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Monday, September 2, 2013

Interview and Giveaway Beyond the Eyes series by Rebekkah Ford

Description Beyond the Eyes:

Paige knows evil exists in this world, but she never imagined it would want something from her.

After a ghostly voice whispers a haunting message to seventeen-year-old Paige Reed, Paige’s life takes a nightmarish turn. Unwilling to tell her friends about the supernatural occurrences happening in her life, Paige feels more alone than ever–until she meets Nathan Caswell.

Nathan is not only hot, but seems to peer into Paige’s soul, evoking a magnetic energy between them that cannot be denied. But he’s no ordinary guy. He tracks dark spirits, and becomes alarmed when they set their sights on Paige.

And then there are the two power-hungry dark spirits who believe Paige can find King Solomon’s magical ring for them, because when her father was alive, he was close to finding it. If Paige doesn’t comply with their demands, they’ll kill her.

Paige is forced to dig deep into her father’s past and unearths shocking secrets about him and his bloodline. With the past and present colliding, Paige is only sure about two things in her life: she needs to outwit the dark spirits to stay alive, and she’s completely and helplessly in love with Nathan.

Description Dark Spirits:

Paige [...] must find the location of the ancient incantations to prevent mass genocide. But the war against good and evil is spawning another war–a battle between the dark spirits themselves. Paige is saddled in the center of both growing revolutions and is ready to take on the dark forces. But Nathan’s overprotectiveness prevents her from taking action, and he’s hiding things.

Paige’s personal life gets more complicated when Brayden arrives back in town and offers the equal partnership she desperately craves from Nathan. Then there’s Carrie and Tree, her two best friends and only family she has left. Unfortunate circumstances thrust them into Paige’s dark world, giving her no choice but to allow Nathan to arm them with combat techniques in hope they’ll be able to protect themselves.

Meanwhile, Paige is having visions and discovering abilities she was unaware of. When Anwar comes to visit, his weird behavior alarms her. Could he be turning to the dark side?

Time is running out. Paige not only needs to find the incantations but also to untangle the bands around her heart and make a decision that could leave her with a life worse than death–a life of betrayal from the ones she trusted most.

Thank you, Mrs. Rebekkah Ford

I love first book’s cover. It’s dark and promising. How did you choose the cover, how hard is it to choose the right one? 
 Thank you so much! I thought up the cover, and then told my cover artist my idea. You see, the eyes are supposed to be the windows to your soul . . . well, in my Beyond the Eyes trilogy, dark spirits inhabit soulless humans, so that cover fits the trilogy. It’s actually a hint, but I just told you the secret. LOL.

I saw that you were always around the paranormal. Did you use some of the acquired knowledge in the book? And how much did you manipulate them? 
Yeah, I used some of my experiences; however, I manipulated some of it as well.

What must a character have to be either remarkable or noteworthy? 
 An unforgettable personality.

I have seen that some of the readers, critics and even writers roll their eyes when it comes to Young Adult genre. What do you think the YA Genre disadvantages and advantages are for a writer and for the readers? 
Really? I’ve never seen that. Interesting. The disadvantages are you have to be careful what you write when it comes to sex , which makes you question if you should write a scene about it or not. I did struggle with that very thing, but then came to the conclusions that teenagers are not stupid. They have seen way worse than what are in my books, and news flash! I’m sure some of them has had sex before. I just hope they’re smart about it . . . The advantages are YA books are popular and just about anybody can relate to them. We’ve all been a teenager before, and I’m sure most of us can still recall what it’s like to be an emotional 17 -year-old with raging hormones and trying to figure out your place in this world.

Beyond the Eyes and Dark Spirits are already on my short TBR list, but for those that don’t know your books yet, can you give, in a sentence, a good reason for them to read them?
 It’s an original paranormal story about a teenage girl who went from being broken ,to a strong, kick-ass girl with extraordinary powers, destined to protect humanity from the dark spirits who dwell inside soulless humans.

Release Day: November 3rd, 2013

The Exciting Continuation Of The Beyond the Eyes Trilogy.

If you could have the power to control evil, would you want it?

In a rainy, misty town filled with moss-covered trees and dwarfed by wooded mountains, Astoria, Oregon, holds many secrets and eighteen-year-old Paige Reed is one of them. She’s immortal, has magical abilities she’s discovering, and harbors King Solomon’s power inside her. With his incantations, she can control the dark spirits who lurk among societies in soulless humans.

But her problems are mounting.

Her best friend slips into a coma, and Paige must tap into her newfound powers—powers she’s unsure of—to save her.

Through this ordeal, Bael who once commanded a legion of black souls, forces Paige to make a pact with him, causing her to abandon the ones she loves. When she finds out where Solomon’s spells are and tells Bael, she begins to have second thoughts about her agreement with him. 

Will she risk everything to claim the spells that hold the power to control the dark spirits so she can enslave him? Or will her one true love find her before she makes a horrible mistake that could damage her for life? 

And most importantly, what does the Devil’s third mean and what is Bael really up to?

A thrilling, wholly satisfying first book to a new young adult series. It will keep you wanting more.” –Valentina Cano, Carabosse’s Library

Beyond the Eyes is haunting yet passionate. This breakout novel is quick and hip, a saucy must-read.”–Charles Land, Judas Pistol

About the author:
Rebekkah Ford grew up in a family that dealt with the paranormal. Her parents’ Charles and Geri Wilhelm were the directors of the UFO Investigator's League in Fairfield, Ohio, back in the 1970s. They also investigated ghost hauntings and Bigfoot sightings in addition to UFO’s. Growing up in this type of environment and having the passion for writing is what drove Rebekkah at an early age to write stories dealing with the paranormal. At one point in her life, she thought she wanted to be a journalist, and although she enjoyed writing articles, she quickly discovered her real passion was writing fiction. Her fascination with the paranormal is what led her to write the ‘Beyond the Eyes’ series.

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