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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Curse the Moon: Cold War Rising by Lee Jackson


Life's a bitch ... I know that the expression is not elegant, but exemplifies in the most direct way the situations experienced by the main character of the novel Curse the Moon.

The book is a thriller that presents an impressive story of the Cold War. A story of war and espionage about a terrible period in the world's history that could end at any moment by a simple pressing of a button that could bring the nuclear apocalypse.

It is the dramatic story of a patriot, a freedom fighter and of a father that desperately seeking for his daughter. As a patriot, he will get the disappointment of any fighter from a small country whose fate is decided by the agreements taken between the great powers behind the curtain. As a father, nothing and no one could make him to give up, no matter how many obstacles will arise, no matter how long it takes, the thought of being with his child will keep him alive and give him strength. Because nothing is simple, our hero will find out first hand that life is not just black and white, but composed of a multitude of shades of gray. So as he sees that the fate of his country is played elsewhere, and however great is the sacrifice of his men it would be useless, he realizes that his own fate seems to be controlled by dark forces and obscure interests. Evil plans are made over his head and he wakes up that, nolens volens, he will have to fight against the same ideals in which he believed. However, as the fight becomes personal now, he will do everything in his power to escape from the claws of the one who blackmails him and to find his child. The blackmail is terrible and cynical at the same time. Bottom line? Throwing the world into the fire or losing his family. How and if he will be able to solve this last mission you will find yourself reading the book.

A book that combines in an interesting way real facts with fiction in an adventure that will go through several decades of history, beginning with the resistance against the communist regime that took power in Cuba, 1959, and reaching to the late 80s of last century, before the collapse of the communist regime in Eastern Europe.

An exciting novel written with nerve and passion, a story that will impress you and make you not to leave it until the last page. A book that is welcome for the young readers, who were not born or were too young during the Cold War, when the world was divided between two superpowers. A period that they would feel that it's a bit far, but it's never bad to know what the world went through and what sacrifices were made. Curse the Moon is not a history book, is one of fiction, but dotted with real historical elements that create a realistic framework welcome for the novel expansion.

About the author:
Lee Jackson was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and grew up in Tangier, Morocco. When he was 12 years old, his family returned to the US, and when he was 20, he enlisted in the Army. A year later, the Vietnam war ended. Lee then attended and graduated from West Point, and served on active duty until June, 1982. In 2008, he went back to work for the Department of the Army, and deployed for 19 months each in Iraq and Afghanistan. There, his job was to go into towns and villages and learn anything he could about concerns relating to security, and recommend courses of action to meet military objectives without resorting to lethal methods. He returned to the US in 2013, lives in Texas with his wife, and is a full time writer of Historical Thriller Fiction, particularly surrounding the Cold War. 'Curse The Moon' is his first novel which was published in December 2013.

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