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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Interview, Excerpt and Giveaway: My Mistake (Stories of Serendipity# ) by Anne Conley

Published: April 10th, 2014
Cover Artist – Vanessa Booke


Welcome to Serendipity, Texas, where the days are hot and the nights are steamy. Meet real people with real problems, as they live life and find love in a small town.

12 years ago, Brent walked away from his one big love, and has regretted it ever since. He’s done nothing but make mistake after mistake with his life. Now, he’s finally getting his act together, starting up a sanctuary for abused and neglected horses, and staying clean. 

Casey had put Brent out of her mind the best way she knew how, by going on with her own life: getting married and trying to have kids. When her marriage ends up being a mistake, she moves back in with her mother in Serendipity to lick her wounds. What she doesn’t expect is Brent, waltzing back into her life.

Can they put their own and each other’s mistakes behind them to move forward together? When Casey’s life is put in danger, Brent steps up, but will it be enough?

My Mistake is book seven in the Stories of Serendipity. You will meet some of the same characters, but they are all stand-alone novels.


How and why Serendipity series was created?
Serendipity is based on the town I live in. It’s a small town in rural East Texas. I chose to make up a different town, instead of trying to get the details of my own town just right. And I wanted to keep some semblance of privacy about where I live.

From what I saw, most of the characters of the Serendipity series get the second chance. What do you think and what Casey and Brent think about second chances in life?
Absolutely. Redemption is a major theme in most of my books. I think Casey and Brent are both very pleased to have this second chance with each other, especially since their lives would have been vastly different if they’d done things differently the first time around.

What do you think and what Casey and Brent think about LOVE?
I think they both like the idea of it, but have screwed it up so much in their own life they’re afraid to go looking for it again. 

Our day romance literature becomes hotter and hotter. What differentiates the romance from erotic romance? What makes you writing different from all the other romance authors?
To me, erotic romance is chemistry-driven. The sexual interludes lead to real feelings. I think my writing is different from other writers because my characters are older (people in their thirties and forties still fall in love just as easily as twenty-somethings) and dealing with real-life problems. On a personal level, I have never seen a Jimmy Choo, nor flown to Europe, so I can’t really get into books about young adults with all these things. I prefer to write about people I can relate to. So, thirty and forty-something housewives, or people with real jobs are who I write about. 

Your other series, Four Winds, is a paranormal romance. Which one of these genres are harder (or easier) to write and why?
The paranormal stuff is definitely harder for me to write, for the reason I stated above. It’s hard for me to write about the paranormal, because I’ve never really experienced it. I have to be in a certain mind-set to write them, a mindset that tells me to let go and make stuff up. That’s hard for me.


When he came back around to the front of the barn, she was sitting on top of a bale of hay, holding up a brown paper back with a grease stain on the bottom.  Mooch, traitor that he was, perched at her feet, looking up at her adoringly, waiting for her to drop the bag.
“Mama sent some chicken and biscuits.”
He grunted an acknowledgment, and pulled his hat lower over his eyes so he didn’t have to see the pain in hers.
She stood, setting the bag down next to her, and sauntered over to the stall where he was spreading fresh straw.
“What’s wrong?”
He couldn’t think of the words to say to her.  Everything that came to mind was wrong, and Brent knew that there was no way to have this conversation without hurting her.  But he had to, or else he would end up hurting her worse in the long run.
As he kicked straw around the floor of the stall, he knew he was being stupid.  For the last two weeks, all he’d talked about was how badly he wanted her to stay with him.  And now he was about to do this…
He finally stopped when she said, “Brent.  You’re scaring me.  Is this about me not being able to have kids?”
“No.”  Brent brushed past her to go to the feed room.  Rattling the bucket brought in the mare, an enormous equine with a shaggy coat and bones showing through loose skin.  She followed him into the stall, as he emptied the bucket into her feed trough, and then started pulling the injections from his pockets and preparing them silently.
When he had the first one ready, he finally got the guts to raise his head and look at Casey and deliver the brilliant line he’d spent the past ten minutes coming up with.  “I need to think about some stuff.”  
Her mouth dropped, and Brent lowered his head to the mare’s shoulder.  While she was distracted, eating, he pinched some skin between his gloved fingers and stuck in the needle, pushing the plunger.
Brent had no idea what happened next.  All he was aware of was a swift intake of breath, before he saw a wall of brown crush into him, then a jumble of whinnies, a frantic woof, a shrill scream, some clatters, then hoofs aimed at his chest, before blackness took over.

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About the author:
Anne Conley lives in a small town in East Texas, with her husband, two kids and numerous goats. She brazenly stole her pseudonym from her great-grandmother, a true pioneer woman who raised seven kids alone: churning butter, plucking chickens, knitting clothes, and putting coal oil on every visible wound. Anne’s Stories of serendipity feature real people, living life and finding love in a small town. She also has a Paranormal Romance series, the Four Winds about archangels “falling” in love and coping with turning into humans Her writing is escapist therepy, and she succumbs to it every chance she gets.


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