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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Guest Post and Giveaway Hellhound Born (Kasadya #3) by Karen Swart

Published August 1st, 2013


Kasadya: Hellhound Born (Book #3 of the Kasadya Series)

In a world filled with evil, the Fallen prepare for the ultimate battle against the demon world!

Kasadya is ordered to unleash her crazed born transformation to complete her divinity. But there is a chance that her born will be uncontrollable, and she will be destroyed. There is just one person that can save her; her charm, her destined mate. Left without a choice, she must surrender, and place her life in his hands. 

In a race against time, the Fallen must stand together and fight the evil threatening to invade earth. If her divinity was in reach, victory would be theirs. That is until she starts having visions of the final battle, and her true destiny is revealed. She just found her love and place in the Fallen world; will she be able, and willing, to sacrifice it all?

What governs us: Destiny or free will? 
(MB's topic)
I believe that we all have a destiny and are in some way govern by it. You know that path set just for you, and that will run its course as designed. But I also believe that sometimes the opportunity arises that you can change your destiny. Don’t get me wrong, you will still have destiny deciding how it will play out and where you will end up. But what if you take the courage and will inside you and give it a small push into another direction? 

I am not going to lie. You’re fighting elements beyond your control, so yes, your fight will need immense courage and will power to truly make a difference. I’m very hardheaded and just excepting something have never been in my design. Two years ago I decided to push my destiny a little, you know give it a bump, and try to change my course in life. I sat down and started writing my very first novel. Yeah, everyone told me that I was nuts, I’m not writer and I have no idea what I’m doing. To them, my current course in destiny was just peachy. But not for me. 

So ignoring everyone and listing to my heart I pulled every once of will power I had in me and just went for it. Today two years later I am an author and I have just released my third novel in my Kasadya Saga. All those that said I was nuts, are now congratulating me. I changed my destiny and now enjoy doing something that I love doing. Not what life and others intended for me to do. 

This is where free-will comes in. If you truly believe in yourself, pluck up every once of courage in you and just go for it, things can change. Yeah, true, it can also fail. But if you don’t at least give it a shot you will never know. So sing that song that you wrote, paint that painting you wanted to paint and do the things you thought was stupid and nuts to even try and do. You will never know how truly strong you are unless you try. And if you fail? Well that’s part of life too, we can’t always succeed in everything, but now you have learned more of this world, and the next time you will be much stronger to take it on.

by Karen Swart, Thank you

About the author:

Karen lives in a small town in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa. She shares her live with her husband, two sons and daughter. If she isn't reading she is writing. 

Her preferred genres are Paranormal and Urban fantasy. Karen specializes in payroll and HRIS systems analysis and development. At the age of 21 Karen's professional success reached it highest platform, an outstanding achievement at such a young age. 

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