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Thursday, October 5, 2017

how to deal with teasing - Johnny Big-Ears, the Feel-Good Friend by John Paul Padilla

"I love the author's dedication of this book to "all those kids out there who are teased, or bullied, simply because they look different! Remember, being different means you are special and not like the rest. So, be yourself and be proud! [...] A great educational tool." - Lynda, Goodreads


Illustrator: Victor Ramon Mojica 

Johnny BIG-EARS is just like every other five-year-old child, but when he starts his first day of kindergarten, children begin to tease him because of his enormously large ears. 

Follow Johnny as he faces the challenges that being different presents. How will Johnny react to being teased? 

Find out why Johnny turns out to be a winner in this endearing, thoughtful book that addresses typical childhood bullying and offers children advice on how to deal with teasing. 

Whether you're a parent or an educator, now you will be able to encourage your kids or students through this special book and help motivate all young kids to start feeling good about themselves no matter who they are, or what they look like!

"A well-constructed tale with a beautiful message, "Johnny Big Ears" is a delightful story that all kids (and a few adults) should read or - and pardon the extremely obvious pun here - lend an ear to. Perhaps there should be a sequel called "Sally Big Nose"? Just teasing."- T.C. , Goodreads

"A Very Positive Influence for Children
John Paul Padilla enters the realm of children's books authors with a little book just the right size and length and with just enough illustrations to make the suggested audience of children from ages 4 to 8 years want to 'own' this very positive 'story with a lesson'. His illustrator Mike Andrulonis has provided images that are meant to relate to the children reading this book, instead of 'decorating' the story with wild fantasy paintings. In combination with Padilla's straightforward narrative the result is a book that not only reinforces a child's sense of self worth but also offers a little portable 'feel good' resource." - Grady, Amazon

About the author:
John Paul Padilla was born in December 11, in Los Angeles, California. He is a multi-award winning author that includes Mom’s Choice Award. He is also a public speaker and advocate against bullying. He is currently residing in the Central Valley of California. John Paul is an ex model, and has danced for fifteen years with a dance academy. He has written lyrical, verses that were recorded by Nashville artists. He has previously published Wings to Cross an Ocean, an inspirational poetry book that encourages personal growth and happiness for adults. John Paul was inspired to write his first anti-bullying book, Johnny Big Ears, the Feel Good Friend, based on his own childhood experiences with teasing and bullying. He has also written Johnny Big-Ears, Meets His New Neighbor Suzy, for little girls, who get teased because of their weight. Both of his books are now out in Spanish. Most recently, Johnny Big-Ears won the Grand prize for best overall, Best Book Cover in the 2017 IndieBRAG First Annual Book Cover Contest.

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