4) by Barb Hendee

New York Times bestselling author Barb Hendee spins a tale of intrigue, integrity, and the bonds of love and loyalty as one young woman finds her place in a turbulent world . . . 

... And the clock's ticking... Gray Horizon by C.B. Samet

"It was very addicting from the beginning as I read it all in one sitting. Add in some funny scenes and bad jokes, I was very entertained. I loved that my favorite secondary characters all show up. Plus the ending was the best and made me laugh loudly. A great story as expected from a thriller, especially since it is the third in the series. " - Christinaraven, Goodreads

a way back - Shore by Enrique Rosado

"... a truly quirky and unique read that will be a new favorite for fantasy lovers." - San Francisco Book Review
"A parade of whimsical elements reminiscent of early, dreamlike video games" - Kirkus Review 

the last thing you need is family trouble - Powder (The Lagotti Family, #3) by Leopold Borstinski

When a drug deal goes south, Mary Lou must fight to save her children. How far will she have to go to keep her family alive with Latino heroin traffickers and the East Coast mob holding her babies captive?

Bonding again... The Storm In Our Chests by Enrique Betancourt

After being separated abruptly, best friends Benj and Élan reunite after five years.
Their reunion proves to be a challenge as they are the polar opposites of how they knew each other, the journey to healing and proves to be tough.

The Guardian's Favor (Border Series, #8) by Cecelia Mecca

Aidan de Sowlis finds purpose in guarding his family and his clan. 
Lady Clarissa would rather become a nun than face another arranged marriage—the fate her cruel father will undoubtedly foist on her now that her elderly husband has secured an annulment.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Not even death can stop her. - This Time (Nadira Holden, Demon Hunter #1) by Azaaa Davis

"This is a great new author who introduced a great new series, both of which climbed very high on the list of my favourites. I highly recommend this book to all the lovers of well written urban fantasy."- Myriam, Goodreads

What’s the worst that can happen? - Black Edge Series by Charlotte Byrd

“Charlotte Byrd is a brilliant writer. I've read loads and I've laughed and cried. She writes a balanced book with brilliant characters. Well done!” -Amazon Review ★★★★★

her life might depend on one... Pirate's Passion (Sentinels of Savannah #2) by Lisa Kessler

"Not only does it give readers a fabulous story with a believable romance but it brings action, danger and shocks along the way. This had a good plot with great characters who are starting to be increasingly fleshed out. Plus it's left in such a way that there's a lot of scope for further adventures and although there isn't a cliff hanger it's an ending that definitely leaves this reader wanting more." Marta, Goodreads

a walking contradiction - Knocked-Up Cinderella by Julie Hammerle

"However, what this story has that most others miss is a cast of mature, older characters. This isn't a story filled with crazy drama at every turn. It's a down to earth story about a forty year old woman who finds herself in a position she never imagined and embraces it. I'm glad I picked this book up." Kristin, Goodreads

“An adventure…” Island Life Sentence by Carrie Jo Howe

"This book for me was pure escapism and an absolute joy to read, a simple story with observations told in a fun and at times hilarious way. I can honestly say I really did not want this to end. I would love to think the author is considering a follow-up to this book as I would buy it in a heartbeat." Yvonne, Goodreads

a tale of sorrow and joy - Song of the Boricua by Olivia Castillo

"This complex, moving, and honestly quite inspirational novel was a compelling read. I enjoyed the many complex layers of the plot, realistic characters, and particularly the premise that one’s actions/choices can affect not only your life, but the generations afterwards. " - Oregongirl, Amazon

A sociopath is on the hunt… Stolen Kiss (Savage Security #4) by Karen Tjebben

Bret Silva’s handsome face is plastered all over town on placards praising his success. But neither his eyes nor his friendly smile betray the dark beast that lurks within. A beast that requires sacrifices. But one mistake endangers Bret’s survival.

Beyond Earth Series by Talia Jager

Without Hesitation is set a thousand years in the future. Earth has become a wasteland. Humans traveled into space to colonize other suitable planets. Labels and stereotypes are a thing of the past and gender and sexual identity are as fluid as love as humans strive to survive.

magic, myth, and love... Hidden (Fire and Iceland #1) by Megan Morgan

After a breathtaking journey through Iceland, Vanessa Evanston finishes her dream vacation with her two best friends in the capital city of Reykjavik—and wakes up the next morning on the ground, on a tiny island 250 kilometers north, with no memory of how she got there.

the impossible became a reality - Heart Throb (Hearts Of Metal #7) by Brooklyn Ann

"I love Rockband books. I have enjoyed each book in this series, claiming each new release as my favorite. I feel the same way about this one. Brand is irresistible and being along as he finds happiness thrilled me. That final scene: swoon-worthy!" Jennifer, Goodreads

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Super Stocking Stuffer GIVEAWAY HOP (INTL)

We’re excited to bring you the  2018 4th Annual Super Stocking Stuffer hop from November 13th at 12:00 pm ET thru November 27th at 11:59 pm ET!

she has always known what she wanted - Who Would You Choose? (Love in the City #4) by J.M. Bronston

Marge Webster has always known what she wanted, and how to accomplish it. As editor-in-chief of Lady Fair magazine, she’s got influence and fame, a social calendar as packed as her closet, and a gorgeous attorney boyfriend.

For Melissa: An Anthology

With stories by:  Bella Emy, Shaan Ranae, Jeremy Simons, Rosie Chapel, Veronique Poirier, Sarah Stein, Kristen Collins, Jenee Robinson, Niki Livingston, Bey Tolentino, Melisa Lyons, Lori Hoopengardner, Sonya Jesus, Cam Johns, Justina Luther, Sheri Branson Chapman, Davina Purnell, K.A. Morse , Melanie Rodriguez, Aim Ruivivar 

an epic battle between good and evil - Presenting the Marriage of Kelli Anne & Gerri Denemer by PD Alleva

The Denemer's had it all: Fame, fortune, family, and the American Dream. But tough times have landed on their doorstep— Gerri's acting career is mired in controversy, financial decline is strangling the family bond, and his marriage to Kelli Anne is on the rocks. He'd rather die than face another catastrophe, something the Devil is more than eager to assist. 


Tanzy Hightower is not crazy. At least, that’s what she tells herself. Crazy looks more like her mother, who studies each sunrise with the same fascination other women give tabloid magazines in the grocery store checkout line.

she isn't convinced she's anyone's foreverBefore Girl by Kate Canterbary

"I loved how real and relatable both these characters were and could not stop reading! [...] Once again this author has gifted us with her magical words and I for one am dying for her next one. Bravo! 5 stars! Ratula, Goodreads

Lincoln Shaw (Heartbreakers & Heroes #8) by Ciana Stone

"I absolutely love Ciana Stone's Heartbreakers and Heroes series and the people in her fictional town of Cotton Creek, Texas. Her ability to write quality storylines that pull you in and make you feel like you belong blows my mind every time I read a new book. They get better and better and can't wait for The Heritage Series to start." Stacy, Goodreads

everything she shouldn’t want... Stranded in the Woods (Holiday Acres #3) by Noelle Adams

Contemporary Romance fans will love this charming holiday romance from New York Times Bestselling Author Noelle Adams!
"I was just thrilled to read book three, Stranded in the Woods by Noelle Adams. Such a most exciting romantic tale of a couple caught in a horrendous storm together. Such a unbelievable tale." - Maree, Goodreads

Monday, November 12, 2018

Rule #1 of getting life back on track... Safe Rider (Lost Saxons #2) by Jessica Ames

“Excellent writing with a gut wrenching storyline.” ~ SpunkyNSassy (Julie)
“The Lost Saxons are quickly becoming one of my favorite re-reads.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

the ghosts of their pasts - Some Men's Dreams (Korbel Classics #8) by Eileen Dreyer

"I've really been enjoying reading the Korbel Classics series, but Some Men's Dreams is head and tale above all its predecessors. It was an emotional roller coaster of a story. There are lots of heavy subjects to be dealt with here." Valeen, Goodreads

love and sisterhood will always save the day - Mistletoe in Mayhem Boxed Set (Whiskey Sisters #3) by L.E. Rico

"The series is equal parts romance, humor, and the enduring bond of sisterhood. All of the trademark hilarity, courtesy of the residents of Mayhem, is present, and you'll find yourself laughing one minute and with a big smile the next." Melena, Goodreads

What the rock god wants, he gets - Resisting the Rock Star by Megan Slayer

18++ Danya Littrell isn’t just his one-night stand. She’s also his son’s art teacher and the woman who sparks his muse. Can he balance parenthood, a relationship with Danya and his music career? Or will his secrets be too much for the relationship to withstand?

This time he won’t fail - Boink (Fallen Lords MC #5) by Winter Travers

This time Boink won’t fail protecting what is his. Whatever is coming for Mayra will have to go through him and the Fallen Lords first.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

their oddities can be perfect - Perfect Odds by Lashanta Charles

Neither of them could have guessed that Calista’s past would decide it wants to be her future and will stop at nothing to make that a reality. Could she accept that maybe her carefully laid plans weren’t as careful as she thought? Will Jayce be able to show her that he’s worth a chance and, together, their oddities can be perfect?

She’s looking for forever. I just hope that’s a promise I can keep. Promise Me Forever (Promise - The Grahams #3) by Jennifer Woodhull

When I meet the brooding star for the first time, though, I know I’ve signed on for a lot more than I bargained for. 

Friday, November 9, 2018

he doesn’t believe in such things - Have a Heart (Love Happens #4) by Jodi Watters

"For me, the perfect book is one that you can get lost in. Where you meet characters who claim your heart, have you laughing, drive you crazy and make you cry. A book where, long after you close the last page, you’re still thinking about it. [...] This book is everything and more. " Lissane, Goodreads

Too bold for their own good - Obeying the Rules by Kitka Buchanan

Obeying the Rules. It sounds simple; unless your mind, body and spirit are sold to the Mistress of The Manor to pay for your crimes.

Cleopatra VII: Egypt's Last Pharaoh (The Legendary Women of World History #9) by Laurel A. Rockefeller

In an age where patriarchy denied full citizenship to even the most elite of Roman women, Cleopatra ruled her Egypt determined to keep it independent and free from Roman control -- at any price necessary. 

What happens when two hearts sharing one beat fall out of sync? Beats of the Heart (Lyrical Odyssey Rock Star #1) by Charli B. Rose

"Beats of the Heart is one of those romances that grabs hold of your heart and doesn't let go. It's fierce. Beautiful. And utterly heart-wrenching. You'll want to gobble it up, eager for seconds. A definite one-click, must read. " K.G. Reuss, Goodreads

the consequences of his last case- Death Opens A Window (Mourning Dove Mysteries #2) by Mikel J. Wilson

"Mikel J. Wilson did not disappoint! I was immediately engaged with the characters again, even more so this time as Wilson lets us even further into their pasts and backgrounds. The plot twists and turns will meet the expectations of Wilson's most demanding readers." R.D. Kardon, Goodreads

Can they both survive? - You Can't Force Love (Locked Hearts #1) by Marie Drake

"A battered butterfly, he'd build Kimberly up, nurture her strength and watch her return to flight. He repressed the visions dancing in the back of his mind; her naked body brandished red flags and spurred him to stampede. Bulls and butterflies did not mix."

finding a place to belong - Plain Roots by Becki Willis

"This is my favorite book so far by this author. Well written, well planned and well executed, this story is difficult to put down, especially when the storylines come together. The story gathers mass and velocity as the pages go by. Emotions run the gamut; trust and love grow through the story gathered together in a richly woven fabric of descriptions and discoveries. " Texas, Goodreads

when the way forward becomes less clear - The Fever King by Victoria Lee

Caught between his purpose and his heart, Noam must decide who he can trust and how far he’s willing to go in pursuit of the greater good.

before time runs out... Shades of Dragon by Catherine Vale

"So much hope and desire. This story is full of heartache and joy, it had me crying thru ought the story, but had me jumping for joy at the same time...A lot of fist pumping too! Catherine Vale never disappoints with her stories." Ana, Goodreads

he wasn’t happy - Sacaren (Sky Warriors, #2) by Sadie Carter

Sacaren wasn’t happy. He’d always believed his pack would share a mate. Having six of them watch over one mate meant she’d always be guarded, safe. Now, the idea of having to take care of a mate on his own…it made him feel a little ill.

what sacrifice, forgiveness, and love really mean - Retribution (The Outliers Saga, # 3) by Kate L. Mary

"Retribution is everything I hoped for in the Outliers Saga finale and MORE! This series is in the top 5 of my all-time favorite dystopian series, so you may say my expectations were high, like Everest high. [...] Kate L. Mary concludes this series with all the feels, triumph and justice this reader craves and I’m left with the most satisfying book satiety EVER! It’s complete and I’m complete as a reader." Cheer, Amazon

Dark Legacy by Trish McCallan & Dark Nightmares by Becca Jameson

The Dark Falls, CO series is a multi-author romantic thriller series set in the fictional town of Dark Falls, Co. Each book features a separate hero and heroine and suspense storyline. They can be read in order or out of order depending on reader preference, although readers may enjoy the books best if read in order. The books currently being promoted are books three and four in the series- books one and two released on October 9th. You can find the four titles currently available, as well as a list of upcoming titles HERE